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After reading this article you will have a comprehensive understanding of foreign exchange medium and long term trading

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What cashbackforexpipcalculator foreign exchange medium cashback forex profit calculator cashbackforexprofitcalculator forexcashbackprofitcalculator cashback forex foreign exchange medium and long term trading as the name suggests, usually refers to the longer duration of the transaction; generally at least a month; choose medium and long term trading helps investors to look at the goal of the long term, medium and long term trading for investors to provide greater profit space II, the advantages of medium and long term trading medium and long term advantage is the operation I believe that we do not do investment as a career, but as an amateur when a wave of medium and long term successful profit after the pleasure is very sufficient but do medium and long term need a larger amount of capital, if their investment skills are not yet skilled or their own never operated in the middle need to ask a mentor as a counsellor Hongxin I wish you all smooth sailing on the investment road can find their own investment ideas three, medium and long term trading techniques and methods medium and long term trading profit space is large, but want to get greater profits, there are still many methods and techniques need to learn 1, do medium and long term trading how to choose the time to open a position is different from the short term to open a position on the market volatility is relatively large timing options, do medium and long term trading should be in the market is relatively low The time to open a position to operate, so as to ensure that there is more room for profit, remember not to pursue too hot in addition to the time to open a position can choose the pyramid opening method, including the homeopathic opening method and counter-trend opening method 2, do medium and long term trading how to choose trading varieties of strong volatility products are not suitable for medium and long term trading, such as very popular trading varieties; for medium and long term traders, should choose to have the potential of trading This kind of trading varieties will not have a significant rise in the short term, but the upside is very large 3, do medium and long term trading how to choose the timing of entry very to peoples understanding of data for a transient impact, in fact, otherwise, a data is the long-term impact of an event, such as the war in Yemen, the Fed rate hike policy, etc., even non-farm payrolls, it will have a follow-up impact when the war in Yemen after the emergence of I need to judge the The subsequent trend rather than the war has currently occurred in the event of course, this method is applicable to any period of trading judgment 4, do medium and long term trading how to do strategy adjustment Remember, whether you do short term or long term, the purpose of trading is to make a profit, do not stick to the principles of medium and long term trading and miss the profits brought by the rising market; to follow the market trend, as long as there is room for profit can be operated, and pay attention to Adjust the trading strategy at any time, the market is good when the medium and long term trading into short term trading, the first to get profits why not? In addition, in the cycle of K-line chart selection, in the application of technical indicators, for medium and long term are different, in the investment time to learn the right medicine, follow the trend for four, do medium and long term trading how to set a stop loss if you want to do medium and long term single, first of all, your stop loss point is only one, before the low or high fixed number of points of the stop loss is not significant, the significance of the stop loss is that you look in the wrong direction, do the wrong single The case of the termination of your loss what is the case of the wrong look, is to do the opposite of the trend problem is that you have to set your money management according to this stop-loss level that is the position remember: even if you do a single to the final choice to close the stop loss do not be psychologically discouraged, as long as you are according to the rules to do, in the long run profit is sooner or later, and is to try not to make a profit single into a loss in many peoples view, stop loss and exit is A concept, and we design the timing of the exit is the purpose: to expand profits, shrink losses stop loss is divided into three kinds: 1, see the wrong direction of the stop loss, 2, protective stop loss, 3, profit stop loss; regardless of which stop loss , remember the principle of setting the stop loss is: wide set, strict implementation because the price fluctuations are random, with uncertainty, therefore, a quick profit on the entry, only a few examples we are in More often than not, you need to give the market some time and a certain price fluctuation interval, to observe the price trend price trend with randomness, uncertainty, at the same time, the price movement has a cyclical, to wave running, therefore, but also has the regularity and predictability and the time cycle of the critical point, and the price band movement of the inflection point, it often becomes the main movement of the direction of change of the iconic time and space point, which is We set the best position for stop loss in the process of the actual price movement, these specific points, always by the market itself, rather than our imagination, calculated - even if we calculate, but also need to be verified by the market so, must leave the market enough time and price fluctuations in space, to put these key points are marked out one by one