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Bill Gross From gambler to undefeated trading king for three decades

Bill cashbackforexprofitcalculator describes">forexcashbackprofitcalculator investing as a game: when you really immerse yourself in it, you realize that its a game, theres losing cashback forex profit calculator winning, and every morning you start a war all over again Bill Gross has the reputation of being the bond king H cashback forex love for bonds goes far beyond what the average investor can imagine, and for him, bonds are his life in the investment world. While many fund managers typically have only one or two years of outstanding performance, Gross has had 35 years of outstanding performance, and counting, during which time he has managed the worlds largest bond fund and driven the growth of the worlds largest bond asset manager. He is the worlds largest bond fund, easily the best-selling fund of its kind over the past 10 years, and stands as a mountain above all bond investors. In the investment world, he has been compared to Warren Buffett. Buffett said: Every month I am anxious to see Bill Grosss commentary he is vivid, clear and insightful, it would be a blessing to collect his views in a book, I can always consult Grosss idols are three, one is the great JP Morgan, the other two are Bernard Baruch and Jesse Livermore ( JesseLivermore ). JesseLivermoreGross now says: Livermore said to know yourself before you understand the market you must first understand yourself, your own particular weaknesses and eccentricitiesGross on the wall of Livermores quotes are as follows: practice in the investor must beware of many things, most importantly, beware of their own good investment ideas should not be spread into meaningless results Gross rule when it comes to portfolio management, the general rule of investing that most investors know is diversification, i.e. not putting all your eggs in one basket Diversification is a good rule of thumb, but when you invest only to diversify risk, then it can also reduce your profits Making money in the market is based on exhaustive research, always keeping some cash for those opportunities that require more money. And dont be afraid to take action when you think your research is pointing to the right opportunity Grosss every move is the focus of his peers attention, and when they start buying large amounts of a certain kind of bond, they tend to attract the attention of their rivals, and then his peers usually follow suit in their 35 years on the investment floor, Gross checks daily on the movement of the 10-year Treasury bond, the global bond market, the various currencies In May 2000, Gross insisted that a U.S. recession was coming, and that the bursting of the high-tech stock bubble and the Federal Reserves frantic moves to cool the economy were setting the stage for a major economic downturn. At that point, Grosss firm began converting $10 billion in corporate bonds into U.S. government bonds and government-backed home mortgages. Within a few months, Gross had earned $500 million for the firm. The following 9/11 and the Federal Reserves 11th consecutive interest rate cut, Gross once again showed his strength with facts. Gross has always had his own investment philosophy in bonds. He believes that buying long-term bonds is more cost-effective and less risky, and he believes that in the unpredictable bond market, there is an element of necessity, and that is mathematical precision. This is a simple measure of risk, and the longer the maturity of the bond, the more it will fluctuate with interest rates. Gross used this series of mathematical formulas to maximize profits in the bond market. Gross was intrigued by the books references to minimizing risk and maximizing profit, so he went to Las Vegas while in college, an experience that taught him that he could work hard to get his theories and learn to endure the tedium that is unbearable for the average person. Believes: A bond is a long-term IOU with a steady interest payment, and when interest rates rise and bond prices fall back, you can better calculate the interest rate that comes out of the bond return but bond managers have to calculate what will make U.S. and world interest rates change because bond management is really a game where you cant make the slightest mistake and bond managers have to calculate what investment will produce a few percent yield without much risk It is known that in 1975, when those other bondholders were struggling miserably, Gross strategy gave him a 17.6% return, which reached 18% the following year; by 1987, assets had risen to $20 billion From 1987, Gross took over the PimcoTotalReturn bond fund, and for the past 15 years Gross said: If I had gotten into the business of stock manager, I think I would have done a great job. Both markets are based on mathematics and depend on a keen sense of human nature…… I got into the bond business at a time when bonds were changing from passive to active ( I was feeling the need to start trading for capital gains, not just cutting coupons to get interest Gross is a bold and risk-averse thinker, and he never hides his opinions, and his words often have a huge impact on the market He has repeatedly cautioned the crowd to be cautious of the stock market He compared the current investment outlook with the global economy: as if These achievements have made Gross a trendsetter in the industry, which is why the market respects him as the King of Bonds. They must seize enough chips to get them through the hard times. The same applies to investing, when the principal is compromised you are doomed to failure 2. Bill Gross first principle and the third principle is not contradictory, Bill Gross has the wisdom to identify risk and opportunity, and continuous learning, solid mathematical skills, deep psychological research to keep him in the changing market in a long and prosperous Bill Gross research that the longer the duration of the bond, the greater its fluctuations with the fluctuations in interest rates, so he used a series of mathematical formulas, the bond duration He used a series of mathematical formulas to combine bond durations and began trading for capital gains, rather than just cutting coupons to get interest, thus maximizing fund profits