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7 years to foreign exchange trading for a living, through setbacks, and finally get a stable and profitable way

cashback">cashbackforexpipcalculator do foreign exchange from 2009 to 2013 full 7 years, the first few years there cashback forex profit calculator forexcashbackprofitcalculatorhing to build piecemeal loss of a lot of money, well, there was no money, estimated a total loss of more than 40,000 from the beginning of 2013, has begun to turn defeat into victory, win more defeat less I know, this record is not particularly outst cashbackforexprofitcalculatoring, but Not everyone can do so I want to write out some of my operations, so that more people learn from them My operation is basically not a swing, but only do intra-day for intra-day fluctuations I already have a very keen sense, basically almost do ten times will win seven times but I do not have this sensitivity before, but because of the frequent use of the right technology, to develop the right feeling Murphys book says that the winner is Through many small losses a big win to make money, 40% of the correct win back more than 60% of the loss but this situation, I very much disagree I believe that there must be more than 60% of the correct rate to really earn foreign exchange once less than this correct rate, is unlikely to become a winner really big winners no ones win rate will be less than 60% while Murphy claims that the ultimate victory is created through 40% of the success Winning rate is always the first, this will not have any doubt Well, or say my process, I have repeatedly tried many methods, what techniques are working, and what techniques are not working I now believe that all the techniques are the trend of the technology, is a kind of the highest level of the concept of play only to reach this highest level, the feeling of the trend of the heart has a comprehension to do otherwise, what techniques are useless it is not the interpretation of the phenomenon Thus, I chose the average as a window to understand the inner things, from its movement I speculate on the inner things, and then reason about the development of the inner things, and use the average to prove that of course the average is the main followed by the trend line third tool is the real-time transaction of the disk sense my tools are only so many, no more and no more things center only one, that is, the trend of concept of this concept I will not easily talk deeply with people many of the classic book will not easily talk about this it is the secret of all successful people 2013 began, my performance has been maintained good, the method I have found, but the problem is that I often lost this method to play a period of time, very smooth, can not help but float up, but unexpectedly found that soon, my success rate began to decline, my heart The concept and technical understanding of the problem, seems to have changed shape, how the original thought and operation, actually some deviated from the road, but I do not know where the problem is several weeks in a row more defeats than wins, no longer have that clear and incomparable feeling of confidence, all of a sudden from the top state down to the lower level, and a little can not find that winning streak of feeling after the close of each day, I dare not be careless, began to seriously I dont know what method I used at the time, but the winning streak lasted for several weeks, and the account lost money again and again, but I usually dont magnify the losses at will, and the profits can be uncapped, but each time the preset loss limit cannot be uncontrolled. But no matter how you set a limit on losses, as long as you do not win, you will foreign exchange losses constantly bad luck has been lingering mood is also particularly annoying is my frowning at a loss, a Saturday I came alone to a community open square, the square is far from the city, usually very few people, I like the quiet, open air, the side of a number of chairs can sit this week and is very unlucky The week is very unlucky, turned half a day, did not think of anything groundbreaking on a bench, the mind still did not stop, and casually bring the handbag open, find some notebooks to see some of the previous record experience or what I have a lot of notebooks, a hundred thousand words, a bitter tears, are the 7 years of foreign exchange hard experience to take out a book was then the most recent months, on the I carefully looked up, saw a few months ago, this one word not much, a total of only a few five lines, a look at the end immediately cheered up, the mind immediately became fresh and bright, at that time I knew, I am back! It is because I forgot this heart method, leading to the chapter and method of chaos just read the five lines, the heart of all understand, so immediately put the notebook into the bag no longer see, also do not need to see, because know the rest of the brain to write things are forgotten this critical place (here reflects the importance of daily trading notes) the next week on the plate again with a clear mind, the plate is unable to escape my control This week again, the foreign exchange win, to profit 17% end, a few weeks of cloudy from here on, I dare not slow down, every day to record the operation of the experience, in case I forget again the following, I will step into another kind of divergent path, which makes me again after a good week of wandering although the original method of success is very high, but the reasoning is not particularly