cashback forex profit calculator is a lot of people aspire to the industry, most are dreaming of being able to get rich overnight in this line, we do forexcashbackprofitcalculator talk about this today is not really just a dream, only to talk about to enter this line should know what the tr……" />
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Foreign exchange expert experience collection before entering the trade this line you should know these!

foreign exchange, th cashback">cashback forex profit calculator is a lot of people aspire to the industry, most are dreaming of being able to get rich overnight in this line, we do forexcashbackprofitcalculator talk about this today is not really just a dream, only to talk about to enter this line should know what the truth following are some of our foreign exchange veterans to share valuable experience: @ no one shit (shi) pay (chang) is a villain, killing cashbackforexpipcalculator taking treasure countless Xin (xin) thin (shou) I want the treasure, thought that at most three punches cashbackforexprofitcalculator subdue the shit to pay, but the shit to pay the momentum to three punches to only touch the skin, but the shit to pay even beat ten punches KO Jiao (jiao) Yi Yuan (yi) Yuan calmly come out, no desire, eyes like a torch but do not strike, the shit to pay the evil from the side of the bile, go up to the storm like a fist after a fist swing, Jiao Yi Yuan not slow to see the moves, such as the storm in the The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what youre getting into. The money invested, do not affect the lives of you and your family two, speculative business is not suitable for most peoples careers it is anti-humanity, can not harness, it is easy to make you lose a lot of the joy of life at the same time, before you make results, will be subject to many levels of pressure, and can only bear three, to provide a humane and spend the least tuition The fastest growing path: ① read the past static charts ② be able to analyze the current buying and selling points ③ six months to a year or so of simulation trading ④ real trading remember that the order can not change to see the market can not be called mentality to understand and do at the moment to be two different things @AdonisAdonis1, if you set yourself three to five years of loss period, then you can now give up three to five years is what concept What is the concept of three to five years? Enough to lose all your family money, whether you have 10,000 or 100 million, the rate of loss is the same so you have to set yourself a short enough stop loss, can be time, can also be a specific number 2, if someone can take you to get rich, then why does he not take Bill Gates to get rich? Any "teacher" is to earn your tuition to live, not to take you from the market to earn money 3, if you want to start from 0 basis, then first of all, please take out cash to invest, no matter how much leverage of the subject, take out real money to do so will have a real experience, not how much money won how much loss, but you do every step is According to your "intuition" or "experience" or "technology" to, when the real money loss, the blow is not only your money, or your logic your thinking your concept If you can re-establish the right logic and method that you are a winner 4, never listen to others, most of the market is a money-losing goods do their own, keep it simple, diligent + summary + change, enough never listen to the insights of others, look at other peoples stories do your own you can win @ not set goals career trading, is ultimately a road of no return other industries, always do a day will have A day of experience, regardless of the length of time, is always moving forward only the financial market, changing rapidly, do it again for a long time, encounter new situations can only start over, historical experience can not be learned and once you find yourself completely unsuitable for this line, it has been a number of years later this time, the new skills are not involved at all, the previous will have long been rusty, in addition to the currency on the code, nothing to know, older, too. The back road is difficult to go so, professional trading this road, can only succeed can not fail @ Night God in the several more powerful traders I have been instructed, they give the same point of advice: do not quit your job, trading as a hobby! Independent thinking, self-correction I think is an indispensable ability in addition to the learning time period no matter what to keep the lightest position, because to live first, until through the stage of understanding the market those are the opportunities they need and then a reasonable adjustment of positions for friends who want to enter this business to make a simple plan Stage 1: only to learn, not to earn money this stage is your starting stage, you do not know anything, so The purpose of making money from the head to cross out everything in order to learn, light position light position light position has been unchanged, so that you have the opportunity to enter the next stage in this stage familiar with the plate familiar with the transaction, so that some fixed things and concepts to do in mind and then learn the framework of the transaction, know how the flow of money in the market, find out the flow of the law, and use you can capture the law, and then follow can