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Who is the Most Successful Forex Trader on YouTube?

If you re new to Forex trading, you might wonder, "who is the most successful Forex trader on YouTube?" The answer is actually a combination of several factors. One important factor is to pay attention to the videos of traders who have been successful. This may be a person like Teo or another trader. Nevertheless, it s important to be aware of the content of each video.

One of the most popular YouTube channels dedicated to forex trading is Chat with Traders, which has more than 80,000 subscribers. Traders and investors who use the channel provide educational content that is not found in any other channel. In addition, these channels feature interviews with market participants and regulators to discuss legal and regulatory issues. This is an excellent resource for those who are interested in learning more about the currency trading industry.

Another influential person in the Forex trading community is George Soros, who has a net worth of more than $7 billion. He started out trading cotton futures for the New York Cotton Exchange, but after falling asleep at his desk, he changed his career and started his own firm, Tudor Investment Corporation. Tudor Investment Corporation trades commodities, stocks, and other assets. A great example of this is the recent Brexit vote, which cost the trader a lot of money.

Another prominent forex trader on YouTube is Shay McLaughlin, known as the Humble Trader. He doesn t use flashy toys to promote his trading strategies. Instead, he focuses on delivering valuable educational videos to his subscribers. His videos cover topics from beginner courses to in-depth strategy reviews, as well as trading psychology. Subscribers find the content to be easier to follow.

If you want to learn more about trading on the forex market, you can check out the many successful traders on YouTube. Several of them are based in Singapore. Adam Khoo, a professional trader from Singapore, claims to be 82% accurate. He has written two books on the topic and has over 15 million views on his channel. In fact, he has more than half a million subscribers on YouTube!

Despite the fact that Forex trading isn t a beginner s game, learning from successful traders on You Tube is an essential step in your journey to success. You can pick up useful tips and tricks by following their trading videos. Just remember to keep an open mind when looking for a channel to watch. If you re a beginner, however, you ll be overwhelmed by the volume of information, so find a channel that you enjoy watching and learning from.

If you re not yet comfortable with live trading, you can also subscribe to Warrior Trading. The Warrior Trading channel has 58 million subscribers and has posted a series of videos on day trading strategies. It is a free YouTube channel that includes live content, and you can catch up on his morning trading show on his daily show. Another great option is The Humble Trader, a female trader who started trading in 2014.