clear or even can not be very clear to express so slowly I am the kind of person who wants to know why before I do it. If the why becomes blurred I will keep going into a dead end again Some things can only be right in a general way it can never be fine or specific only in a general way it is the most comprehensive you can only stand at a distance and have it, but you can never The closer you get to it, the more you lose it You have to stand not far nor near to see it as it is A truth contains truths, if you pursue the truths inside, then you miss the original truths A truth has higher truths outside, if you stand farther away, you still miss the original truths What you need is that middle layer of truths Going near and going far, you will lose I tried to get closer to it, and then a few weeks later I started to go down the same path, but my success rate started to drop, and I picked up my notes again, and everywhere was my original method, but everywhere wasnt. But the results werent so bad these weeks, and the account kept a slightly upward trend. The right methods and ideas can not be correct without countless mistakes, it is impossible to be correct when I have gone through countless mistakes, that is, I have known countless ways to fail to speculate in foreign exchange so the past mistakes are my good foundation to know the more mistakes, the more beneficial to a person soon, I came back to my senses no longer dwell on more why as long as at this level I understand it on the line if trying to further understand, is to disregard the immediate answer and then to find the answer between any phenomenon if there is a cause and effect relationship, then do not need to understand more answer is already very clear do not need to ask more why, why there is why after understanding everything can only be on this one level to understand it can not be on the next layer nor on the upper layer on the top there will always be above, below there will always be below endless, you just in which layer On the line can be used other layers do not need to understand if further pursued, is to complicate the problem, in vain, so I no longer ask the next time the price touches the trend line again why it will form a block? Or ask why it is easier to rise when the averages form a long alignment? And no longer ask why wave theory is so mysterious? Why is it easy for prices to come to a head after three push-up waves? Nothing, because this phenomenon is widespread this is the answer you can only stand on this level, and can not go further in as long as you do not go further, you have mastered it well, I am still a person who understands, things will no longer be too much to pursue the ultimate truth so soon fuzzy mastery of my major technology, I still for the trend in this degree of understanding soon, the operation has become easy and smooth again Since ancient times, those who know do not speak, those who speak do not know, those who attend are not difficult, those who are difficult do not When one finds a way to succeed, things also become easy The continued success made the account increase rapidly in a relatively short period of time, but made me suffer Did I really succeed? I felt a kind of inexplicable fear and doubt I do not believe that the self-excitement and madness arrogance impetuous let me no longer quiet down, I can not suppress all this inner turmoil no longer have a moment of quiet to further study the market as a result of the chapter became confused, the operation is also bold up a few extremely dangerous heavy operation, but in the end is not dangerous, but I did not calm down, still in a state of unease state, finally did not sit firmly in the jiangshan, in a day of operation first heavy positions, a big loss of 18%, and then again heavy positions back and forth several times, the end of the day actually lost 35%, which is the largest single-day loss, but did not immediately quench my excessive confidence because in my opinion, to recover this loss seems easy, so the next day continue to heavy under the bet unfortunately, the money does not enter the door in a hurry, knowing that the state does not meet the most The ideal situation, eager to fight, the result of the next day again big loss of about 15% just two days, the account sharp evil loss, hard to fight so long to reach 50,000, only half of this time to feel remorse, I just take out 10,000 yuan to casually purchase some daily necessities or ah go out to play a trip is also very comfortable bias why so unintelligent, so mindless, so irrational? But things are not finished, then a few days, as if bad luck then come, always make mistakes, and a few days in a row, and lost a few thousand left 20,000 a little more heart especially annoyed, I have been very useless, can not stabilize themselves after a few days of foreign exchange account looting, I went into another diversion, do not dare to use the large position, become very calculating, small to small to comfort themselves: careful can make a million years boat; stable Profit the best, can win on the line market often some of the market is very clear, and do not dare to increase the position of the species to do become extremely limited so that after a few weeks, foreign exchange account has not been a big loss, but also do not see much growth do not want to bear the risk of big, it is impossible to get big profits, which is inevitable so cheapskate like doing a few weeks, foreign exchange account progress is too slow I feel as if there is Something is wrong and a phenomenon