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Foreign exchange business introduction

through the bank channel cashbackforexprofitcalculator forexcashbackprofitcalculator cashback forex profit calculator investment before, need to have a preliminary understanding of the banks foreign exchange cashbackforexpipcalculator, to see whether it cashback forex suitable for investment or which foreign exchange business is suitable for investment, which is not suitable for the following are several major bank foreign exchange business introduction 1, foreign exchange personal settlement and sale of foreign exchange business Foreign exchange personal settlement and sale of foreign exchange business is divided into settlement and sale of foreign exchange business settlement business that individuals will be in the hands of foreign currency cash or Foreign exchange settlement business that individuals will be sold to the bank, the bank according to the published spot exchange rate to pay the corresponding exchange business of RMB foreign exchange sales business that individuals to their own RMB to the bank to buy foreign exchange, the bank to pay the spot exchange rate of foreign currency equivalent exchange business banks personal settlement business is actually the bank for individuals to provide the exchange of RMB and foreign currency business this business generally do not need to open a special foreign exchange account, but the limit is limited The total annual amount is 50,000 US dollars, and can only be handled at designated bank branches, so it is not very suitable for investors to invest, generally for people with actual foreign exchange needs, such as travel abroad, visiting relatives, school and other foreign exchange business. Personal foreign exchange trading business is the bank for individuals to provide two kinds of foreign exchange trading business, where the two kinds of foreign exchange is not including the RMB, each bank for individuals to participate in foreign exchange trading business qualifications are different, with specific reference to the bank regulations personal foreign exchange trading business can be for the actual foreign exchange needs of people, but also for foreign exchange investors, is the banks main foreign exchange investment business its flexible and convenient trading 3, personal foreign exchange remittance personal foreign exchange remittance that the bank for individuals to provide funds remitted abroad or receive funds from abroad business banks foreign exchange remittance business only for individuals to provide funds in and out of the domestic channel, for foreign exchange investors, the business can be used to allow funds to go abroad to find investment opportunities 4 The individual foreign exchange option business refers to the individual customer who opens a foreign exchange deposit account in a bank and the banker signs an option contract, agreeing that the option buyer pays a certain option fee to the seller and gets the right to buy or sell a certain foreign exchange from the option seller according to the currency, nominal amount, execution rate and date agreed in the option contract, and the option seller has the responsibility to fulfill its obligations according to the content of the option contract. Business Foreign exchange options business is actually a foreign exchange derivatives business, its subject matter is only a right to buy and sell foreign exchange, rather than the foreign exchange itself foreign exchange options business is not all banks, in fact, only a few banks have such business but undeniably, it is a bank for individuals to provide a foreign exchange business that can be used for investment