forexcashbackprofitcalculator used to be in the army as a soldier, after dcashbackforexprofitcalculatorcharge from the army……" />
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Foreign exchange trading is a game my speculative career">forexcashbackprofitcalculator used to be in the army as a soldier, after d cashbackforexprofitcalculatorcharge from the army was fortunate enough to go to a financial company, a month base salary of 800 yuan, I was rushing to learn the mentality to go, good in the body loaded with more than 30,000 yuan of discharge money In the company work soon, could not resist the temptation to open a warehouse, with the theoretical knowledge learned in the army cashback forex profit calculator in the companys simulation training, actually really earned money, that mood Dont mention how happy, I feel that I am the future of the worlds richest man, but I dont know why the more I learn, the more things, the more skillful, and immediately became the companys red, I then knew ‘shout single’ (refers to the experienced or trading profitability of the better foreign exchange investors, especially professional analysts and individual investors, release my trading order details) is What do you mean, after earning the first bucket of gold in their lives and friends to open a company, the source of customers Subsequent years, the company several storms, constantly burst, customers also continue to lose, and finally disbanded later, I met a senior teacher, he taught me to be and do the plate, the performance of my system adjusted to a very high degree, more accurate capture of the market and the teachers acquaintance is I went online one day I saw a group of friends he was QQ members red letter up very harsh, said looking for real expert cooperation, then I found him with questions, to be honest Im not too good at stocks, completely take the foreign exchange analysis approach to do, but indeed he was initially I was very impressed by the monsoon, he found so many experts in the middle of the most powerful one So, it began my new job, the same every day to work after work, do not know Why people a smooth up when everything is smooth, a lot of people came to me to open an account, but not for long, not long, within a week, I lost 80% of the previous problems or the same old, repeatedly committed, he did not blame me, and then quietly do 2 weeks of steady recovery, the third week and lost, the fourth week I pound to do is more than a single, in time to close the original loss, the result God blessing earned 10 A few points ran I now briefly summarize their lives over the years, exploding countless positions, each time the problem is almost, die in a day, looking back on the lessons learned over the years, do foreign exchange must remember the following three points: First, the success or failure of foreign exchange is about character, one step wrong step wrong, history is not if, in fact, we are similar, technically many can be a solid win people are finally lost to their own in fact, many truths are I dont want to say too many far-fetched words, and I dont want to say too many grand words, I just hope that we can all see a lot of essential things on me, everyone needs money, but money is really not earned at once, I have experienced so many years without success once, not the market is difficult to do, it is completely unable to handle themselves Secondly, most newcomers to the futures market. Most newcomers to the futures market, after suffering losses because of untimely stops, generally learn a lesson, strict formulation of the stop-loss principle but out of a snake bite, ten years afraid of the psychology of the well, often easy to go to the other extreme, that is, because of unfamiliarity with the market and the lack of confidence in trading, no regularity when setting stops, frequent losses, frequent stops the harm of this misconception is also huge, regardless of How large the amount of capital, no account can withstand long-term losses, and more seriously, when the amount of capital is getting less and less, investors may gradually lose self-confidence in analysis and trading, always hesitating and wavering between stop loss and no stop loss, it is difficult to develop and implement a reasonable stop-loss plan to prevent this situation, investors should be familiar with the rules of its market and price fluctuations before trading any one species, first characteristics, and according to different varieties to develop different stop-loss strategy and stop-loss position Third, a part of investors with a certain trading experience, often overestimate their stop-loss ability, in the stop-loss into stop small losses, big losses in the misunderstanding For example, when the loss within 10% can be timely and rational stop-loss, but when the loss of more than 50% is reluctant to stop in the market when the market is intense Investors will appear judgment and decision-making confusion, unable to timely stop-loss instructions, and once missed the preset stop-loss position, and difficult to implement the stop-loss loss regardless of size, as long as the pre-set position, should be implemented without delay the effectiveness of the stop-loss depends largely on the investors ability to self-discipline, only strict discipline and timely stop-loss, in order to continue to improve investment ability in trading