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Anyone who does not make money doing forex trading is a position management problem

A friend on WeChat said, s cashbackf cashback forexexpipcalculatorce entering the trade, these years lost hundreds of thous cashbackforexprofitcalculators of dollars into, small gains and big losses, so far failed to achieve a profitable trading forexcashbackprofitcalculatores written a lot, but also did not find a good way to stabilize, d cashback forex profit calculatortressed I told him, anyone who does not make money doing forex trading is a position management problem, which is the essence of forex trading see Not the technology, but the position forex trading looks easy to make money, but there is no life star, in the end is a heavy position, can not withstand the various fluctuations and unexpected market torture, there are always so many times, traders will be a handful of their own pit inside this is a variety of frustration and blood and tears lessons, cohesion into the text boiled down to the end, do foreign exchange is two words: position If you want to add a modifier to the position, or two words. Light position in the foreign exchange market exists profiteering profiteering survives for a period of time, it is not possible to long we go boating profiteering, is to rely on larger positions and pressure bets on large quotes such quotes are very rare, and not easy to grasp on the contrary, the probability of betting wrong is extraordinarily large in addition to light positions, all derivatives trading behavior, are bound to appear small gains and big losses scenario no matter how high technology, or how self-discipline, in the end we all In the end, we find that, in addition to managing the position, there is nothing too useful just because of three words: can not do why there are always small gains and big losses? Its very simple, small gains and big losses is because you cant take the profit, but can carry the loss! Whether doing stocks, or trading futures, foreign exchange, a general rule is that people like to run when they make money, people are born with a kind of security needs of the bag loss, but like to carry, looking forward to the market reversal, early return to capital or intensify the same direction to increase positions, praying for a reversal can return to capital Finally, it became a Martin strategy touched by the set of large single-sided market, the account a life, there Huge losses we have to objectively look at the human nature of trading, not to do high expectations of such a situation, from human nature, there is almost no way to solve or rather, only a very small number of people, have this enlightenment, to enlightenment, to cultivate the mind, so as to elevate themselves to a stage of trading without doing anything most of us, is not capable of changing the nature of the worlds beings because of the existence of human nature, so small Earn big losses is a probability of inevitable objectively admit it, not disgrace how to solve the situation of small gains and big losses? The obstacles of human nature are insurmountable, but not without a way to solve the roundabout solution is a method, if you rise to the moral level, the roundabout solution to the problem of human nature, is the middle way in trading: time for space we can not solve the basic problem of resistance and stop loss is not it? All trading stars, in the market in the end or fracture, in the final analysis is not because of resistance and do not set a stop-loss if strictly do, how will lose a lot of money out of the market So, or that topic, is how to do a stop loss Church others can not do things, is an irresponsible attitude I also advocate that we go to their own thinking about stop loss, but this is not the focus of my thinking my focus, is how to solve Most cases do not stop-loss problem, dealing with the retraction brought about by the stop-loss problem! Time for space, is the basic philosophical concept we solve the problem of stop-loss trading in time, in general, is the market in the back and forth of the evolution of the so-called back and forth, depending on how big the magnitude is 10,000 points, or a thousand points of fluctuations, or 100 points of fluctuations to put the time frame into a long period of time to see the above, fluctuations is two or three thousand points level, the time span is a year or more to put the time frame into a six-month cycle to see, fluctuations are often two or three thousand points level, the time span is a year or more Frame into a half-year cycle to see, fluctuations are often within 500 to 1000 points (Forex Academy www.waihuibang.com)