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Foreign exchange investors must master the knowledge

Speak cashbackforexpipcalculatorg of foreign exchange investment, you can forexcashbackprofitcalculator say to the stock market, the difference between the two cashback forex profit calculator not much so now many domestic foreign exchange traders are from doing stocks out but cashbackforexprofitcalculator think foreign exchange is slightly higher than the risk of stocks, but the return is much greater than the stock of an investment Please note: the premise of the previous establishment is to do as a foreign exchange investor must develop a good trading habits Remember to see before I think there is an advertisement about foreign exchange, said that only 20% of the foreign exchange market investors are winning, in fact, I think there cashback forex not be so many, occasionally win is every foreign exchange investors will experience, but the real winner in the end definitely will not exceed 10% I think there are two kinds of people engaged in foreign exchange investment class, one is with a speculative mentality, this type of person is always the vast majority, and a constant stream, they risked The other is with the mindset of investment, always the primary consideration is risk control, the pursuit of long-term stable returns, rather than one or two transactions to get rich with the first kind of people, they are silent, step by step to make money My point is: risk is The most popular is the foreign exchange margin investment, which means that investors buy and sell foreign exchange through brokerage firms in the form of contracts, this way generally with no more than 5% of the investment amount can buy the entire contract, and the amount of winnings and losses is exactly the same This way does not need to take up too much money, the minimum only The advantages are obvious, but the risk is always equal to the benefit, if the method of investment is not appropriate, the end will also be very tragic. There are many brokerage firms, more well-known in the United States, Europe and other regions also have a part of the choice when the candle flame teacher believes that the main consideration of the following points: a, the security of funds in other words, the reputation of the trader and In other words, the reputation of the trader and whether our own deposits are safe and secure, you can check some information in this regard?  Second, the platforms performance here refers to the platforms trading speed, the stability of the login and the back office some platforms in the big data when simply can not log in, or deal when the speed is slow, often slippage phenomenon some platforms in the background hedging, (hedging: trading orders do not enter the banks investment theory or the foreign exchange market financial trading institutions, but in the margin company pan room trading orders on their own) The risk will be transferred to the trader, and even often use software for manual intervention control Third, the quality of service this is not the point, although some platforms have very good customer service, but if the platform does not first consider for the customer, as well as not worth using In short, choose your platform carefully and not have a good trading strategy to ensure profitability, only really good platform to help you make money procedures strict platform will make you The actual fact is that you can find out how to make money in Forex. I believe that many people feel that they should buy more books and information about this, while trying to study and practice, hoping that everything is under their control But many successful brokers in the world have similarly said: they never just invest for their customers, and will not invest at the same time themselves I read such words a long time ago, but unfortunately it is in the loss of more than 2 years of money to understand the real meaning of this sentence when you When you operate your own, care is chaos, often in front of the trend indecisive, either missed the opportunity to enter the market, or dip profit on the go, or the closing of the position when the wrong hold, the results of the winnings into losses believe that many friends who have had experience in foreign exchange also have the same experience with me lead to this situation I think there are three reasons: one, too based on those information and information, the market is sometimes artificial by Fund and large customers to intervene, so sometimes deviate from the technical side Two, professional foreign exchange analysts through all have more than 8-10 years of experience, after systematic learning and years of practice, has really combined technical and fundamental, and with 3-5 years is obviously not enough Three, the money is their own, so many times earn a little want to close the position to close profit, loss instead want to take, hoping to In fact, foreign exchange investment is the same as stock investment, does not need to train themselves as a professional, only the right way, as you can earn money the following list of some of the more practical ways to invest in foreign exchange: a. If you have a large amount of money, $ 200,000 or more, you can consider handing over to some reliable credit investment companies or banks I know A few friends I know are using this approach, relatively low risk, the return is also relatively stable somewhat similar to the futures system, interested friends can look up information on this area need to note is that must not consider those who do hedging investment companies or brokerage, believe that their results will certainly end up in the blood because only you lose money, their profits are guaranteed Second, the purchase of trading signals The advantage of this approach is that you only need to pay a little money every month can bring very high returns disadvantages are also obvious, looking for a strong website is the most critical, they really help you make money, the other will