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Foreign exchange short term operation ultra-short term master operation essence

  cashbackforexpipcalculator foreign exchange success first secret unique, extraordinary What do you call plate sense? It forexcashbackprofitcalculator an intuition that you look at a glance, the plate trend it is a kind of instant trend from the observation of the plate, the first reaction made in the psychological   To do well in the short term, the effect of intuition is indispensable   Of course, the plate sense can cashback forex profit calculator represent everything, but, do short term if you have a good plate sense, then you may have everything     nbsp; We can first assume: the foreign exchange cashbackforexprofitcalculator is up or down, cashback forex then we go step by step to verify   If the market is running as we expected, then add code   If it is not running as we expected in advance, then stop loss! We can not passively wait for the market to prove that I am right, only to chase open positions, at this time to open a position has been less profitable, we also have no cost to wait for the market to prove that I am wrong to close the position, then close the position at this time has been greater losses   If I have to wait until the foreign exchange market runs to the plate and the various indicators of error, I only go to stop loss, then: at this time has been heavy losses, it is too late  nbsp;  So, only in this way, we can make the right ideas and actions, and constantly make the right reinforcement   open positions do not have to wait until the market proves that we are right, close positions do not have to wait until the market proves that we are wrong, play ahead of time, do the wrong time can also be profitable   short term The sense of the plate is a handful of practice out, a single into the 10 seconds there is a sedan chair of the description of the basic entry short term plate sense is by 1 hand 1 hand practice out, the so-called practice makes perfect I emphasize the simulation is because only seriously do simulation and the actual trend of comparison can clearly find out which market is suitable for you, which you can not grasp, which is to enter the market before the preparatory work to be adequate     nbsp; speculation single forget about the analysis in mind, do not have a preconceived judgment of the foreign exchange market, I am a speculator will only earn small fluctuations belonging to their own, refusing the big picture refuses to windfall profits   breakthrough market occurrence to dare to chase into, the plate a stop and run, a period of time to do, hold a short position relatively safe, so you can not expect windfall profits speculation short term accidental losses are inevitable, never Not to gamble with the plate, feeling wrong single as soon as possible to be ready to cut, do not wait for really wrong then cut, that will be a mistake, forget about the analysis in mind, not to have a preconceived judgment of the foreign exchange market If you do not know what to lose money after the single, the account of the silver clatter, then congratulations, you are a foreign exchange genius, it was born for you   foreign exchange on the greater the expectations the greater the disappointment. On the contrary, down-to-earth earn a little money, afraid of the word may also be able to make a little money do not seek the top, as long as the mix is better than most on the line, do foreign exchange is also the same   speculation short term basic do not look at technical indicators, the mind must be calm, can not be emotional, slow plate speculation back and forth, fast plate generally only do a direction   even if a hit does not hit also to the whole body and back The majority of people have to overcome themselves this hurdle, can realize their weaknesses as soon as possible to be able to take a detour less   see the market to earn money is not great, see the market to lose money can also be unaffected by the next single powerful   simply apply the model of success is useless, how to overcome the mentality of wanting to win afraid to lose more important  The only thing Im afraid of is that I dont have the self-confidence to lose or gain, and thats all thats left to put in the inertia   The speculators kung fu is reflected in the time when he doesnt hold a position, no single is not the same as not thinking, will not enter the most nervous, single but into the field, right or wrong at a glance, how to deal with are very casual  Only do their own grasp of the market, do single Do not have to think so complicated, simple and effective on the line   In fact, foreign exchange short term than long term more focused on the timing of entry, a good price level is sometimes more important than the correct direction, this burst of plate fast, the price level up and down chaotic sweep, and so on the chart to give the signal will often lag, into a sedan chair for people   Place a single must force themselves ahead of the chart pre-judgment, the right time The single try to hold, feel bad when dealing with early, stop loss is not mechanically set up a good point   In close proximity to the days low or high point will observe the double-headed or double-bottom pattern is established, feel the formation of a bit of reverse single, the so-called rich and dangerous, is a real breakthrough to jump down a few price levels down to chase, with the flow of a lively, usually do not have to use their brains to speculate single   nbsp; disk sense is your prediction of the disk price jump, all short term only by disk sense and experience to do