not help but think of The teacher said that one of the advantages of small capital is to enter the market will not be concerned, will not cause volatility, follow the relatively easy to some of my personal trading experience, when in the market is no longer like a rag picker what opportunities want to do, but only do what they need the opportunity to jump out of a certain level @ Zhang Zhan foreign exchange market is always a lot of things that blind you, such as the market scammers, unscrupulous platform, annoying unscrupulous platform, tiresome countless market news and so on and so forth platform things put aside, liars things to comprehend themselves, first of all, we must do a reasonable and rational analysis of market data randomly find an economic website, every day there will be announced economic data 1, as investors to see what, look at the impact of the data, if it is very high, do not do transactions today because the market will not be because of a certain piece of news The announcement of how irreversible effect, the price will not go away in a day, never again all the way to the horizontal line if not high, do not pay attention to it, change how to do how to do 2, then as investors do not look at what? It is to look at the specific published value of the data because you data published whether it is in line with expectations, you can not predict the effectiveness of the impact will not be how big, how negative, how positive impact on your long-term manipulation as a newcomer, when you start to enter the stage of manipulation first must avoid taking the detour is to speculate on the market, no matter what method you use, or listened to what the guru market there is no one I have said this many times if someone tells you so, our team is more powerful has predicted the next round of the market when to start, where to start where to end or someone who boasts of guru said to you, follow me to do, the prediction correct rate of more than 99.99999999999999999% you can give them a word, so accurate you have long been rich, why bother with me Why talk nonsense with me, an individual investor? Or you can directly greet their ancestors 18 million generations this is what I said, I am absolutely responsible for what I have said! The market elimination rate of newcomers, in my 8 years of investment experience, divided into three weeks, three months, six months, one year, three years cycle in batches, the establishment was eliminated without enduring the market torture more than 3 years of psychological expectations, advise you not to enter the market, which has nothing to do with the profit and loss of your account for three years, every day watching the boring k line has been almost crazy, so enthusiasm is the most unnecessary mentality, but rather stoic, calm is Really suitable for the development of the market qualified manipulation mentality to do profit and loss as one, without three or five years of experience is absolutely impossible @ anonymous practitioner 5 years caution into this line of too many elites, too many failures of the former elite can not survive, and education has little to do with the mindset and character of a great deal of rigor, independence, but also the need for a certain amount of imagination the time to cut positions to chop stop loss without hesitation and so on it is best to find A person can rely on trading very stable survival down, listen to you talk about your trading ideas, see how you are analyzing listen to you say half an hour to an hour, and then can roughly determine whether you can go forward "Turtle trading law" the book also has a simple screening even if the character is very suitable for people, starting from zero basis and no one to take, may also have to go through inhuman torture to stay I know a senior, can be counted I know a senior who can be considered a "soul trader" born to trade the earliest foreign exchange investors, the same period of peers have basically stopped doing it long ago and now rely on trading to live very well, but he also experienced two bankruptcies, including a depression to stomach bleeding, half a life lost to find a master of this kind of thing, depending on chance, to see the fate of his ideas and you are not the right way Although the two paths may be able to make money, but his help to you is not much "turtle trading method" inside the mechanical trading model, many through the thinking of the initial screening of students, but also failed to adhere to the implementation and profit, but I think that perhaps a non-mechanical trading system, those "failed" students may also succeed a lot of the time, the master I can only tell you that now the risk is greater than the opportunity, the position should be reduced a little - this help in the beginning is very important specific trading thinking, even if he is willing to pour you may not be able to absorb, because very often, he is only a sense of the plate, he can temporarily summarize a 1, 2, 3, 4, but another situation, and Change the role of the master, there is better than no, but still rely on your own trading is a "bucket" - every detail to do a reasonable, in order to survive buy, hold, sell, analysis, stop-loss level, stop-loss implementation of the psychological control, the risk of a single transaction Calculation, the overall risk control and so on one piece of the wrong, even if the