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Do you really love forex trading

met a group of friends who dream of be cashbackforexprofitcalculatorg a trader, all claiming to love cashback forex, hoping to bring rich returns through trading, changing their financial destiny I also went through th cashback forex profit calculator stage, forexcashbackprofitcalculator in which indulged for a long time during the writing of countless diaries, reading up afterwards, love trading four words, often can see at the time is also deceived themselves to believe love trading, love a fart but love money, and then add One, that is, love yourself in my personal contact and heard the story, almost no one will come up to do trading, basically experienced the torture of losses, and then slowly grow up to be tortured feelings are painful overcome pain, overcome the pain of the experience, is part of the self-mythology shaping, through such behavior, our ego can cashbackforexpipcalculator be a failure a person who has lost his ego is like a car without wheels The protection of the ego, is to defend their lives everyones life is in the preparation of a heroic epic to their own interpretation to maintain the story does not become a tragedy, for each life is significant, and can even be said to be the greatest trading pain from 2, one is the loss of money, a sense of self broken from a certain extent, the latter than the former, come more important in fact, many people and did not lose much money, two days ago a person asked a question, I also answered, that person lost 40,000 yuan, the heart has been put down from the perspective of the absolute value of the money is not much this money if a car accident, had to spend, may be although complaining, but also can not be helped, can accept, after all, spend money to buy life if it is food and drink, travel, shopping consumption then at least still see the value and through the transaction loss of money, what can bring Meaning it? That is, it reminds you: you are a fool, being slaughtered, you are not as smart as you think you are, so bold! Many times, gamblers refuse to leave the table, not because they cant afford to lose money, but because they cant afford to lose people cant afford to lose his ego My experience working in futures companies has allowed me to meet a large number of customers, through chatting with them, combined with my own trading experience I think that trading for many people, is such a state: and love, and hate, and fear, but also cant stop love, because it can make money, can prove their bully Or previously made money from the above hate, because from the above lost a lot of money, ate a lot of defeat, lost a lot of sense of self fear, is afraid of uncertainty, fear of loss, inside do not know they are so mixed, in fact, can succeed? Cant stop, because not dead, and obsession frankly, this state, not a normal person should live a life if a person is in such a state for a long time, mental and physical must be out of the question anxiety, depression, panic disorder diabetes, hypertension, heart disease emotions are bound to be affected by price fluctuations, if not good at reconciliation, may be indiscriminate venting, which in turn affects their work (not doing their job), the Family (spousal and parent-child relationships), interpersonal relationships (leading to their own disengagement from society) this potential cost, has anyone seriously thought about? An objective fact is that trading is a business with an extremely high elimination rate, and 90% of people are losers in the long run Then it means that the probability of such a tragedy happening to you is very high If this happens, are you willing to accept it? If it is going to have such a life, are you willing to laugh at it? For many people who have chosen to trade, often underestimated the difficulty of speculation, and then is holding unrealistic profit expectations, and is greedy and lazy, not happy to socialize, do not want to be managed by people and the actual situation is: 1, speculation is extremely difficult 2, the higher the profit return expectations, usually, the faster the death 3, trading is very tired, consuming, time consuming, requires hard work 4, can not be managed by people, but requires extremely strong Self-management phantom dream, are phantom dream because obsessed with phantom dream, so start dreaming - do trading if you can recognize the phantom dream, still willing to continue to do? Will still hold the so-called passion accumulated by addicted to the dream, claiming that they "love" trading? I dont deny that there are really traders who enjoy their speculative career from the bottom of their hearts, I myself know many such people, it is said that even without money, they also love to play this game I think that ordinary individual investors, or need to consider I am not saying that it is not recommended to do foreign exchange gold can be appropriate to participate in the premise of risk control, to do an investment channel, it is not bad and face those who are still young, but dreams of "Trading for a living" friends, those who dwell on profit and loss, entangled in the win-lose, always in the maze of people, I want to say, should ask yourself, you love in the end is what? The only time in this world is priceless If you waste your years because of trading, you cant make up for it later To put it bluntly, its just an obsession Author: Liu Da 1984 (Zhihu)