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Foreign exchange investors some real experience and voice

Mr. Lin 32 years old  Marketer "My job cashback forex to constantly develop the cashbackforexpipcalculator, the need for breakthroughs forexcashbackprofitcalculator challenges, so cashback forex profit calculator prefer to take risks after contacting the foreign exchange market, the kind of thunderous market trends, as well as self-responsible operation, very suitable for my character I opened a 5,000 U.S. dollar account a year ago  Marketer Opened a $5000 account, the middle experienced numerous losses and profits cashbackforexprofitcalculator year down my capital and open an account is still about the same but I do not feel in my heart that I have done a year of useless work I have gained a lot of happiness, but also gain a lot of experience, the most important experience is that whether or not to set a stop loss, the heart must have a stop-loss concept Mr. Wang 38-year-old financial practitioner "I have done many kinds of trading, from the stock market, to futures, to options, also more familiar with bonds, funds, trusts and other financial products I delved into the financial markets and experienced some fun to later foreign exchange market because of its low threshold and fun attracted me at first I used a demo account to trade, found that its trading rules and futures are very similar, still long and short market But between overnight except for the weekend there is no jump window like the futures market, there is no contract expiration date as long as the market goes in the direction of the trend, I can always hold this feeling of freedom is great now I have achieved a certain amount of profit, later the stock market continues to downturn, I will consider withdrawing part of the investment funds to here," Ms. Li 26-year-old assistant manager "My job is very tedious, every day to deal with the leadership to deal with customers there is a period of time I am extremely tired of this life, contact foreign exchange knowledge because I found more and more friends around the passion for this market, I think maybe this thing can help me transfer the pressure of work I do not know when to start, I no longer after dinner to drink or play mahjong, began to invest a small amount of money, and pay attention to Now I have also learned to improve my judgment by reviewing the market and historical calculations to improve the correct rate when I use the Fibonacci deep retracement line to enter the trend, only do 2-3 currencies, very effective losses have become a thing of the past, I think I can do better maybe one day I can do this free thing full-time while traveling, many people have this dream Mr. Wang 43 years old  deputy factory manager "Our factory itself is to do the processing of precious metals, so it can be said to be at the forefront of the gold market, the change in the price of materials is also more obvious many of my friends are doing gold trading then I came into contact with this foreign exchange and gold can be traded at the same time the platform I was in The foreign exchange market is losing money, but I have now taken this as a form of entertainment, a way of entertainment and their own minds, and their own competition this is very interesting! Every night drinking tea and looking at special books I believe that with their own research and experience, as well as our grasp of the frontier market, slowly overcome this market challenge a thing that has not been done before, but also with a certain sense of mystery, very interesting" The above are a few customers and our communication to say some words, we are a little organized to join this market, just like doing business There is a lot of pain and suffering to tell, and a lot of joy and pride others can not experience entrepreneurs, to have an entrepreneurial mind and foreign exchange market surfers, should be a deep pursuit of freedom, which is a vast and boundless mental game, but also the concentration of the real social life! Author: Gong Yangfeng