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Foreign exchange investment just rely on technical analysis can make money

Do many markets cashbackforexpipcalculator Europe cashback forex profit calculator the United States for many years, the past three years focused on Taiwan stock operations, only to know that Taiwan forexcashbackprofitcalculator the most difficult market in the world to do why? Taiwan even the general Ou Bashan can understand MACD, RSI … the use of Ou Bashan to solve the power of the plate is really cashback forex lost to foreign fund managers foreign investors in Taiwan are making money? Not quite! If the fundamentals of the wave to do the basis, foreign investors care about the part management and risk, the floor may be foreign investors kill out, the ceiling is also they buy up the concept of long-term investment they care about the world can not find so many teachers preaching on television, and never lost money if the short-term point cashbackforexprofitcalculator, foreign investors skills are obviously worse than retail investors a cut off the worlds most respectable retail investors in Taiwan, a little also Yes, technical analysts firmly believe that the market leaks the secrets of Pandora yes! Although very familiar with the practice of fundamentals, but technical analysis is my proudest field recall 85 years, I trained friends in the industry a series of technical analysis courses, to now, my technical analysis is still missing a piece of the truth based on the graph always goes to the right, my biggest flaw is the right side of the graph that piece now to be defined: the essence of technical analysis is to find the right side of that piece, and then verify, trade, turn it It becomes money, put it in your pocket, the graph into the passbook figures increase (the biggest focus) Technical analysis of many, many kinds, and sometimes make me very confused, in general, there are Europe and the United States commonly used technical analysis contains waves, indicators, patterns, odds, Xs, Dows, Gans, a lot of the theory of the … and rabbits invented the theory of the number of cycles ... And so on Japanese yin and yang line, Sakata warfare, Chinese Yijing Bagua Ziwei … various metaphysical mysteries and so on, the recent popularity of chaos theory, Fuzzy theory, class neural network, … and so on … these things are my head down, has not yet risen from the favorite I am in this area is considered very deep, only one problem remains unsolved, which The problem is that the graph keeps going to the right, the numbers keep jumping, I should buy or sell now ??????  Do not think I am telling jokes, because I am now very serious about the truth and philosophy of technical analysis can make money? The answer is: Yes! And absolutely can! But the average person can not earn money! Why? Because technical analysis does not know much? Wrong! Its because you know too much about technical analysis but you dont know enough about it! For example, when following some laws, and these laws are in conflict with each other, how to deal with?  Knowing ten types of technical analysis, do you feel like buying, choose three of them to verify and support your opinion? Or should I wait until all ten are met before entering the market? But this is all in line with the guarantee to buy at the highest point, sell at the lowest point technical analysis cares about the logic and the structure of which, although history may repeat itself, but never very similar, there should be a central spindle idea for example: the average and MACD, or RSI and KD together, that is wrong, because their connotation is the same understanding of the real connotation is the most important spindle value What is called & lsquo; understand & rsquo lsquo;understand’? Own words do not count, can rendezvous with others, or write a book to people to understand, for example, like the brother of A-Min can practice sword moves to such an extent, divided into different categories, huge details, I think he has succeeded, because when the market moves he already knows how to respond to the example, 1 big red line in the low gear, in the high-grade meaning is not the same, the trajectory of the red line is not the same, there is also a world of difference So technical analysis is If you understand and specialize in a logic of thinking, discipline and efficient implementation, then youll be rich! Why do we need to mention understanding? Because our technical analysis is often only in the interpretation of the left side of the graph and ignore the focus on the right side of the good things I expect is not to have too many exceptions if I understand that I can certainly explain to the computer to know, so that the computer to do detection and risk control, do not think that this is a simple problem For example: if you can clearly quantify to tell me what is called consolidation and what is called the trend that I will sincerely kowtow 3 heads to worship you as a teacher We often do not even We often cant even define the basics, can we?  In the past few years, Ive been addicted to program trading, and Ive been exploring some financial engineering issues, although Ive got the mouse hand, Im still enjoying it. The concept of technical analysis has changed in the past we have too many logical fallacies of the next said, I hope to give you a little bit of alternative thinking and general common mistakes macro and micro differences: the same thing in the weekly daily and time trend usage is not the same to give the simplest example of the average in the cycle length of the concept is not the same many things are not to look at the chart to tell the story which one is good but depends on what you want What kind of trading to achieve what kind of results so choose a different technical analysis portfolio The problem of time discontinuity trading less than five hours a day in technical analysis causes discontinuity in the impact of how to overcome this huge butterfly effect on the short term in discontinuous markets should have more filtering models to control risk (market ready or not) The problem of the characteristics of the underlying is not a technical analysis are applicable to different For example, Taiwan stocks and the Nikkei is a shallow market and S&P is very different from the yen and the euro is also the same as stocks have their own stock nature in general, overall there are common parts such as volume and price relationship… but indicators or trading patterns are different For example, in the long term, individual stock prices are down mode (ex-rights and industrial life cycle), the broader market is up mode (overall asset The use of wave theory seems to have a prerequisite different stock volume relationship but not in the futures more explicitly said to OI open interest in S&P but not in Taiwan stocks which have many differences in human linear thinking too much If-Then model, for example: if the breakthrough here will be here, if there is support here will rebound up to see here, basically to Operation of the practical side, this approach is right after all, on behalf of how to deal with the discipline, while walking and looking at the trading model but if you can a little more auxiliary tools and more macro concept will be enhanced For example, often see many friends in the trend chart painted a dense line, then you can know that he is the market to send money to the angel should respect him a little more, If-Then idea is right, more back to the circle of If-Then -Then there is a problem should re-examine is own technical analysis of the logical and sequential, so as not to get lost in the If-Then back to the circle … wow !!!! Oh my god !!!! Already more than two hours of nonsense… in fact, there are many more la… but write this just to let you understand as long as you are familiar with their own trading style to choose the right technical analysis for themselves, trading for their own and familiar with the market and stocks, to establish their own trading logic, pay attention to their own risk and constantly innovative technology and thinking, that the market will hold money waiting for you like my nearly 40-year-old The schoolmaster said: no matter what time, there are 25-year-old beauty on the corner may be waiting for him the same … when and where are full of opportunities