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Foreign exchange investment in the need to remember the 5 to and 5 do not

In recent years, due to the domestic stock cashback">forexcashbackprofitcalculator continues to fall, the United States dollar cashbackforexprofitcalculator other major international currency deposit interest rates continue to drop, cashbackforexpipcalculator currency deposit interest reduction, investors further attention to foreign cashback forex profit calculator investment, hoping to obtain higher returns through foreign exchange transactions but in practice, due to the special nature of foreign exchange investment, complexity, many investors due to the lack of preliminary preparation and common sense investment. Blindly into the market, not only did not achieve good investment results, some investors even incurred huge investment losses for the foreign exchange market such a professional market just rely on the boondoggle is difficult to achieve investment success, must be familiar with the laws of operation of the foreign exchange market, adhere to the basic principles of investment, professional preparation First, to be fully prepared, do not blindly into the market foreign exchange market refers to the operation of foreign currency and to Foreign currency denominated instruments and other marketable securities in the gold standard and fixed exchange rate system, foreign exchange rates are basically stable, and thus will not form foreign exchange hedging and speculation needs and may and in the case of floating exchange rates, the function of the foreign exchange market has been further developed, the existence of the foreign exchange market that hedgers provide a place to hedge foreign exchange risks, and speculators provide a risk, to obtain The main investors in the traditional foreign exchange market are banks, consortia and financial managers and other professionals With the development of the foreign exchange market, the market investment subjects continue to increase, the global foreign exchange transactions not only include banks, central banks, brokers and corporate organizations, there are also individual investors foreign exchange market also brings new opportunities for individual investment profits However, not after some theoretical and practical preparation, is However, without some theoretical and practical preparation, it is not possible to blindly enter the market of foreign excellent traders at least 7 years of training, equivalent to training a pilot due to the professionalism and complexity of the market, professional institutional investors often face market fluctuations also show bewilderment and helplessness Therefore, investors who wish to enter the foreign exchange market must be fully prepared, before deciding to join the foreign exchange market, to carefully consider and clear investment objectives, fully understand their own The level of experience and the ability to bear the risk, it is best to first do a period of simulation, through banks and other trading platforms, familiar with familiar with the rules of the transaction, such as no strong anti-risk ability, otherwise it is not advisable to blindly involved, do not invest outside the range of risk you can afford Second, to master the laws of foreign exchange investment, do not invest at will the fundamentals of foreign exchange is the original driving force that led to exchange rate fluctuations. Changes in the fundamentals of foreign exchange is the cause of volatility in the foreign exchange market and market price turmoil fundamental analysis of the foreign exchange market including political, economic, financial and other developments, so as to determine the supply and demand factors fundamental analysis to study the causes of market movement, fundamental analysis includes the study of macroeconomic indicators, asset markets and political factors macroeconomic indicators including economic growth rates and other figures, by domestic Political factors affect trust in a countrys government, the climate of social stability and confidence in the governments intervention in the currency market, which usually has a significant but temporary impact on the foreign exchange market. Unilaterally buy/sell the national currency or unite with other central banks for common market intervention with a view to achieving more significant results It is also possible for the government to influence currency value changes simply by issuing hints or threats of intervention Therefore, the factors behind price changes are very complex, so only by mastering the fundamentals of foreign exchange is it possible to grasp the basic laws of motion and trends in the foreign exchange market, which is Any trader must deeply understand the content, but also the key to success or failure of investment Third, to be flexible and master technical analysis, do not copy technical analysis is through the study of past market behavior to predict price changes and future market trends, it relies on price, volume and other data to judge the market technical analysis is an important method of observing price and volume data in the foreign exchange market, through Technical analysis is an important method of observing price and volume data in the Forex market, and determining the future movement of these data through technical analysis. Technical analysis includes hundreds of technical indicators and trading tools, and it is difficult for traders to use all the trading tools for trading. A technical indicator rigidly applied, the key is to develop a pattern of their own view of the market for foreign exchange investment just starting out friends, you can start with trend analysis, follow the trend is a more rational way to invest Fourth, to learn risk control, do not no risk management plan foreign exchange market is a very risky market, foreign exchange trading is the worlds largest and most unpredictable financial markets foreign exchange risk Mainly in the decision of foreign exchange prices are too many variables foreign exchange market risk, divided into general foreign exchange market risk and sudden foreign exchange market risk general foreign exchange market risk, refers to the open economic conditions, due to the daily fluctuations in the exchange rate and the loss of earnings sudden foreign exchange market risk, refers to a countrys currency in the international currency market devaluation, foreign investors and speculators scrambling to sell the countrys currency Once this possibility becomes a reality, it becomes what people often call a financial or currency crisis. Therefore, when investors enter the market, they need to do a good job of risk management plan, such as controlling the proportion of each transaction to open a position, each transaction should set a stop-loss price, and strictly enforced, risk control also includes setting a stop-win entry price, stop-loss price, target price, position as a whole to measure the risk, stop loss Once the price is confirmed do not adjust in the direction of expanding the potential loss, the loss must be strictly stop-loss stop-loss setting the basic method includes when doing more, stop-loss basic setting method is to set the stop loss below the key support; short, stop-loss basic setting method is to set the stop loss above the key resistance to ensure the safety of trading funds Fifth, to practice good Psychological quality, do not fear the market to become a foreign exchange investment winners, not only to have professional knowledge but also to practice good psychological quality, foreign exchange investment leverage trading is a mutual game of zero cooperation game, part of the profit is bound to another part of the loss as the cost of when you do all the investment preparation, should have confidence in their own foreign exchange trading, need to withstand high mental pressure, to maintain in the face of adverse news Calm, carefully analyze the reliability of the news psychological quality is not off in the foreign exchange market in the long-term survival of scientific investment must overcome greed and fear, overcome the impatience of investment, in the absence of any opportunity to learn to wait and patience