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Foreign exchange civilian workers self-reported to foreign exchange trading for a living days!

from contact with foreign exchange to f cashbackforexpipcalculatorally decided to full-time before the time of about four or five years anything need time to settle can cashback forex do a good job, can not pers forexcashbackprofitcalculatort, like or not like this career need time really interested in giving themselves a little more time, knowledge needs to accumulate, body cashbackforexprofitcalculator mind need to experience the reason cashback forex profit calculator choose to do the euro pound to the dollar, it is because I am very familiar with the European Britain I lived there, studied, worked on their socio-economic, human history, political history are understood. I have lived, studied and worked there to understand their social economy, human history, political history, but also very interested in reading their current affairs news, economic data are very intuitive feeling rather than do not know or just a bunch of boring data there are many things are not reading, listening to books, sitting at home to understand for those who say they are lonely, looking for answers on the Internet all day long I want to say that if you have the conditions, go out more to find yourself doing The real reason for this line of work I never said I expected any god to give me a golden key to everything, read the technical analysis of the major investment banks every day, the market forecast should not be difficult to find, and there is no god-like existence I asked myself do I know the technology? Well, know a little I will know more than the investment banking professionals, see more accurate? Oh I can not but I have enough knowledge to understand what they are talking about, that is enough since someone to help me draw graphics, counting waves, why do I need to know more than them Some people read a few books, think they understand the k line, mastered the analysis of technology can make a living, stable profits think that with these techniques, they can ride the storm, want to play stocks play stocks, want to play futures play futures, want to play Foreign exchange play foreign exchange is simply whimsical God gives everyone the keys are limited, but in this limited keys each person can play their own music if you are countless keys in front of you, you can not play music that belongs to Gods piano to put it bluntly, halfway I am just a foreign exchange folk only I am just an ordinary investor, from supporting themselves, from taking a salary to start a long growth to themselves A clear positioning, in order to maintain a long-term peace of mind do forex trading I think there are two points of concept is very important first point is that in this market, the opportunity to make money a lot of market is always there, recognize the market belongs to you second point is that there is no choice is perfect regardless of how much you earn, how much you lose, that is something that has passed tomorrowisanotherday trading is not a science, more like an art I have basically not much change in the state of life in the past few years even though the principal has been several times more, income is much more than my original salary income my annual expenses are only the level of ordinary working class, and not much more occasionally can be capricious, a little better for the wife other times I am still me, living the life I like as opposed to money, I enjoy this free and easy life state do not have to look at other peoples faces, do not have to worry about the food and oil and salt tired can give themselves a vacation, the wife is sick, you can put down the work, accompanied by taking care of all aspects of stability, the stability of profit is a guarantee to do what they like, cherish the life they like Some truth I I have also mentioned before such as preparing enough money before you start trading in the strategy to make adequate preparation, only in the tactical not to rush 1, life has its own goals, trading also has a clear profit target, in order not to slacken, not greedy 2, self-discipline in life, trading is easier to do self-discipline 3, life is full, trading for a living naturally will not be lonely and boring 4, only their own experience After the hard work, only then will more cherish the gains brought between the opening and closing of positions 5, only after experiencing the 9 to 5 clocking life, only then will cherish the freedom of trading life Zhihu has a question, asking how white-collar workers should use the 8-10 pm time to improve themselves My answer is that it should be used to enjoy life Trading is only a tool, life is the purpose and life in you, will help you in I think learning forex trading or want to improve their friends, or from their own side of the successful practitioners to learn on the Internet to listen to just a word is actually harmful to you for example a friend asked me how to trade, how to get started How to improve the level, let me point out the problem I even according to the very limited information you give, pointing out that some of your problems you also corrected these problems you will be able to stabilize profits? Can you make a living from trading? You are likely to fall into another pit Some people ask me what books to read for beginners, where to read information, etc. These are honestly not useful, learning is a systematic process without guidance, see what books actually make no difference, can learn are fur now is the age of information explosion, the important thing is how to filter and screen information trader or good trader is the masters words, with out a Two or three years of learning, simply not qualified to do real trading without three or five years of stable earnings can not be out of the division want to talk online can learn to succeed, that is whimsical I have every update actually involved in the trading level experience resonate with most people are in this market, can be profitable or close to stable profitability of people if you think I said nothing interesting, then maybe you have some distance from your goal there are a few people Friends are still quite young, college students or just graduated soon my advice to you is to find a master who can teach you face to face you can rely on relationships or circles to find, you can also find a relevant job, and then find the right master online advertising, too many liars young people are best to go out after graduation to experience a lot of truth in life, work with their hard-earned funds, in order to I really appreciate this precious than wealth to understand the difference between getting paid to look at other peoples faces and trading for a living at the