that has to be faced, after the account has maintained a period of growth, it is not very easy to grow again in the most profitable period did not maximize to earn it in the opportunity to make money on the level of the difficult market sometimes the trend is extremely obvious, making money is like bending down to pick up from the ground using a larger position is easy to produce a huge victory before the account will not move sharply higher, that is in the appearance of the best opportunities In fact, this is definitely a negative attitude after being hit. It is not easy to break this negative inertia. People are naturally afraid of danger and will settle for a risk-free (and indeed hopeless) state. The rocket must come out of the account more often than not. This is what makes an account with the most potential to make a fortune. ! 80% of the wealth in 20% of the opportunities!!! Engage in fixed positions is not to admit that the distribution of opportunities is not equal must be in this 20% of the opportunity to empower the very strong position after a few weeks, this egalitarianism of good and bad completely ended the waste of many times could have been a great opportunity to win So far, many obstacles have been removed one by one and become more confident to accelerate the speed of the foreign exchange account method is to do less of the city is not attacking, the army is not attacking and not Do not want to attack do not want to hit, is to concentrate on attacking the most potential market if you want to attack the most potential market, you can not point ping pong, from the moment you start to prepare to attack it you have engaged in war attack from the moment you select it as a target to start attacking with full force the next need to think around it repeatedly, weighing, for a variety of technical analysis, draw lines, the major laws against, etc. analysis of all aspects of its situation for more If you dont have more time, you will often be attracted by some individual aspects of the entry, only to find out that it is not so ideal and there are many serious defects, such as facing an important block, violating some law, etc. At this time, larger losses often have already occurred to several major laws should be compared one by one, all can not be violated and this requires sufficient If you do not have enough analysis, you can not be lured by the market, the rush to attack most cases will not have good results focus on the largest forces to attack the most potential market for specific techniques and ideas and laws, I will not easily talk to people in depth I have to keep things extremely secret I write down my success story, it is enough for many people to learn I am not a Scrooge, but also I am not a mean person, but I am not generous with my words, the main method is this, the next two months of time on the smooth sailing success rate has been maintained at more than 70%, successive single-day big win the biggest single-day big win is the day profit reached close to 40% two months of time account constantly refreshed, successive doubling the first month when the speculative foreign exchange account back to 50,000, the second month when the speculative foreign exchange account has reached more than 120,000 so far, the Profit money becomes very easy but, a person makes money, does not equal to his mentality is also synchronized with the maturity of the still is the mentality of the problem led to once again back to the liberation in the continuous money after can hold themselves is not easy lack of tolerance to make money the sea, money still can not stay pride and arrogance complacency is always the biggest enemy in the end can not stabilize themselves, and once again fell at this time, my problem is: not difficult to fight rivers and mountains, guard rivers and mountains Hard my wealth is not only this 120,000 in foreign exchange to make money, not only the material aspect, but also the spiritual aspect of my trading ability is an intangible asset, I can realize countless money to have money, people are very different I Yan Ran is already a successful person, because I know, then I will have greater success when talking to people become courteous, mentality has become very full, quite confident obviously I also strive to maintain a high quality image of myself to rush into the ranks of the rich dream, I have not stopped for a moment God and the world also seems to like to give more preferential treatment to the rich although the foreign exchange account growth is not much, and not long but I have clearly felt a lot of beneficial changes in life but things are not so lucky according to reason, a person from It is definitely the result of a persons strength to a certain degree but, strength is a combination of a person understands the market is only half of the transaction, the understanding of the self is the most important other half is always to understand the self I am the kind of person who has a strong pursuit, in the most difficult circumstances willing to grit their teeth and fight continuously but after some results, things The first thing is that the emotions have changed, first of all, the inner frenzy, a few months ago in this planted once, but planted once is not enough to forget the pain, this phrase is never just say the following operation becomes extremely risky, often full position operation, before indeed many times full position operation, but, if you think that any time can be full position, from the destruction is not far away with the