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Foreign exchange trading needs to comply with the three principles

cashback forex exchange cashbackforexpipcalculator must comply with the three principles: one. Follow the trend ii. Stop loss as soon as possible III. Many books mention the above three trading principles but there are still many cashbackforexprofitcalculator who lose money because they cant follow these principles Its not the forexcashbackprofitcalculator that defeats us but ourselves We have two driving forces when we first enter the market, one cashback forex profit calculator our desire for money, money is the basis of our lives, is our pursuit of freedom a goal Every traders initial dream of entering the market is to realize their dream of becoming rich The other driver is our arrogance. Most of the exchanges in China have a slogan "Investment is risky, enter the market with caution". In my initial entry into the market, my idea is very simple, one is to make money to prove themselves, the second is to think that I am certainly different from others, will certainly make money in the BFS foreign exchange platform to open an account, because of the poor so only open a micro account of $ 500 initial dream is always very good, but the reality But there is always a gap I can only say that investment is not suitable for everyone, some people earn will be some people lose The first principle of foreign exchange trading is to follow the trend, especially the short term traders, the trading cycle is very short, do single direction must be consistent with the market trend Many traders like the head and bottom of the market they over predict the trend of the market no one can predict the future trend of the market, we have to do is just follow the market technical The premise of the analysis is that the market is always right The second principle of foreign exchange trading is the stop loss, which seems to be a cliché, almost all traders and all foreign exchange books will mention this indeed this principle is very important, no stop loss is equivalent to a car without brakes, there will always be accidents Let profits run is a way for us to earn profits, at the beginning of the market many people always operate according to the opposite, mainly Because the heart factor is not off primary traders always like to cut short profits to let losses run, each trader will go through this stage of their own more introspection, control their own fears insist on taking profit single forex trading is a long bumpy road, we have to patiently walk through this journey