beginning try not to use the power of family or friends to get money I took a disciple, that is, my wife, haha she a months time, 50,000 U.S. dollars in principal, the return is 20% from a blank sheet of paper, I taught hand in hand although she earned a little money, but I still let her go back to work obediently The purpose of my teaching her is mainly to let her understand my work, each other more common language which is also a very important part of my life Why do you say 90% of retail investors are losing money, I think maybe they are looking at the market too simply even if it is an old journeyman should always have the fear of the market market is our bread and butter, not a doll that can be manipulated at will The market is always right, follow the trend and For reading yesterdays update Tom laughed, I actually laughed, but also laughed for several days I saw the answer in the author tried to make a technical analysis of the daily chart of the euro against the dollar in 2015, so as to come up with a trading strategy for the euro against the dollar Unfortunately, he only saw the k-line chart, saw the trend and oscillation, but he did not understand how this k-line chart specifically came to be and I as a daily watch the plate More than ten hours a day, year-round in the single person, my understanding of the daily chart than a person who just look at the k line to be much more fleshed out because his information is very limited, because his analysis only stays on the surface of the k line, so his analysis of the historical data will be very superficial, then his proposed trading strategy is naturally not so valuable reference here many people talk about trading systems, some people talk about k line All kinds of indicators, some people are emphasizing the book to learn to participate in training, some people in even specific to tell you how to buy what to buy, how to sell, when to sell the reason is that you want to make money? I can sell you a trading system, you want to make money? I can teach you a variety of analysis techniques, tuition to bring, you want to make money? Quickly add my WeChat, qq group, from then on the road to wealth they one-sided to trade the art of quantification, is only to quantify the convenience of cash after someone just want to talk about cultivation, and many people are not interested in this is only because they feel that these truths do not make money just yesterday to see a user said there are books written, the general meaning is to do foreign exchange with a teacher, no teacher with a very low success rate I want to say The author said there is some truth in the trader is mostly by word and example, the master with disciples of the mode of training out, there are schools, there are divisions, there is usually no online classes feel chat trading quite boring, there is no reaction to the foreign exchange column is also 10,000 people concerned, the problem is also four or five hundred people concerned most people are not considered foreign exchange practitioners, and even look at the more active users are mostly I am a fan of Arsenal for more than a decade, and the following is a paragraph of Arsenal manager Arsene Wengers evaluation of the newly renewed left back: Wenger told reporters: Monreal is an important member of Arsenal, because he can serve as a left back and center back, his play is both excellent and stable. In general, Monreals attitude to the game is exemplary, from the first day he came to the club, he gave his all every day he always put 100% into training and games, I think from the time he joined Arsenal, he is improving every day, in many important games, he has proved his strength This buddy is not considered a soccer player of any great level, this point we do not doubt it many people I guess I dont even know him, but he earns much more than I do, and his weekly salary is calculated in tens of thousands of pounds He has paid consistently over the years, and can afford his salary, can afford his achievements in forex trading is the same, not to read a few books, look at the indicators can be a step to the sky, financial freedom Many people expect to know how to make money in a few hundred words can be clear, in my opinion are also futile to talk about This topic, is not only the gods can be stable and profitable to trade for a living I actually sneaked in yesterday with this question sent a question, but no one took care of me, so I can only silently talk to myself here Although this question is to trade for a living is what experience, but many people who have not experienced also enthusiastically answered the question there is no shortage of similar good bully, good envy of the answer was the most praised The answer is also more bitter as if trading for a living is difficult, must be gifted, the bones of the master to make money, in order to survive I dare to say, in fact, not a god, not a master can also survive in this market, can also earn money foreign exchange market is such a large plate, casual soup drink is enough for our people to live I was just trying to earn a salary at the beginning of the time I still feel that I am a migrant worker. A wave of 500 points of the market, I can earn a third to half of the points, I am very satisfied to see many people are studying how to increase positions, the maximum profit, guess the head of the bottom, I can not do these things are the domain of the gods to the head to the tail, I will eat a small section, also full last year, the euro against The dollar fell below 1.08 three times, testing the low of 1.05 look back, I was surprised that I did not participate once in the foreign exchange market is actually not a zero-sum game, even if you are a small shrimp, there are no big fish waiting to eat you EURUSD from 1.4 a year and a half down to the current point, I believe that the same people lose money, someone exploded, someone jumped as for the reasons, I think more of themselves, rather than being pitted by others I I found such a phenomenon: 1. many friends in taking a very small amount of money in doing transactions 2. or in suggesting that others or newcomers to use a small amount of money to test the waters 3. part-time situation to do live trading I think this series of practices are harmful and unhelpful before I talked about forex trading for a living first of all to make a profit profit is the need for the foundation, time, energy, money, mentality, technology are the foundation small amount of money itself is Small capital itself destroys the basis of profitability small capital even with high leverage, can generate revenue often does not meet the purpose of protecting your quality of life, it is also difficult to ensure that the time and effort you put in can get higher than the social average return