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Foreign exchange investment how to determine the reversal and rebound

   Rebound forexcashbackprofitcalculator reversal cashbackforexprofitcalculator a topic often debated in the currency cashback forex profit calculator, identify the differences between the two, for the study and judgment of the market to the important one, first of all, to see whether the bottom structure of the full market after a significant decline, the cashbackforexpipcalculator of long-term depressed exchange prices have fallen, the market has been numb to good and bad, in a number of bearish blow, several bottoming, but down momentum Obviously insufficient to create a new low, the bottom pattern is obvious, which is the primary condition of the reversal and the rebound is a technical backfill in the downtrend, the rebound of the bottom structure is not sufficient two, from the volume, whether the volume is sufficient if it is a reversal, the market in the completion of the bottom, upward breakthrough, the volume is exponentially enlarged, and continuous release of huge volume, the volume at this time should be close to or more than the last wave of the market The volume at the top, the larger the volume from the bottom upward breakthrough, the more sufficient the volume, the greater the possibility of reversal and rebound volume is small, even if the release of huge volume, but the huge volume can not be released continuously, can not maintain the volume, indicating that the long follow-up energy is insufficient three, from the leading plate, whether the market has the soul to do more reversal market, there must be able to be recognized by the market and can stimulate the popularity of the leading plate in the reversal The market has a large number of strong currency record highs, high-priced currency explosion, can play a demonstration effect, so that the overall price of the market center of gravity higher, the upside completely open, the hot spots continuous, and last longer rebound market, hot spots disorderly, and discontinuous, the lack of popular leading plate, the market belongs to the nature of the oversold rebound four, from the main speculation concept, whether In the reversal market, the market will form a new investment concept, there will be some new topics and concepts while the rebound market, the lack of new ideas and new thinking, the rebound market is just repeating the past some old topics and concepts five, from a technical point of view, the short, medium and long-term cashback forex are formed in the reversal market, the markets short-term averages rose strongly, medium-term averages followed by the long-term averages began to turn upward, the short and medium-term averages effectively crossed the long-term averages, forming a golden cross, the overall averaging system of the market constitute a multi-headed arrangement in the rebound market, the short and medium-term averages although turning upward, but the long-term averages still maintain a certain rate of downward running, and the short and medium-term averages can not effectively cross the long-term averages, the rebound market is generally blocked at the long-term averages, the volume shrinks, the stock index Six, from the fundamental point of view, whether there is support for a round of large bull market environment reversal market, the fundamentals will undergo fundamental changes, a variety of factors to support the currency market bull while the rally market, there is no fundamental change in the fundamentals, or even the fundamentals continue to deteriorate seven, from the source of funds, whether there is a large amount of new funds into the field mainly marked by: whether the new foreign exchange investors have entered the market reversal The line of investors continue to expand, a large number of over-the-counter funds into the field, the long side has a strong force to do backing while the rally market, not many new money into the market, the market mainly relies on the stock of funds to maintain