only hurt you lose money after many miserable pass lessons, I summed up some experience, I believe that when mastering these skills, will not be trapped 1, try to find those who have completed each signal on the website to announce the results These sites are more credible, because if the results do not match the signal, it will immediately be demolished 2, some sites are updated once a month, only gives the number of points won last month, but does not provide a summary of the results of each signal, this type of site should never be considered 3, some sites have exaggerated records, no losses I have to say is that their results are generally true, but if you use their signal I will ensure that you lose all your money, because they are providing no stop-loss signals, in other words, a signal issued after a year, two years, and so on will always win one day, but for your account, it is a long pain and loss or even a crash 4, price to judge if only $ 100 a month, but can help you earn an average of four or five hundred points of the site is generally not worth trusting you Each time only 0.1 hands can earn 4, 500 U.S. dollars, they only charge you 100 U.S. dollars, such dedication is very unrealistic 5, check the build time this method is for reference only, because some sites are paid annually for the domain name, in addition to the results of different query systems may sometimes be different but also a skill that can be used 6, customer service such sites are generally no online customer service I do not feel very formal My view on the software / mechanical signal system I have also tried some software / mechanical signal system, but not much I found that they have a common disadvantage is that there is no stop loss slightly some experience to know that there is no stop loss, if it becomes a one-sided city, then even the opportunity to turn the capital is not so I think this I still think a really competent and professional analyst is better than the mechanical trading method. 0.0015, -0.23%) constantly bullish, creating new highs one after another, but a lot of software according to the beginning of the calendar indicator analysis are showing sell signals, which means that according to these signals will lose 200-300 points, or even more, no doubt this is fatal for foreign exchange margin of course I do not deny that there may be a better investment theory, just I have not encountered it but I think the ideal software / Mechanical system should have at least two principles: First, stability, not within 30 points or signal completion before the simultaneous buy/sell signal (otherwise it is hedging) Second, there is a reasonable stop loss range (more than 100 stop loss simply does not make sense, even if it is a long line) Be wary of the foreign exchange investment market scams: 1, some very unethical domestic foreign exchange experts, the mouth to say that they are more professional than Soros More professional, with the intention of teaching people to fish to guide people to do foreign exchange such as the very famous Wolf (JamesGe Ge Yuchun) this gentleman should be the most famous paragraph is often advertised around a large bank in Hong Kong had the intention of 200,000 U.S. dollars per month to invite its first foreign exchange analyst, he himself disdained such a low salary unfortunately this gentleman on the blog to promote the provision of foreign exchange trading strategy, not to make money Full refund, and free lectures, guidance foreign exchange investment, each month only RMB (6.3946, 0.007, 0.11%) 2,000 large yuan six months ago I was unfortunately trapped, after paying the money will often disappear, occasionally will be out of nowhere to give you some do not know where to get the exchange rate commentary, fierce let you operate according to his according to the exchange rate commentary in my loss of money after asking this to Mr. refund, he clearly Tell me, the money is not going to give you back, and then pay 2 months of money I give you a lecture, let you appreciate my profound foreign exchange investment ideas hey, really speechless! The most heyday of the Soros stream monthly return of no more than 30%, and 400% return per month myth became a reality, I think it is better to respect and stay away from the good 3, demo account to confirm the excellent results of many QQ groups or traders will now provide to a demo account trading results to interested parties to query see these records I was really confused at first, there are indeed very considerable profit returns. It turns out that China also has Jahn Soros, later in a professional trader revealed insider to understand the mystery, they are usually open two demo accounts to do hedging, the demo account with good results to provide customers, the poor one will be thrown away after a sudden realization can not help but cold sweat ripples, think about their own almost trapped, not only secretly fluke Chinese creativity really let people admire, such a subtle scam Im afraid Only a genius can think of 4, interest protection contract we first look at a contract like this: capital preservation speculation margin foreign exchange agreement (sign this agreement does not return commission) Party A entrusted Party B to open an account for its agent in the foreign exchange dealer, the two sides agreed to operate in accordance with the following rules capital preservation 1, Party A in Party Bs partner company to open an account. Party Bs funds directly to the margin foreign exchange company, security issues do not doubt 2, after opening an account, only by Party B call orders to do transactions, monthly Party A can count transactions, and query the balance of funds and interests at any time 3, to do any investment is risky, if a full month of losses, and the loss amount exceeds 20% of the funds after the settlement or the starting capital, Party B will make up for the excess at the end of next month The loss will be credited to our investment account at the end of the following month. In addition to the loss caused by Party As operation, Party A will not be responsible for any loss of Party Bs funds caused by other reasons. 