a useless return on business, you know small capital may be related to the concept of some traders to small, but in fact, of course, the more capital should be the better to small is reflected in the trading opportunities I think the small amount of money to do real trading, it is better to use the simulation to practice for part-time real trading friends, I want to say that you work hard I have experienced myself, it is really hard, the pressure is also very big but the final result is not ideal this state to do trading, usually have reservations to do trading, such as only a small investment The pros and cons of this aspect of a part of the money I have previously elaborated and is the problem of time and energy if you are after work, dragging a tired body back home, sitting in front of the computer to start learning or watching the news or manipulation, in fact, are quite inefficient learning charge is best on weekends or holidays financial news, investment banking analysis are to see every day, but after reading if you do not have Time to look at the plate is actually not very useful actual trading, or even look at the plate are required to be full of spirit try to arrange their own rest and rest time, to ensure that they look at the plate in a good physical and mental state if the conditions are limited, try to shorten the time to look at the plate and trading, but to have regularity and continuity, such as only look at 8:00 pm to 12:00 pm, or less 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm 11:00 pm U.S. data are basically I want to say that trading for a living, first of all, trading should be able to provide enough income to be considered trading for a living, secondly, or to do things you like for a living is a long-term plan I like my current job very much I am very tolerant of loneliness, if there is a need I can watch the market alone for more than ten hours, a week do not go out and so on these days the stock market meltdown, I often and do stock friends jokingly said: you work a week is not as long as my days work usually I am a person to develop trading strategies, a person to sum up the lessons learned in addition to myself, I will only talk to my wife about the details of the transaction, of course, she certainly seems to understand, but for me Its a good way to organize your thoughts I didnt think about financing, nor did I want to be an agent on my own funds, I play well enough 400 leverage trading is divided into many kinds, should have their own life mode light position or short position, forex trading on my life is almost nothing, what to do what I have rarely used the computer to watch the plate a cell phone or pad, get a 4g network, I can be in any 4g signal in the world. I can work anywhere there is a 4g signal. My preferred form of entertainment is mostly leisurely, having a coffee and dinner with friends, with the pad or phone on the table. One to two currency pairs and I am more familiar with the currency pairs, I know more about the country relative to my own need to pay attention to the amount of information will be much less, need to pay attention to the event is also much less If a person wants to do both the Australian dollar and yen, but also want to do the euro and pound, then he needs to watch the time, the time to collect market information will be much more than I but his trading opportunities may not actually be much more effective than mine arrange their own work time and energy to ensure that they have rest time and space for life when the market is relatively light, such as before the opening of Europe and the United States, can not be concerned about market fluctuations in the morning can do housework, go to the gym to run or something when the market is more lively, try to arrange the time to focus on trading I will try to ensure that they are in good spirits, not subject to any interference to do transactions Foreign holidays, the market is closed, I also take a holiday domestic holidays, as long as the position is not heavy, is also the holiday holiday, the rest rest rest every year I will set myself a profit target this goal is usually a combination of several elements a return, I hope their profits can be attached to my leverage level and the corresponding risk I take second is my own standard of living, whether my profits can The last point is to use the previous years performance as a reference, I hope I can do a steady rise, objective evaluation of their own performance usually, 6-9 months I can complete my goal after I can choose to continue to trade lightly, but also to give themselves a vacation, not to look at the plate completely two cases I think the main thing for me is to cherish my life style I work very hard, I am very careful with my trading because I like my life now, I dont want to lose this kind of free life as for the last number in my account every year Im not sure how important it is that I get more than I need. People outside the circle, or people who have just started trading, will think that trading is a very special profession, taking a huge risk, while enjoying the huge gains, minutes hundreds of thousands of up and down, earning fast death is also fast, this is a group of bright meteor-like gamblers, especially exciting, especially flashy, especially frenzied, maybe one day it will be hairy, but also But in fact, people who really trade for a living have been trading for many years, and have long taken the ups and downs of the market, the change in the numbers of the accounts as a habit, for greed, fear, frenzy, loneliness, etc., have long been no obvious feeling will only treat trading like any other profession, honestly do their essential work, and do a good job. There are no too many emotions, and even sometimes close to the state of transcendence and out of the world, used to seeing the world of gloom and doom, no longer sensitive to many things, the happy things are not necessarily happy, the sad things are not necessarily sad to trade for a living the daily state is not to want too much, every day to implement a good strategy, control the risk on the line, the so-called three points of fate, seven points by fighting, as for how much to earn As long as you insist on doing your job, even if the market will repeatedly test you, but I believe there will eventually be good results always be grateful and reverent, if you earn, learn to be grateful to the market, say thank you, if you lose, reflect on their own risk control, say I know wrong, next time must be corrected in short, to trade for a living, warm and cold, but it is, life is not only the meticulous in front of you, there are poems and faraway fields. There are also poems and faraway fields, you came to the world with bare hands, to find that sea in spite of everything