growing maturity of watching the plate work I am very confident in the grasp of the sense of the plate, although it is always nearly every time a full position to strike, fortunately the results are not bad cause I always full position of the direct cause of one is to get richer and faster, foreign exchange account to change every day, the second is overconfidence continuous success will create a person in the mind of a great detachment from reality, feverish subjective fantasy occupy all thinking but that day but something big, non-ideal The second day was a full position overnight in a non-ideal state, perhaps the front has been good luck, or the front technical state is really very good, heavy hold a few days, the account grew significantly but this time is not so lucky, the next day is the two varieties are significantly lower, a direct loss of more than 25%, this situation is not unprecedented, immediate stop loss is nothing anyway, but people are wise again can not always be wise, this time actually Fight up silly, lucky it will be back up some, the results did not, after a period of time actually happened the second wave of decline, in fact, in this day the loss has been amazing, but want to rely on the refusal to admit defeat, the end of the rebound some up, the heart has some comfort, simply stay a bit more positions, tomorrow may also come up, as if there is support below support a fart, the next day the opening did not last long and suddenly pull down, how to do? The heart of that anxious, in fact, all the technology are going bad, but this time is not want to see confused to choose to carry! Rather than choose, it is better to say that no idea, I do not know how to be good usually seems to do well, think they are very smart, but when things change dramatically, they become a fool things on this when the mouth of the world is a world of difference I originally did not have the ability to change at critical junctures, but also no special circumstances to react correctly when the ability to continuously in the above circumstance for a week! The middle also in and out of a few times, and the bias and reverse, although there is also a rebound, but each time did not grasp the opportunity to reduce losses account big loss of more than 60% when finally closed, the account left more than 40,000 a little, people like a deflated loss of money is not afraid, fear is to lose the appropriate calm alas, a master, sometimes become and stupid egg is no different from anyone can not think that this is actually a continuous can be doubled account I am not worried about the complexity of the market, I am most worried about the self I have several big failures, in fact, from the heart seems to have a terrible rebellious psychology that does not want to develop I surface dream to make money, want to make a fortune but this seems to be the surface, the real idea inside is that I should not be rich, do not deserve to be rich, if I am rich, is not deserved, undeserved I am afraid to make money, do not dare to make money psychologically can not afford it. Do not dare to make money psychologically can not afford to burst like a person who has never had much power, suddenly won a great deal of power, inside feel at a loss as to what to do, very uncomfortable, can not wait to quit it I am like this, the money earned is afraid of many leaders have not sat, I sat alone at the top of the position, I sit in this position will be very uncomfortable, I have to give up this position, psychologically down to earth there A kind of inferior consciousness of always being led, not dare to live in the position of the strong I should lose money ah, how can make money, with each time the more money increases, this psychology is more and more disturbing, finally in the case of not knowing how I should lose everything may be born in my heart bitchy bones always have to be bitchy bones of deep inferior roots in the subconscious work forced me to do chaos, lose money to be safe, until the loss of money I thought, maybe this is the reason why the ghosts let me do it blindly at the time I must dare to make money, I must be able to make money, I should make untold amounts of money, I repeatedly said aloud to myself inside if I can not overcome this psychological barrier, how much money is useless in the market can be observed in countless phenomena, there are also countless kinds of technical Each method of analysis requires careful study If you master so many techniques to operate forex trading in the first place becomes an inordinate amount of physical labor lower kung fu is to learn everything, learn more or feel not enough upper kung fu is to learn only the same, learn less or feel not enough trend has put everything into one all technology all everything can not be separated from the current trend trend of anything are No need to understand since the comprehension of the trend, my trading always does not require much effort need only a stable mind my trading techniques although simple, but extremely efficient after that big defeat, after more than a month of speculation in foreign exchange trading, every day lying in wait, speculation in foreign exchange account soon took off from more than 40,000 soon climbed to more than 70,000, took out 10,000 a meal to spend, the past only experience to the number in the account, this time Experience the actual I for the market is how complex is not worried about what I know now the method has been enough to deal with my only worry is the worry about the self now, if