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One of the key rules of forex trading is to keep your losses low and your profits high. This is why|For this reason|That is why|This is the free forex robot for mt4 download android traders need to understand how losses and profits are related to the initial risk. They should aim to lose one R or less per trade. For example, a trader may say that they ll close their trade when the price is at|in| sirius xm christmas 2021|with $1 to $. 80, but in the real world, the price will likely drop to $. 60 and then they ll lose double the amount they had originally invested. R is a functional programming language that enables data scientists to create, analyze, and visualize data. It provides a rich set of tools to perform statistical analysis. In particular, the language s first-class functions allow users to do virtually anything with data, from assigning variables to storing data in lists. In addition , they can write functions within functions and pass them as arguments.