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Foreign exchange investment story

cashbackforexpipcalculator. cashbackforexprofitcalculator before the sea forexcashbackprofitcalculator a civil servant, the policy has a unique cashback forex profit calculatorsight and sensitivity eight years ago resigned from public service, began to engage in international trade, after some struggle to accumulate a lot of assets, including a considerable amount of foreign cashback forex deposits home has a car and a house, the only daughter is still in junior high school, the days are quite substantial after several years of hard work in the business world, Mr. Hong hopes to find Relatively easy to make money channels in early 2003, in a bank and a foreign exchange department to do friends in casual conversation to learn that the foreign exchange market is now one of the largest international investment market, foreign exchange investment in the country is becoming more and more popular, has been second only to the stock investment an important way of investment Mr. Hong for the light, yes, speculation in foreign exchange is a good investment choice, anyway, a certain amount of foreign exchange deposits on hand The foreign exchange is actually quite good, he is confident that according to their rich business experience and insight, speculation in foreign exchange should not be a difficult thing Mr. Hong then first opened a foreign exchange account in the bank, and opened the online banking transaction system, after depositing a certain amount of foreign exchange, you can speculate on foreign exchange, but how to judge the trend of the foreign exchange market? So Mr. Hong to the bank to do friends for advice, friends told him two basic investment strategy, if there is no time to operate, then look for a currency for medium-term investment, buy at low prices and sell at high prices; if there is time to carry out short-term speculation, high throw low absorption swing operation The second half of 2003, Mr. Hong and some business needs to stay abroad for a long time, so accept the A friends advice to buy a currency to do a medium-term investment, he analyzed the major currencies, he felt that the value of the euro is undervalued from the fundamental point of view, the U.S. economy after 9/11 had some difficulties, the fiscal deficit is serious, and a high trade deficit to the dollar heavy pressure, coupled with the eurozone countries hope that the euro appreciation, the relevant officials are calling for the euro needs to return to a reasonable value; international speculator Soros Said the dollar has the need to devalue, in this combination of factors, the possibility of a decline in the dollar is very large but Mr. Hong decisive in the 1.0510 near the two sold about 50,000 U.S. dollars and buy the euro, to the beginning of January 2004, the euro has risen to 1.2517 near all hands, a total, a years yield is close to 20%, almost all earn 10,000 U.S. dollars Mr. Hong initial Tasted the sweetness of speculation in foreign exchange, listen to friends say, as long as you do a good job, swing operation earn more, a better operation of the customer a year close to 40% of the earnings and this year the dollar may want to end the unilateral downward trend, Mr. Hong heard, decided to try to short term operation short term operation need to timely understanding of foreign exchange information, so Mr. Hong bought a laptop to see the foreign exchange market, and go to the telecommunications Department opened a wireless Internet account, so you can see the foreign exchange market and foreign exchange-related information at any time, anywhere, after a professional armed, Mr. Hong began to capture the opportunity to enter the buy Mr. Hong or focus on the euro, into 2004, the euro after nearly two years of unilateral rise, in January 2004, there was a high level of oscillation upward market, the market is concerned about the early February Will be held in the United States G7 (the worlds seven major industrial countries: the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Canada) meeting will not support the dollars downward trend before the meeting, the market is expected because the dollar continued to fall making the eurozone economy was affected, so the eurozone countries may require the G7 to jointly publish intervention in the dollars decline, so in January the euro from the high of 1.2897 once back down to 1.2332 near the level but close to the February 6 G7 meeting, the market is increasingly expected to news that the U.S. take into account the benefits of the dollars decline to the economy, coupled with the Bush administration in order to the need for the election will not easily let the dollar depreciate, so the euro rebounded, the G7 meeting results were announced, it is true that the G7 countries only reached a verbal declaration of intervention in the decline of the dollar, and no clear The binding, the result of the dollars decline continued, the euro rebounded sharply Mr. Hong originally wanted to chase into the euro, but thought the news has been announced, now the euros rise has come to an end, wait for the next news announcement Mr. Hong learned from the relevant information, February 11 Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan will testify in Congress on economic expectations and the outlook for monetary policy, the market will be from the remarks of the old man The market will look for signs of whether the U.S. may raise interest rates in the coming period, so Mr. Hong at 12:00 p.m. before Greenspans speech to prepare, as long as Greenspans speech continues to maintain the dollars falling rhetoric, he will buy the dollar U.S. economy is still accelerating growth, and there is no deflationary pressure, the FED can remain patient with tight monetary policy, U.S. employment is also starting to grow, the dollar fell in favor of cutting the U.S. current account The deficit in the word in the old Gerao published the above unfavorable speech of the dollar, Mr. Hong decisively into the field at 1.2660 to buy the euro, the euro in the old Geraos speech after a road up, the highest that day to see 1.2849 after the lack of further upward momentum, so Mr. Hong decisively in 1.2820 near profit taking, made a beautiful short, earned 160 points (in the foreign exchange trading 10 U.S. dollars / point, 160 points X 10 U.S. dollars = 1600 points). 160 points X 10 U.S. dollars = 1600 U.S. dollars, 1600 U.S. dollars X 8 = 12,800 yuan)