someone is willing to seriously ask me: in addition to your trend concept and the secret of the method, the second most important is what? I would answer immediately: the lack of tolerance. When my account reached more than 70,000, I took out a sum of money, I wanted to feel it for myself, I bought some things, gave myself a few days off to go to a few places nearby and I felt for the first time what is called leisure, in these days of non-trading, I felt very relaxed, the blue sky and white clouds breathe freely and watch casually. I suddenly felt that life was beautiful, and suddenly recalled the many happy times with my family, but also for some good times did not cherish and feel a deep regret never felt this way before, due to the lack of calm, many good times do not pass by they would have been around me, but Perhaps, this is the greatest discovery I have ever made. It is probably the most desirable attitude in life. The sunset is aged wine I have been saddened, life is just a few decades, but only when the sunset is the most beautiful, but only when the sunset is the most mature, but only when the sunset can most calmly treat everything like the song: ~ ~ ~ ~ plain from the calm is true ~~~~ We can only maintain a true heart in the calm, to feel a true self, to feel the true family and friends The family and friends and all peoples sorrow and happiness and sadness from the calm, can make us keep rational, so that we are the easiest to approach the truth, to minimize interference and distortion back, I feel that the calm attitude to a foreign exchange people more important previous mistakes are mostly the lack of calm, hasty analysis, hasty operation, the mind is dull, eager to achieve the so-called success is just luck, no matter how good The foreign exchange, always can not last to do foreign exchange mentality must be calm and collected, to be able to analyze and operate well, of course, to do this is not easy not to say it can be done Many people think that in order to be successful in foreign exchange, it is necessary to become money to lose money are indifferent to the heart no longer have a sense of joy of making money and loss of money to achieve this realm before the fact of course not so the human emotions are eliminated, the human Although I am not too successful, but 20,000 to 300,000, but not by chance my personality, I know what changes have occurred, but never the kind of change described above I am still happy to make money, not happy to lose money in this point there is no fundamental change in the period of time I earned 100,000 yuan, I almost every day to go crazy with excitement a week of loss of 80,000 yuan days The market does not make peoples nature change fundamentally it just refines ones mind to be more stable, the mental tolerance range becomes bigger and it is not easy to be affected by the usual things and At the beginning of the year, I went out to relax once and gained a lot of insight, but insight is insight, your psychology will not be as strong as the next period of time, I had a sense of unprecedented boredom of foreign exchange on my success when I have taken the step, my psychology actually on the foreign exchange produced an overwhelming boredom! At that time I am not very clear why so tired, is no longer passionate, think foreign exchange is too boring, too people feel tired of every day that boring trading, nor loss of money nor money time probably lasted more than a month, until a few days account continuous loss of several, and the amount is not small, other aspects also happen to have something, I need a lot of money to cope with, the account of the poor 40,000 to 50,000 yuan Simply not helpful, and I have to be used to trade before I wake up again every time I get motivated, is due to some difficulty or big failure to promote, this time is no exception that a period of time on the foreign exchange boredom actually can not find a good reason However, I think I now know the reason, is a kind of psychological exhaustion is due to a period of time at that time to endure a huge and continuous repeated mood swings caused by Mental fatigue foreign exchange is different from physical labor, but also different from the general mental labor, it is a kind of psychologically bearable labor migrant workers or some porters, although also use brain power, but physical labor is the main, can not persist mainly depends on his physical editors or designers, although there is also a sense of mental pressure, but usually does not cause too much panic and over-excited emotions, can not persist Persevere depends mainly on its professional ability and foreign exchange can be said to have both physical work and mental work, and the main difference between the first two lies in the labor process accompanied by violent psychological fluctuations can persevere, depending on whether he can psychologically withstand it so that foreign exchange trading is a psychological work (this article is from the Foreign Exchange Academy: that A period of time, after too much great joy and sorrow, my psychological exhaustion, reached the limit so there is a strange foreign exchange boredom at the beginning of the year, the idea of flexible use of troops is another major breakthrough in my trend concept after a huge breakthrough in the previous operation is with the help of the trend concept and practical operational experience and technology, but there is still a sense of stagnant weight, the lack of dexterity can not reach the degree of freedom of entry and exit, the