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Compensation trade exchange rate

What is the compensation cashbackforexprofitcalculator cashback forex profit calculator forexcashbackprofitcalculator Compensation trade exchange rate refers to a certain period, through the return or exchange of products obtained by the net income of cashback forex exchange cashbackforexpipcalculator the total cost of domestic funds invested in the period of the exchange rate is to reflect the compensation trade export products, each yuan can be exchanged for foreign exchange compensation trade exchange rate formula The formula is: compensation trade exchange rate = net income of foreign exchange ×The formula, foreign exchange revenue refers to the enterprise contract period of all foreign exchange revenue; domestic capital investment refers to the contract period of the enterprises weekly fixed assets and current assets investment compensation trade exchange rate of the scope of application compensation trade exchange rate calculation method, applicable to foreign trade enterprises organization of compensation trade and foreign trade self-owned factory compensation trade, calculate each unit of domestic funds can be obtained by the In addition, for industrial and mining enterprises outside the foreign trade system or foreign economic cooperation enterprises directly undertake compensation trade, the calculation of compensation trade exchange rate is also applicable to the value of compensation trade exchange rate example analysis Example: an import and export company-owned factory, and foreign manufacturers directly signed a compensation trade contract, the contract stipulates that the foreigners provide production equipment, equipment for $150,000, the factory invested working capital of 400,000 yuan, and the factory is a factory, and the factory is a factory. The amount of domestic capital input = investment in fixed assets during the contract period + investment in liquid assets during the contract period The higher the exchange rate, the more the project generates foreign exchange; conversely, the lower the exchange rate, the less foreign exchange is generated If the exchange rate is lower than the international market rate, the project is less desirable from the viewpoint of foreign exchange generation exchange rate and exchange costs are the opposite, the higher the exchange rate, the lower the cost of foreign exchange; and the lower the exchange rate. The higher the cost of foreign exchange exchange compensation trade exchange rate application compensation trade exchange rate, a comprehensive reflection of the export of compensation trade exchange rate and its economic effect to increase the exchange rate, we must reduce the cost of foreign exchange; to less labor costs and capital consumption, to obtain more foreign exchange income. To continuously improve the production technology and management level, improve the management ability and management level, but also to improve the quality and reputation of the product, so as to increase the international market sales revenue To improve the exchange rate can also take the following methods and strategies: When using non-direct product compensation, through the comparison of different types of products exchange rate high and low, appropriate adjustment of product mix, increase foreign exchange earnings; When using direct product compensation, should compare There are the same country, region or company similar products exchange rate high and low, in order to help find out the gap to improve management; also compare the export to different countries or regions exchange rate high and low as a basis for choosing the sales market; in addition to compare the exchange rate of different periods, in order to check the exchange rate is increased or reduced, from which to find out the reasons for the change, so as to formulate early countermeasures and take effective measures