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Foreign exchange interbank lending

What is cashback forex profit calculator forexcashbackprofitcalculator interbank cashbackforexpipcalculator Foreign exchange interbank lending refers to the temporary transfer of foreign exchange position balance between financial institutions lending behavior, including domestic cashbackforexprofitcalculator foreign exchange interbank lending domestic foreign exchange interbank lending for domestic Chinese financial institutions approved by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange can operate foreign exchange business foreign exchange interbank lending for foreign financial institutions, domestic and foreign financial institutions foreign exchange interbank lending internal Control requirements 1. borrowing objects (1) borrowing objects are foreign financial institutions Bank of China is the original foreign exchange designated bank, now Chinas foreign exchange business still accounts for a large proportion of the banks head office to foreign banks to remove incoming and outgoing foreign exchange cashback forex in large amounts and frequently, but also should be carried out between reputable agreement lines, its branches do not have the right to borrow; other commercial banks have their own borrowing objects regulations (2) borrowing objects are domestic Financial institutions do not exclude domestic financial institutions in solving the shortage of foreign exchange funds and temporary foreign exchange funds to other financial institutions, but in terms of lending institutions, should grasp the repayment capacity of the lending bank 2. lending foreign exchange funds sources to set aside the necessary provisions after the foreign exchange funds, not allowed to lend to lend to eat spread 3. lending foreign exchange funds can only be used to make up for the liquidation of foreign exchange bills and to solve the temporary turnover of foreign exchange funds 4. the interest rate of the borrowing should be controlled on the basis of the foreign financial market interest rate plus 1/8-1/4 points. 5. the term and amount of the borrowing of foreign exchange funds according to different management systems of financial institutions have their own term and amount of proportional regulations, in principle, the term should be short and the amount should be moderate. The head office clearing account use of funds should be settled within 3 working days, working capital period of no more than 3 months, can not be a loan of foreign exchange funds and lending funds mixed use 6. lending contract should have a legal agreement and contract