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Foreign exchange trading experts to share the dry goods

usually have friends ask why cashback">cashbackforexpipcalculator come up to write some dry goods what, forexcashbackprofitcalculator think there cashback forex profit calculator nothing to say, after all, ask technical questions, I technology is also half a bucket of water, the basic will be the average, pattern, MACD these friends said I operate the 4H cycle, I think carefully, 240 average line times 5 minutes = 1200 minutes divided by 60 minutes = 20 hour, 20 hours divided by 5 averages, is the 4-hour cycle to enlarge the cycle to see, it seems to be doing 4 hours with a 5 averages, I dizzy friends also learn to imitate my set of out not street system .... . 5 minutes into the field old slap ..... I say, why do you do 5 minutes easy stop cashbackforexprofitcalculator, I do not easy stop loss, I think there are two problems, one is to hang a stop-loss position problem is burr prick, one is not able to take a single, subjective stop loss I say to solve the problem of hanging stop-loss position, personal experience, for reference only what I say is not necessarily right is this, you hang a stop loss in 5 minutes, preferably in the 4-hour breakthrough K high and low points The position of the upper and lower then the question arises, if the 4-hour K is very long, the stop loss is not great? Then the specifics of the specific operation, one is to light position, the second is the stop loss hanging in that K2 points 1 place on most transactions, this situation rarely occurs can be reviewed to see, usually not easy to sweep you in the 5 minutes into the stop loss trend tracking trading style, that is, time for space light position is certainly, increase the position is to further improve the profit and loss ratio, that is, some gods with the trend tracking system profitable The reason why several of my previous posts are emphasizing the 5-minute and 240 average, some friends simply with cross-entry, it is easy to put too much stop-loss costs at the beginning of the entry, after Alexander, can not hold the single on the staircase law of this issue, from the form, is the breakthrough into the breakthrough of the word breakthrough is a bit of learning, or everyone breakthrough into the world, the world is making a lot of money, who loses money is right there Meaningful breakthrough has two elements, at least I think it is quite important, I will only say once, someone comprehended a fortune handing a cigarette on the line element one: breakthrough K to be relatively solid, custom an average (parameters can be reflected from the trend inertia statistics of the role of pressure and support) element two: while breaking through the key price level, the key price level also depends on your own to observe the statistics, the specific will not say, all said I have no food to eat basically meet the above two elements of the breakthrough, the entry generally can not hit your stop loss, at most flat security out of the field after a period of time to see the transaction records, basically a small stop loss single + small profit + flat security single + big earn single