transfer of the center of gravity of the virtual reality is not Flexible a person to see the market is only half, and not the important half of a person according to the market how to use his forces, how to maneuver into the forces to shift his center of gravity is more important the other half of the center of gravity of the real and imaginary conversion to really reflect the art of a persons command operation for many years and not build a successful career is not to understand the real and imaginary conversion many people are actually technically meritorious, but in the use of force is a failure In fact, the first few consecutive wins, followed by only one failure to give up, some people in front of a series of defeats, followed by a victory, a comprehensive recovery of lost ground single from the number of wins and defeats on the comparison can not be a person must win must lose, although I said earlier, a winner win rate is usually more than 60%, but not that the win rate of more than 60% of people are winners, of course, may not be less than 60% win rate It must be a loser, well, the basic reasoning I think has been made clear in general, if too much into the details, but make people ignore the overall idea as I said earlier, the answer can only be in a certain range, can not be too close and too far away otherwise, either trapped in the Lu Mountain do not know Lu Mountain, or too far away so that you can not see the outline of things is the case, so far, I am in the force The storm clouds on the battlefield are fickle, and when the battlefield becomes very bloody, a slight mistake in the control of troops will result in heavy losses. So by about the end of June this year, the account rebounded to 100,000, basically no big mistakes during the period is also a valuable experience of success, how to play and how to think, I made a detailed record in the notes to this day these charts and records are always on my desk, when I feel a little off course, I will go to look at them things in the world can be recognized, because it is the same as another thing or situation and another something or situation is the same no sameness is strange, can not be known the reason why can be known, because the same reason, know one and know two know three when a person after countless transactions and learning practice, should establish a basic way and procedures, and then according to this basic way and procedures to deal with various situations this is when really on the road ahead to do foreign exchange for several years, I do not understand the procedures and The importance of sticking to the procedure procedure is a guarantee of probability, is a universal commonality violation of this commonality, you lose the probability of the majority of sticking to the procedure, is to stick to the majority of the same situation and results in the past the importance of consistency lies in the fact that it follows the usual situation, standing on the maximum probability of the three or four and the east and west is undoubtedly the enemy does not follow the majority and assume the line of the unconfirmed minority as far as its results are concerned I have been doing foreign exchange for several years, both in terms of the technology and operating strategy, often on a whim, not following the usual situation or simply never summarized, there is no code, no procedure to follow, no rules to speak of such as intra-day or swing, intra-day spread or intra-day trend, the trend pattern as the main basis Or average as the main basis, what situation corresponds to how many positions and so on are never clear well, still the same words, some of the truth can not be said too specific, the basic truth is built on top of all the specific commonality too specific and individual, it is easy to ignore the basic and this basic is the most foreseeable value to us it is the usual situation of all the specific and individual, the general situation: in trading system, there should be a more stable set of operating basis consistently, while corresponding to the position respectively, pay attention to the seasonal changes from time to time, adjust the amount of sowing spring should be more sowing, the possible harvest will be very rich autumn and winter is not conducive to crop growth, a large number of sowing there is the possibility of granular, it is only appropriate to sow some less, should be mostly as storage, and then the next spring and summer, a large number of sowing can always comply is not easy, the People are often clever, always want to special exceptions and thus lack of consistent, can not use probability to ensure the stability of the results have a general basic basis, need to do is to wait and implement the same as fixed work, according to the process of operation, neither early nor late although the plate changes a lot, however, this work procedure is fixed to become a dead-end work to the box and the provisions of the provisions down, like the law The law of society, the law of chaos for the foundation of the country, rules and procedures is the success of foreign exchange in foreign exchange often have a lot of temptation to make people anxious, the desire for speed is usually the enemy of this fixed procedure, it will make people do not follow the usual rules of the biggest temptation is the market is often circulated for a short period of time to get rich topics and various fantasies in fact, just honestly in accordance with the process is, the rest is not to your the subjective can change the