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Exchange rate marking method

  Exchange rate marking cashbackforexprofitcalculator cashbackforexpipcalculator to determine the ratio between two different currencies, first to determine which countrys forexcashbackprofitcalculator as the standard due to the different standards determined, so there are several different cashback forex profit calculator exchange rate marking method commonly used marking methods include direct marking method, indirect marking method, cashback forex marking method[edit] Types of exchange rate marking method 1. For example, on November 28, 1991, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange announced the foreign exchange market 100 U.S. dollars = 539.80 yuan, using the direct method of valuation in the direct method of valuation conditions, a fixed amount of foreign currency, if the amount of domestic currency converted to reduce, that is, to prove that the domestic currency is appreciating, the foreign currency is depreciating If the amount of domestic currency converted increases, it proves that the domestic currency is depreciating and the foreign currency is appreciating and the foreign exchange rate is rising. If it is converted to foreign currency less, it is proved that the national currency in appreciation, foreign currency in depreciation, foreign exchange rate down, if it is converted to foreign currency, it is proved that the national currency in depreciation, foreign currency in appreciation, foreign exchange rate up 3. two-way bid method on the foreign exchange market offer is generally two-way offer, that is, by the offer side at the same time to report their own bid and ask price, by the customer to decide the direction of buying and selling bid and ask price. The smaller the spread of the sell price, the smaller the cost for investors means that the normal spread of the inter-bank trading offer 2-3 points, the bank (or dealer) to the customers offer spread varies greatly depending on the situation, the current foreign margin trading offer spread in 3-5 points, Hong Kong in 6-8 points, the domestic banks live trading. 4. The U.S. dollar markup method is used in the foreign exchange market trading quotation table U.S. dollar markup method, also known as the New York markup method, in the U.S. dollar markup method, countries are the U.S. dollar as the benchmark to measure the value of national currencies (that is, a certain unit of the U.S. dollar as the standard to calculate how much should be exchanged for other countries currencies), and non-U.S. dollar foreign exchange When buying and selling, is based on their respective rates to the U.S. dollar set to calculate the exchange rate of the currency of the buyer and seller here note that, in addition to the British pound, the euro, the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar, the U.S. dollar markup method has basically prevailed in the international foreign exchange market is characterized by: all foreign exchange market transactions in the currency of the U.S. dollar offer, in addition to a very small number of currencies such as the British pound, the general currency are used to the U.S. dollar as the foreign currency of the direct markup