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Basic technical analysis

cashback forex profit calculator cashback forex and its application cashbackforexprofitcalculator different from the fundamental analysis method, technical analysis method mainly through the analysis of the forexcashbackprofitcalculator rate chart to determine the cashbackforexpipcalculator trend, as one of the main analysis methods to analyze the trend of the exchange rate, in our daily practical operation is also important from this article we began to explore the basic techniques of technical analysis method market trend trend line is to define a period of time Market trend lines, is to judge the most intuitive performance of this market trend to understand the trend line first to understand the market trend we know, technical analysis method based on the price reflects everything, history will repeat itself and the market exists trend these three premise assumptions, of which the market exists trend is the main object of study of technical analysis methods market trends are mainly classified as follows: a. From the trend directional distinction: the foreign exchange market Exchange rate fluctuations are mainly rising, falling, flat three main situations, accordingly, the foreign exchange market trends are also divided into: upward trend: the exchange rate rose, indicating that the buyer power over the seller prevailed; downward trend: the exchange rate repeated in a certain range up and down, indicating that the purchasing power and selling pressure is roughly equal; horizontal trend: the exchange rate fell, indicating that the selling pressure is greater than the purchasing power two, from the trend utility distinction: 1, large trend; 2, a small trend is the premise of the formation of a large trend when the market breaks through the small trend, the formation of a large trend in a longer period of time, market prices tend to continue to develop in one direction Therefore, we study the purpose of the trend line is to graphically represent these trends through the line, and then analyze and judge the trend of exchange rate changes trend line drawing method of the foreign exchange market, we record the exchange rate by Changes in the composition of the foreign exchange trend graph, showing the price of the market forces to respond to the continuous scenario, by connecting the highest and lowest price points within a certain period of time, you can draw the basic trend line we take the bar chart as an example: the price of a currency upward trend and downward trend, can be judged from the connection of the highest and lowest price point constituted by the straight line drawing method is to two or more exchange rate The lowest point is connected to form a straight line called an uptrend line The highest point of the exchange rate is connected to form a straight line called a downtrend line