other are right, it is not okay and the biggest confusion is that sometimes you can make money by buying indiscriminately, and conversely, sometimes a set of correct trading system, in a short period of time will also face continuous losses - as a novice you are difficult to objectively assess in the end is right, or wrong. Still wrong some common sense: any public trading strategy generally can not make much money, but you can modify the classic strategy, after the modification may continue to make money, about 1/20 success rate it a public indicators basically nothing useful you have to modify their own eat through the indicators, modify the indicators any trading strategy, as long as the test time is short enough, can always find particularly good trading results --But a strategy that can last for 20 years and is stable and profitable with a controlled fallback is a rare thing, and probably has a success rate of 1/20. One of the psychological pressures of this business is the constant denial of your own ideas. "can help you survive the zero-sum game occasion, to their own effective strategies and indicators, pay attention to the confidentiality of @Strong Terman share my feelings, I began to do their own trading from the age of 18, now there are three years it, mainly to do gold, never done a demo, are taking real money in the market inside the groping (of course, the money is given by the family, but the money earned back to me, the loss of their own responsibility. The loss of their own responsibility, they have also been because of losses every day to do two jobs to make money to fill the loss), the middle earned, but also a big loss, and now just to achieve the overall earn a little money (their own unique set of trading strategies, according to this set of trading strategies can make money, but this set of strategies on the market requirements are very high, basically only three or four times a month such opportunities can be used, the other times is invalid, this is also (to ensure that I am not losing money overall slightly profitable reason), now follow a teacher, he also began trading in college, now do more than a decade, can reach financial freedom, he also told me his way of trading, trading strategy, very simple, at the beginning he told me his trading strategy, I thought he was in the water me, but with the same set of trading, many times the same single We both opened (no prior communication, short term situation, the two years there has been no historical trend), the end result is that he can make money, I am a loss, I speak of this just to tell you that the trading aspect, in fact, the method market those books have, there are some is their own summary of the strategy (considered their own killer bar, of course, is just starting the kind of only to have their own) The real earn big money because of their years of losses and profits to create their own sense of plate, and then with a very common way of trading to judge the trend, and then the traders own quality also reached that level, and eventually made a lot of money), trading is the need to find out for themselves, the role of the teacher is only, after you experience countless losses and profits, your own level, your guts, your sense of plate, you as a good trader should have everything A good trader should have everything has qualified, but lack of a thought, a breakthrough, like a martial arts practitioner after years and months of their own practice because of an opportunity to instantly open the role of the two veins, and finally send a message, the strong can mention, the weak save themselves @ Zhang Tao trading is "boil" out rather than learn We may know many theories and methods, but the moment we decide to buy and sell, it may still be your own intuition or illusion @joykeep find a master to worship this kind of thing can only be said to be unattainable, but according to Murphys Law, the more you want to find the more you cant find; maybe you dont want to find, but inadvertently found, deliberately do something often counterproductive although find a master can take some less Although you can find a master to reduce some detours, but not necessarily that you can do as well as he did, even if a trading system to make money completely to you, everyones perception is different, learn not necessarily learn well, or can be achieved on the road of trading, trading system is only the first step, the main thing is their own experience, mentality, thinking, ideas, etc. Some people can make money with the simplest trading system. Why? Because the execution is in place, the stop-loss is not dragged out, less than the stop-gain level never out of the field; light this many people can not do, "cut off losses, let profits run" into "cut off profits, let losses run" and why is it so difficult to do trading? And only a few people can earn money because the market it all kinds of anti-humanity, if you can not control their emotions, the market will let you die in minutes; and this time to do the results sometime back again, so repeatedly torture, is also a torment more operable method: the actual battle to solve everything while learning to watch the plate while operating, this is the best way, the theory to see more is not Finally, the advice given is to quietly read more books, do more single, more review of the plate, there is no shortcut on the road to