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The iPhone XS and iPhone XR

If you are in the market for a new iPhone, you might be wondering which is the best of the bunch. The iPhone X is an obvious choice, but the XS and XR also come with something to brag about. As you can imagine, the iPhone X is the most expensive model in the range, but its features justify the premium price. Plus, the XR boasts a handful of cool features, like 3D Touch, which the X can"t match.

One of the first things you"ll notice is that the iPhone XS is a bit smaller than its predecessor. The iPhone X was also the first to make use of the iPhone"s dual-lens vertical orientation camera, which means that the iPhone XS is a step up in performance and functionality. Moreover, the XS is the first iPhone to feature a smart HDR mode.

There are a few other things you can expect from Apple"s latest crop of iPhones. They are surprisingly sturdy, and can withstand a variety of liquids, including salt water and chlorinated water. Unlike its predecessor, the XS can actually survive a full 30 minutes in said liquids. This is a big deal in the smartphone arena, as users have come to expect their devices to handle a wide array of challenges. In addition, the iPhone XS has a few other notable features, such as the elongated side button, which is handy when you"re on the move. And the fact that the iPhone XS has an A12 chip with a 256 GB storage option, means that the XS is one of the few phones to take advantage of Apple"s new, faster mobile storage. It is also the first to support the P3 wide color gamut, which helps the iPhone X shine in the color department.

Finally, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max both sport the impressive OLED display, a feat in itself. The XS"s screen is the size of your thumb, but it is still capable of a hefty amount of multitasking. Whether you"re watching a movie or playing a game, the XS is a pleasure to look at. That said, you may be disappointed to find that the iPhone XS has a resolution of only 2536 x 1536, which is a little small for the average human eye. Fortunately, there are ways to trick the iPhone X into viewing a higher-res image. You can also upgrade the battery from the standard 32 GB to 64 GB if that"s more your style.