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Do forex trading systems that others share out work or not

First of all, my op cashbackforexpipcalculatorion: in most cases, cashback forex for most people, forexcashbackprofitcalculator cashbackforexprofitcalculators simply do not matter! First of all, two concepts need to be clarified: trading philosophy and trading system trading philosophy cashback forex profit calculator a traders principle or logic for trading in the market, for most successful traders, the philosophy is a belief, beliefs do not often change; and trading system is a specific trading tool developed by the trader on the basis of the trading philosophy, the tool may not always be the same, and can even change for the majority of long-term For the majority of successful traders, the system should be developed from the idea, not the other way around, just like in mathematics, using the deductive method, a seed can be deduced from a myriad of possibilities, the root of which is in the seed; while using the inductive method, you can be correct 1000 times in a row, but may become a turkey at Christmas for the 1001st time. For the vast majority of people, I believe that trend following is still the most likely direction of success So how do you explain the trend following trading concept? Simply put, the trend following concept is, in the market in the oscillation period (subjective) when a small loss, to ensure that no bones, and in the trend (also subjective) to make a big profit when you rely solely on the above-mentioned trading concept, is very difficult to achieve long-term stable profits in the market because you do not know what time is the beginning of the oscillation, what time is the end of the oscillation, what time is the beginning of the trend, what Time is the end of the trend (this article is from: Foreign Exchange Academy) at this time, you may need a landing trading system, in fact, is a standard, to achieve your trend tracking concept this trading standard can be a technical parameter, can be a certain pattern, can be a certain line, can also be the most direct price, you rely on this standard to determine, what time is the beginning of the trend can enter, what Your criteria cant be 100% correct, and will probably be wrong most of the time - in terms of whether a single trade is profitable or not - but after the trend comes, youll find that maybe only 30% of your trades are profitable, but overall, youre still making money when using different The standard for trading, as you are using different technical indicators, or even the same technical indicators of different parameters, the difference is only in the early entry a corresponding early exit a moment, or late entry a moment corresponding late exit a moment in the long run trading results are convergent so, what is the standard for trading is not important, but there is a standard is very important then why would someone share their good trading system out? I think there are a lot of selfless traders who have received a lot of favors from their predecessors on the way to growth (either in person instruction or divine friendship with the sages) and have the intention of repaying the legacy but, although it is said (this article is from: Forex Academy) that there is nothing magical about the various elements of a trading system, it is just the use of a certain standard to define the beginning and end of the trend to determine the entry and exit, supplemented by a certain betting strategy but the system is The developer of the trading system is most familiar with his own system, what kind of market is necessary to willingly lose some, what kind of market is possible to earn, the success rate of the transaction is about how much, how big your position will correspond to about how much retracement rate, how much retracement probability you have, etc., etc., these are But for a person who sees the trading system for the first time, it may be unknown, so you can easily not be able to judge whether it is normal or the system "fails" when the system has a "normal" period of inactivity, and thus often in When bearing the cost of shocks adhere to, in the trend of the dawn of the dawn before leaving the trading system is a bit like their respective captive hounds, you see other traders holding hounds to catch a lot of prey, but if you hold someone elses hounds may not be subject to your command, the reverse devastation so, others good trading system, you can learn from, but not plug and play, still need to know it and know what it is