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Foreign exchange knowledge and trading skills (mindset)

To be stable forexcashbackprofitcalculator profitable in the cashbackforexprofitcalculator cashbackforexpipcalculator market, the basic foreign exchange knowledge and trading skills are indispensable, and aside from the various technical aspects of the skills, the mindset is also very important After all, foreign exchange trading is also a return and risk of investment, it will have a variety of unexpected fluctuations, it is inevitable that investors are cashback forex profit calculator calm So, what kind of mindset foreign exchange traders should use to speculate 1, put the long term, fishing for big fish everyone wants to make money in investment, so it is difficult not to rush, see the fall on the throw, see the rise on the chase, but once the market reversal, and investors are too late to react, will lead to heavy losses, as investors, in foreign exchange trading eyes should be put in the long term, do not dwell on the short term profit and loss, eager to admit losses out of the field or take profits to close 2, good at Summarize the experience, lessons learned many foreign exchange investors after the loss, out of face or blind confidence in their own, will find a variety of excuses, or attributed to the market, to cover up their investment decisions mistakes, so that the next time will repeat the same mistake seriously, investment losses are normal, but investors should learn to sum up the experience from the losses, lessons learned any blowout will not be purely accidental investment losses The reason should be to find out the cause, the right remedy, not to cover up the error blowout let people pay tuition fees can let people learn from the pain, think about how to avoid similar mistakes next time, and not to fall twice in the same place 3, not to gain happy, not to lose sad foreign exchange market, investors often because of a short period of continuous profit and drifting forgetful, over-optimistic blindness, the results of the money won will eventually lose back. Will also be because just bought a currency exchange rate fell and panic, hasty dumping if there is not a spoiled enough calm heart, it is difficult to become a master of the foreign exchange market investors must remember that the transaction to do not to gain joy, not to lose grief profit do not rejoice too much, stay alert; loss to lose, waiting for the flop