trading @ follow the reading to my current learning and use of feelings, technical analysis is mainly used and fundamental analysis of the conclusions of mutual verification, used to analyze the current market sentiment technical analysis is the first push is "Japanese candlestick technology", "technical analysis of the futures market" the two books, especially recommended to pay attention to the candlestick chart this book. Especially recommended to pay attention to the candlestick chart this book, some other wave theory or something, depending on personal interest, I read some after not much interest, can read, maybe I have not gotten experience, which day and will feel other technical analysis methods more powerful read these two books, it is recommended to make a lot of notes, to do eat through the two books, and often go through the notes and books, to a variety of graphics to do a number, such as when easy to become support or block, price pipeline, the range of horizontal fluctuations, for example, you try your hand at drawing, will not be too regular a few days of candlestick chart synthesis day to see, will find that the rise is nothing more than a large positive line or hammer line, the role of volume at a particular point in time, the transformation of the support block, etc., are in response to the market sentiment at the time, the chart sometimes looks very interesting learning at the same time it is recommended to pay attention to the days trading charts, technical analysis will gradually improve in the process of analysis of charts every day to read the charts what insights to write down in time, repeatedly experience, what predictions about the market, but also to repeatedly verify this is a use of the real skills, fast not up although there are different uses of technical analysis, such as for intraday, the role will be greater, but I suggest that in the foreign exchange market do not get too addicted to technical analysis, because in the end, it The biggest use or reaction to market sentiment when the foreign exchange market has a certain understanding, and master a certain technical analysis, you can start looking for work, it is not recommended to use their own money trial and error, because you can not well manage their emotions and the way to operate, go to the company to operate, you want to mess up people have to look at you you first of all to understand one thing, to finance as a career, especially to traders as a career, the pursuit of stability profit looking for work, must be carefully considered, the financial circle of liars and scams are too many very common one, is almost no requirements, but playing a high salary banner to find the trader, most of these are pulling customers, let you go in for a simple training, and then say you and the company to match how much money each or say that the recruitment of so-called analysts and other positions, are to let you go to pull customers and fool customers to operate to earn How many aspiring young people think to become technical experts, the results after a few years to become a scammer in their own eyes domestic large companies rarely recruit traders, generally want veterans, rarely willing to spend effort to train newcomers, recruiting newcomers when the position is also less, and generally require key university graduates to find financial jobs, it is sincerely recommended to go to the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, willing to recruit newcomers to train private equity funds with care, these cities How to say that there are dozens of private equity, and this thing, with the words of "Farewell to the King" inside, called you catch up, every year is constantly setting up new private equity, of course, there are also old death in addition, do not look at the private equity fund open where, not good which suburban area to get a building on the open, people can not look, remember to find a job is a mutual choice, ask more questions during the interview, feel how the company, even Bloomberg terminal are There is no place, or dont go, certainly not the intention to seek the development of a wide net, careful decision to keep interviewing, keep looking, feel appropriate to go in and do, not immediately resign, and then continue to look, so that the company that eventually left, you work in it for two years, can definitely grow quickly, than you go to what precious metals companies when the so-called analysts fast where there is a point, a good company, absolutely will not treat their own The staff, welfare benefits will never be poor, the boss will never squeeze the staff, and in the private equity circle, will certainly be attentive to training you, teach you to read what books, with what people learn to do traders, Excel ability the most good point after finding a reliable job, to start learning trading strategies and fundamentals into the beginning, is certainly to let you first familiar with the work to be done, and then when the order clerk, the manager gave trading instructions The manager gives trading instructions, you place orders as required, during this period, you have to record how the manager are how to place orders, after a certain period of time, to see what is earned, which is lost, do not understand to ask others, you have to understand after a period of time why you earn, why you lose, earn is the basis