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Foreign exchange leasing

What cashbackforexpipcalculator cashbackforexprofitcalculator cashback forex forexcashbackprofitcalculator Foreign exchange leasing refers to the ownership of a foreign exchange-denominated objects to the use of objects in accordance with a certain period of time to the person who needs to use the object, cashback forex profit calculator according to the agreement reached between the two sides to receive a certain economic remuneration activities foreign exchange leasing can be divided into different nature of operating leases, financial leases and service leases foreign exchange leasing operating procedures The following is mainly financial leasing, a brief (1) The lessee submits an application to the financial leasing company according to its production needs, indicating the intention to lease the object; (2) The leasing company studies, examines and contacts the intention proposed by the lessee; (3) According to the relevant legal provisions and negotiated conditions, the lease contract is signed; (4) The leasing company alone or together with the lessee signs a contract with the supplier to purchase the equipment (5) after the supplier supplies, the leasing company pays for the goods according to the contract; (6) the lessee pays rent to the lessor regularly according to the provisions of the lease contract; (7) at the end of the lease period, the leased equipment is taken back by the leasing company or sold to the lessee at a discounted price The emergence and development of foreign exchange leasing 1. After the Second World War, the international financial situation has undergone great changes, so that the medium and long-term financing forms and means of financing constantly updated, and presents a series of new features, the combination of financing and financing is one of the characteristics of financial institutions to finance the way to replace the direct financing, not only is conducive to financial institutions to grasp the direction of its funds, increase security, but also can reflect the diversification of its financial business 2. foreign exchange Leasing is the result of the development of international trade led to the diversification of trade methods after the 1960s, the strengthening of internationalization and specialization of production, prompting the rapid development of international trade, international competition intensified on the one hand, the introduction of equipment in the form of leasing can bypass the obstacles set up by trade protectionism, on the other hand, the price of new technology and new equipment is expensive, the buyer sometimes can not afford; even some large enterprises with strong capital, when want to Even some large enterprises with strong capital, when they want to buy these specialized equipment, in order to reduce their own capital expenditure, they also hope to get financial financing from the manufacturer, so as to effectively use their working capital and the manufacturer in order to compete for the sales market, to open the equipment sales, enterprises in Western countries continue to innovate trade methods, the emergence and development of international financial leasing, which is a new form of trade and financing to solve the above contradictions 3. foreign exchange Leasing is a product of the conflict between capital and technology using the leasing method can make the same foreign exchange funds to produce several times the financing effect because the introduction of leasing is the first to obtain the equipment technology, and then use the income after the commissioning of the installment payment of rent, so that the lessee will not generally fall into a huge amount of debt, reducing the use of foreign debt risk at the same time, due to the certainty of the lease contract, reducing the lessor transfer Foreign exchange leasing is the result of the rapid development of enterprises in the process of technological revolution constantly seeking new ways of financing and investment after the sixties, the rapid development of science and technology. On the one hand, this promotes the improvement of social productivity, on the other hand, the technology update cycle is shortened, the invisible loss of machinery and equipment to speed up, enterprises to avoid self-investment in the purchase of equipment with sophisticated technology and may suffer from the invisible loss, and more use of the lease form