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Foreign exchange short term trading ability to improve the skills

cashback forex profit calculator the process of cashbackforexpipcalculator forexcashbackprofitcalculator trading, many people prefer short term trading but for the potential risks of short term trading, often deterring many foreign exchange investors This is because many people do cashbackforexprofitcalculator master the skills of foreign exchange short term trading then the following we will look at how to improve the investors foreign exchange short term trading skills first: adhere to the volume, turnover rate, trend line Three aspects to carefully study the short-term cashback forex prices rose sharply to more than 30%, especially doubled currency, volume surges, changing hands rate more than 15% in a row, the volume increased price stagnation, and fell below the 5-10 day average, should do strategic position reduction preparations Second: Be wary of the main force to create a false breakthrough usually, these currencies in the early resistance before the huge amount of changing hands, but the exchange rate stopped, showing that the main force of funds to send a large number of chips, if in If the later period is not able to continue to raise high, the holder must decisively leave the field, beware of the main force to create more traps for such currencies, short term investors to prevent being trapped, must postpone the time to buy to the afternoon closing, has prevented the main force suddenly turn around and kill the third: be wary of slow fire boiling frog hunting behavior such techniques often appear in the fund institutions highly controlled varieties, especially in the 6124 point down to 2990 points in the plunge, fund institutions strategic retreat, daily shrinkage implicit selling, so that many long customers suffer from it Therefore, the currency of a currency from the high level of the falling behavior must pay more attention to, especially a time cycle of the leading currency if three consecutive days did not recover the 5-day average, a prudent approach is, in the case of not yet serious loss of hands and feet, early retreat out to be tight Fourth: long-term decline After the rebound process, many currency rebound to the long-term downtrend at the upper rail to choose to retrace, indicating that the long-term trend line pressure is not small, but also shows that such foreign exchange in the main force to do more will not be resolute, should swing sell, wait for the exchange rate to fall back to the lower rail to buy back in general, 30 days, 60 days, half-year line (120 days) and the annual line (250 days) of the counter-containment strength are relatively large, it is likely to become a phase top, if these resistance levels are effectively broken, it should be backhanded to do more fifth: the daily chart left from the top to the bottom very suddenly a large negative and fell below an important platform, regardless of the next day is a rebound, no rebound, or close out the cross when the goods in hand should be out of the avalanche of foreign exchange when out are right in the general market continues to fall, the foreign exchange held in the hands do not fall or slightly down, be sure to The market is still in a state of flux, dont get too lucky, first out for good, like this kind of foreign exchange always make up for the fall to catch the bottom of the time even if the future of foreign exchange to recover up, the important support platform will become a short-term rebound blocked position, but also be able to become the intermediate rebound market stage top sixth: the market after the formation of the medium-term bottom, a pair of currency aspects will usually have about 30% to 50% of the rise, part of the rebound leader even have 100% of the rise investors must remember, not too greedy, generally in the face of the previous resistance, many currency pairs will also have a certain degree of technical retracement, do not believe the experts to incite temptation, once the trend line changes, must pay attention to see good, the last profit left some to the bold to earn