difference, premium, ratio or spread, etc., because of which factors earned the money, combined with technical charts and a certain period of financial news, because you still Can not see the fundamental factors of financial news, it is recommended not to look at comprehensive financial sites, miscellaneous and incomplete now consulting too rich, you simply do not have so much time to look at too much content, so must be trade-offs, these sites are looking at the news, some research reports are also written well, at your own discretion, I can not be completely clear during the work, more communication with researchers, more questions, more look at the companys internal research reports and The company purchased research reports, such as metals I look at the EMT, Antec and Macquaries report the companys internal database, but also to go in to see how the data is collected and organized, how to deal with these data to draw conclusions, or that, more questions, as for the problems involved in doing people, I can not say, in the financial circle, will not do people also difficult to make a difference probably spend a couple of years, only to the The most important thing is to start changing your business card around, and remember to keep learning until you can talk to people more deeply. After that, change business cards will also be a lot more comfortable really into the futures circle, work this time is the focus, heart to experience it, a few years, you want no gain, did not really enter the industry, then you really do not fit here to change the industry, such as the service industry, the future is certainly getting better and better, such as China into the aging, you think about the industry related to the elderly, medical, pension, and even funeral industry, the future is bright Finally, I would like to send a message: those who do not cultivate the mind, it is difficult to achieve great things, the wise and brave have enemies, @Erwin.H, but stronger than the general market participants is certainly, can stabilize profits sometimes, I also want to share their own understanding of that point to sincerely learn to listen to people, holding in the heart is also unbearable, but unfortunately this kind of people are not good to find dry goods: introductory books recommended in order to let no Master with the early introduction of friends, I recommend a few books I think the most suitable for starting it, I hope to help you take some detours These books are also I read at least hundreds of speculative / investment-related books, feel the most useful to understand the speculation and trading note, if you want to do is value investment, these books are not for you 1, the tradeyourwaytofinancialfreedom", the Chinese name "the road to financial freedom", the name of the book is very vulgar, but the content is very in-depth, and a little bit of text is not right, I think called "the essence of the speculative game" will be better I recommend reading the English, the Chinese translation really let people speechless, a lot of terminology translation is difficult to understand this is a book to build Speculative logic" book, so you understand how to be the right way of thinking, and what issues need to be considered in the transaction 2, "Digital Believer", the book is not good to buy, but there is an electronic version, you can buy the printed version on Taobao about the story of blackjack gambling, gambling is actually a speculative trading "simplified version", many market speculation masters are playing gambling masters, look at this book, to understand a lot of truth can also be more clearly understood where the difficulties of financial market speculation 3, "strength, luck and success", this is a book written by a professor at Harvard University, about the success or failure of a matter of determining factors how to analyze and understand this After the content of this book, you will look at a more rational perspective or even multiple failure of speculative activities If you can not even make money and lose money for reasons that are not clear, it is difficult to improve in the next transaction 4, "turtle trading method" "the art of futures investment", these two books can be seen as the first book I recommend the "real case ", a foreign, a domestic they can help you understand what the first book says, but also to increase your confidence in the underlying logic of speculation many of these types of books, we usually see the so-called high score reading are this type of book, they are taught to fish, not fish although it seems more direct, but the growth of a trader is not as helpful as "Fish" greater 5, "Black Swan", there is nothing to add to the description, feel the need to understand, so listed to read it, so you will always have awe in your heart to understand the risk of perpetuity The reason for recommending these books, because their knowledge system are relatively complete, unlike other books that provide fragmented information, although Can not say it is wrong, but in the knowledge system is not perfect to read that kind of book, it is easy to be affected by a sentence or two, especially interviews, biography books, it is best to look at the end, it is considered to develop ideas @ bun warrior read a million books, not as good as walking a million miles walking a million miles, not as good as reading a million people reading a million people, not as good as famous teachers to lead the way famous teachers to lead the way, not as good as their own enlightenment @ chasing dreams I came to talk about my thoughts, exactly the lessons and tears first: guard, guard the principal, wait for the right time; second: empty, empty position, empty heart; third: profit and loss in time and space of non-equilibrium!     