4. In case of emergency, Party A can stop the commission operation in advance. 5. History of the monthly account profit, 10%-30%, profit 50-50 6, Party B hopes that Party A can fully trust Party B, for investment in the capital fluctuations should be regarded as normal, but also according to their own can bear the risk of the situation, to give Party B in the number of positions to give advice After you have seen it is not very secure, perhaps experienced people can see from the contract some fishy do any investment are There are risks, if a loss occurs in a whole month, and the amount of loss exceeds 20% of the funds after the settlement or the starting capital, Party B will make up for the excess loss to Party As investment account at the end of the next month. In other words, as long as the loss of your account reaches 20%, he can stop the operation without giving you a dime, if accidentally exceeded, the loss reached 22%, he only needs to compensate for the excess 2% So be careful of such seemingly very secure scams 1, dark box hedging I have seen the most famous report is about the CMS platform, a Beijing trader joint other trader to do Hedging hedge is to EUR/USD (1.058, -0.0016, -0.15%) as an example, A with B two people agreed in advance, A sold 10 lots of euros, B bought 10 lots of euros regardless of the results, there will definitely be a person is making money in the end, the winnings of the two equal shares of the last pit only customers 2, account back commission if you use the margin platform, no matter win or loss, as long as you place an order, you will be paid a commission on a certain amount, which is not very attractive? Now many domestic platforms IB are playing under such a banner to compete unfortunately the wool is finally out of the sheep body is said that when you choose to do so later, your platform will be very unfortunate in the background by the software to keep an eye on the lighter slip (even if a slip of only 1 point, you also lost a lot), the heavy does not give a good transaction price Summary: account must be firmly in their own hands, do not easily hand over to others in the process of foreign exchange investment Personally, I think some of the very bad habits: 1, after the single to go around to see the market commentary is always two voices, if there is only one voice, there will be no one to make money someone to lose money I just started to get used to this way, but I found that seeing the same with my single commentary, feel refreshed, the future is sure to make a lot of money, see the direction is not the same commentary on the nervousness, thinking about leaving the field quickly to make their spirit very nervous I think it takes a lot of courage to lock a position after a loss, people have the psychology of not admitting defeat, especially in relation to admitting defeat will lose a lot of money in addition, some platforms are now misleading customers, such as locking a single after the counter-return margin, to provide hedging features on the bad effects of locking a position on many websites have information, I do not need to summarize, my experience is that after locking a position When to unlock, when to lock the choice is really very painful, if it becomes a one-sided city, it is not only pain, but heartache and great loss 3, big data when scalping first of all I say, big data city when scalping is theoretically the lowest risk of foreign exchange investment techniques provided that the platform can give you the current price level deal unfortunately this is almost impossible some times big data city even banks are suspended trading, almost all platforms in the big data market will refuse to trade, so unfortunately, when you place a single will find that the price you get is a price to be more than bad, either stop loss out, or tired of running this time many people are cursing the platform has a mine, but I personally think that the other way around if I am a broker, will also do the same because I give you the price after the The bank is sure not to give me the same price, will not I have to pay for you out of my own pocket? So the risk of scalping in the big data city, I think it is the highest, need luck in the following is my summary of some operating methods, shared out, I hope to give you some help (these are written to my own, placed in front of the computer where I can see when I sit down): trading habits: 1, each time you enter or exit the platform to check whether there is a pending order not in effect, whether it has been all set stop loss 2, that is, there is a high success rate of trading signals, you should firmly believe and insist on following each do not let their own subjective judgment affect you, it turns out that your own judgment in more often than not will only bother you; 3, strict stop loss, stop loss is never the wrong approach; (to every friend doing foreign exchange investment a strong recommendation: strict stop loss! Do not lock your position at a time of loss!)  4, do not pursue idealization, never hope to enter the market and close positions at the best price; 5, never sit in front of the computer too much time, according to the signal set up a good stop-win stop-loss go out and do something else, free yourself to memorize words; 6, control the psychology of fear of losing, the more afraid of losing; control greed, greed will make you make the wrong decision; 7, strict control of the proportion of positions, be wary of foreign exchange investment Risk 8, data market when absolutely do not scalp Foreign exchange margin investment in strict control of the premise of risk, is well worth trying, the income is also quite substantial but any investment is risky, whether you want to try or already engaged in this investment friends, should bear in mind the phrase: never put in the investment market you can not afford to lose money text / candle fire on gold