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Foreign exchange short term manipulation skills

f cashbackforexpipcalculatoreign exchange itself 24 hours non-stop trading, the worlds huge number of transactions, so that its daily fluctuations are frequent cashbackforexprofitcalculator volatility is not small, the accumulation, chasing forexcashbackprofitcalculator term intra-day trading profits become some foreign exchange investors success rule foreign exchange margin leverage effect, so that every few hours or even a few minutes on the 20-100 point fluctuation spread profits are magnified very considerable some people put a few hours, a few minutes to buy and sell defined as ultra-short. A few hours, a few minutes to buy and sell the definition of ultra-short, here we call the short term to cashback forex profit calculator short term what are the benefits of 1, after the end of each days trading, you do not have a position, you can go all relaxed, do not have to worry about tomorrows trend and risk, but also do not have to do so many guessing type prediction tomorrow and no certainty, complicated after-hours analysis 2, each short term losses are very small, the loss of micro-segmentation, so that you 3, the accumulation of small profits, the accumulation of small into large, the same can make you achieve extraordinary results someone with this method, only one year, from 100,000 yuan to 6 million yuan, the annual profit rate of 6000%! Some people do short term to maintain a continuous 60 trading days profit and 17 consecutive months of profit and people tens of thousands of dollars only use to do a handful of funds (about 2 - 3,000 yuan) to do short term, every day can speculate 5% - 10% profit this method is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized funds to wrestle with Italy, and the risk is smaller 4, after learning to do short term, available to do short term method, the magnification of the application to the daily K- cashback forex chart, weekly K-line chart On, you will be able to better grasp the opportunity to do medium and long term access to the market, reducing many of the wrong operation which is extremely valuable to us! Why short term can do success? The price of foreign exchange in operation, it will always have a certain inertia, and we are to take full advantage of this extremely short inertia to obtain profits, for example, in the upward trend, 1 or 3 minutes on the K-line chart, the previous K-line is negative, when the next K-line shift to positive, then there is a buy with, we will enter the market to do more because we can foresee that the next K-line may also be inertia out of the second root, or even the third positive, in short, as long as the inertia can rush out higher, we can have the space to close the position for profit by the role of inertia after closing the position for profit, we do short term of this deal has been done, so we do not have to care about the 4th, 5th K-line and the subsequent trend will come out of what kind of thing, that is the next transaction how to do short term, do not have any subjective, artificial sense of direction before the single The artificial sense of direction of each entry, we must set a good stop-loss point or stop-loss conditions beforehand when entering and leaving the market do not count the profit and loss or price of high and low to do short term, only choose the largest volume in recent days, the position is increasing, in the upward trend in the leading up or in the downward trend in the most popular species do not have a large volume of species are not to see, not to do 1, do short term only look at the instant chart, 1 or 3 minutes chart, buyers and sellers hanging price, the Volume and eat single situation (do not look at any other technical indicators, do not count the price level) 2, the average parameters of the instant chart; 1 or 3 minutes chart of the average parameters of 5 or 55, 113, volume line for 5, 34. In addition, according to different varieties of appropriate adjustments 3, look at the instant chart, grasp the day then the immediate trend: when the average price line (yellow) upward sloping, the price line (white) in the average price above the line, and a wave than a wave higher, said the current is up, we will do more than the main (only when the price line away from the average price line too much, can consider doing short, or in the upward trend to give up the opportunity to do short) when the average price line downward sloping, the price line below the average price line, and a wave than a wave lower, said the current is down, we will do short mainly (only when the price line away from the average price line too much, can Consider doing more than short, or give up the opportunity to do more when the average price line for the horizontal direction, the price line in the average price line back and forth across, said the current is a consolidation or oscillation trend, do not enter the market, or do both long and short when you see the price line through the average price line, do more (or flat short to do more); down through the average price line, do short (or flat more to do short) through a moment, it is best to have 1 or 3 minutes chart, eat single situation and volume of With the best specific access to the market point, look at 1 or 3 minutes chart and look at the eating single situation: when the instant chart for the upward trend, to patiently wait for 1 or 3 minutes chart on a negative K-line, turn for the next one just become a positive K-line or negative turned positive at the same time, 3 average line turn upward, decisively enter the market to do more this time the seller hanging single is constantly active buy single eat, even if there is a downward sell orders, is not large or can not last when the instant chart For the downward trend, (down to do short, and do the opposite, not much here) to close more, if you enter the market in the first 3 minutes of negative K turn positive K, a deal more single, immediately ready to close the single, close the position timing is: as long as it is advantageous to close, or Yang K line rise a smaller than a small, or long upper shadow, or already have more than two consecutive 3 minutes of positive K line, or above the pending orders to sell suddenly increased, or a large sell One-way down to eat a single, and buy single decreasing, or 3 minutes K-line just have the first positive overcast, or positive overcast and 3 average line turn down this should be decisive flat more flat short (and flat more just the opposite) when the instant chart for oscillating potential, 3 minutes chart as long as see Yin over Yang, 3 average line turn up on do more; see Yang over Yin, 3 average line turn down on do short how to do short term, in order to obtain stable income? To do short term, you must stop being greedy. You must be ultra-short of each profit target to the smallest In other words, the huge profits of the short term is to rely on the accumulation of many transactions if the daily profit of 1%, then more than 200 trading days a year, you can make a profit of 200%! So, can you make 1% profit every day? Suppose, you only use 1000 yuan to buy a single dollar / yen, the price of 113.40, the choice is to enlarge 100 times the leverage, the daily profit target for profit 5%, that is, only earn 50 yuan foreign exchange fluctuations can make you in the first 5 minutes you buy at 113.40, the next 5 minutes in 113.90 to sell to close the position, to get the target profit!