I used to always think about attacking, only later did I turn over and repent, the way of speculation is to keep, the whole "Sun Tzus Art of War" most of the pages are talking about defense, I actually did not see it! Second, to often empty positions, no matter win or lose after the empty position will also be a lot lighter mood empty heart is to maintain a flexible view of the market, to take the initiative to follow the market, rather than being kidnapped by their own obsessions, this is a good point terrible, think back on a nightmare general! The last point, the market fluctuations most of the time is a war of attrition, tug-of-war, you and I, do not match, only in so little time, there is a devastating one-sided, like a tug-of-war, boxing, chess tournament, "Sun Tzu Art of War" more graphic depiction of the "potential", no more talk about so most of the time should be Empty position, empty-hearted wait and see, or light position to participate, do not want to profit, the figure is to get the feeling of the market temperature! In that critical moment, there is a "potential", must be a heavy position to strike, victory or defeat in this strike! The first money is to find a way to make it lose money quickly in a month, the second money to make it lose money slowly and evenly in three months, the third money to make it your principal, find a way to keep it, so that it creates profit for you the first money is to let you find a way to lose money quickly, the second money is to let you Find the way to lose money slowly, when you know two ways to lose money, and resolutely do not use it, and then to find the third way to make money, newcomers first learn how not to lose money, and then learn how to make money, do not get it backwards, unfortunately all the young people are asking how to make money, few people ask how not to lose money a will be a great success, then you should stand against the public, only I think the most important thing about trading is only one: "patience", I myself am a finance professional, foreign exchange trader origin, the battle of the fortune is April 15, 13 1:300 short gold about More than 300 hands, before the basic loss of more than earn less, after the basic stable profit, financial plate to a certain stage is difficult to have a big breakthrough, so I myself turned to other investments, now start a business to sum up some of my own experience, for reference only, applicable to 90% of financial transactions (China because the financial system is not perfect, so A shares need more determinants) first of all, trading is a skilled worker, like oil seller, only hand familiar ear! Some people say that the financial market is a zero-sum game, not exactly right, to explain clearly need to involve the history of finance, national politics, economy, livelihood, etc., not in the scope of this discussion, the fact that most institutions are stable profits, relying on the mechanical according to the trading system to place orders, the maximum possible circumvention of human nature, so as a retail investor, the need to exercise: skilled in trading technology, with a mature trading system and philosophy, determined to implement and Implement the decision, train yourself to rely as little as possible on the brain, no emotions of skilled workers, and thats all! The following summary of a few common: 1, the best single should not exceed one tenth of the purchase and sale of capital 2, always set a stop loss, strict implementation, the most taboo fluke pull stop 3, each single must be a constant single amount, small single win big single loss, you can never win the market 4, never let the positions held by the disk to turn a profit for a loss, to ensure profitability 5, not to buck the market, not to mention "follow the trend and for "It should be: something to do, something not to do, the market is always tempting 6, there is doubt, that is, close the position and leave the market 7, never bet on the news data into the market, unless you are the first to know, in fact, may? 9, without proper justification, do not close the position disk, available forward stop loss method to retain most of the winnings 10, not because of impulse and open positions, not because of blindness and Stop loss, do not close positions at will, do not enter the market because of impulsiveness, and do not close positions because of shaky confidence 11, willing to lose and refuse to win, cut precautions 12, do more than wrong, the market to wait for the opportunity, the most taboo frequent trading 13, more or less comfortable, should not only do single-sided 14, not the bottom, nor high short, the price is never the highest, only higher, and never the lowest, only lower 15, absolutely prohibited in the case of losses Pyramid type mark-ups, the greater the leverage multiplier, the faster the burst 16, never hedge (lock single) Finally, my teacher said when I entered the business, always remember: plan your transactions every day, and then, trade your plans!