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What Are Metabolic Equivalents?

Metabolic equivalents are a way to estimate how many calories a physical task burns. According to the Amerimt4 download pc windows Council on Exercise, different activities have different MET values. Generally, a higher MET value means that the body is using more oxygen. For instance, running has a higher MET value than sitting still.

To estimate how many calories a physical activity burns, determine the amount of oxygen consumed during activity. The more oxygen you consume, the more calories you will burn. By comparison, a sitting position at rest consumes a maximum of 1 MET. A 2 MET physical activity requires twice as much oxygen, and a 3 MET activity burns three times as much energy.

METs are also helpful for determining the intensity of an exercise session. A light-intensity exercise like bicycling burns 6.8 METs, while a vigorous effort consumes eight. Different weight clients will require different METs. METs are a useful tool for trainers.

In medical studies, metabolic capacity has been linked to exercise tolerance. Patients with higher METs are considered to have better activity tolerance. A lower MET indicates poor activity tolerance. In telecharger mt4 pour windows a person with higher METs can participate in strenuous activities, such as jogging or cycling.