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Forex trading greed anger obsession slowness doubt

cultivate the mind, must overcome: greed, anger, obsession, slowness, doubt Buddha Day: put down, you got! "Stop loss forexcashbackprofitcalculator inevitable, stop-loss mentality to hold a single, will stop winning" to "give up" greed: there cashbackforexpipcalculator many kinds of greed, in general cashbackforexprofitcalculator have money, sex, fame, food, sleep five greed people are rolling in this life, so spend our lives because we greed Because we are greedy for the five desires, we are willing to be bound by it cashback forex profit calculator become its slaves, and even let it lead us by the nose with peace of mind. And social morality if we speak more broadly, the process of practice, obsession, addicted to a state or realm is also greed (many times, "once earned", the results into the stop-loss bureau are "greed" caused!) Anger: is the meaning of anger, anger has many kinds, such as people scold us, can cashback forex stand, anger, and then the conflict will be escalated although sometimes we do not voice on the surface, the inner discomfort is also a kind of anger anger and greed is just the opposite, greed is to encounter a happy situation, we desperately pursue and covet; anger is to encounter unhappy, do not like the situation, we want to abandon it, but can not lose, so anger (do wrong, we must) (admit defeat to the market to bow down and admit their mistakes) (not emotional order) Idiot: Idiot is also known as foolishness is not aware of things, right and wrong, known as Idiot is not aware of things is the truth of cause and effect of the world, such as how people come? How to go after death? We do not care about the truth, we do not believe in the truth, we and others can practice liberation, we are amused or ignorant, these are all signs of foolishness. (One of the most difficult things in the world, is to put your thoughts into other peoples heads to establish a scientific trading model) (to establish a scientific and detailed order process, the daily summary must be) slow: slow is arrogance, I am slow their own inner exaltation, looking down on others, called slow for example, after the son became rich as an official, the mother felt great, everywhere to show off to people, show off or someone has a beautiful dog, feel great, with that beautiful dog. feel great, with that beautiful dog waving through the city; or to show off their fame, fortune, ability and property, etc., are called slow some people are very capable, status, talent overflowing, superior, and as a result, look down on others is also slow vanity, love to compare, when they are worse than others and do not admit defeat, but think that others are nothing great, this is also slow all have an inflated ego is slow, for example, among practitioners also have "Slow", think they have enlightenment, have a certain wisdom of the Avatar, look down on others, etc. are slow (especially a few consecutive single win, or account doubled many times, will produce this psychological Remember: foreign exchange transactions are not allowed to make a small mistake) doubt: no reason and basis to doubt, deny everything, self-righteousness, take for granted underground Conclusion, superstition of their own everything is doubt for the Buddhas cause and effect reasoning and insight have doubts or confusion is also doubt from the perspective of practice, there are some of the following situations: (do single, not I do single, but the market let us do single market let us how to do, how we do) a, body see: cling to the five physical and mental body inside a true self in daily life or meditation into the quiet very concerned about their physical and mental conditions or hair should (a) body view: the insistence that there is a true self in the body and mind of the five skandhas, and in daily life or when meditating and meditating, we are very concerned about the condition of our body and mind, or the response, and the insistence that we are aware of the sensations and so on is body view (b) side view: the insistence that the two views are broken and permanent is side view. "In addition, due to the lack of sufficient wisdom and enlightenment, one cannot correctly understand the essence of all things or the meaning of all things, and cannot correctly understand the truth of "all things are consciousness only, karmic nature and emptiness, and the vacuum of myriad existence". It is either to cling to emptiness or to existence, not to "truth", then to "illusion", etc. are all marginal views c. Evil views: all kinds of incorrect thoughts that lead to the birth of bad karma are called evil views, such as "no poison, no husband "d. Seeing and taking: insisting that only ones own opinion is right is called seeing and taking. e. Precepts and prohibitions and taking: for those who practice, any insistence on holding incorrect precepts and not being able to see them correctly are called precepts and prohibitions and taking. For example, one of the five precepts is "not to drink wine". The original purpose of this precept is to prevent the creation of bad karma after drinking too much wine, and the frequent consumption of wine will lead to a lack of clarity in body and mind, which will prevent us from developing wisdom. The meaning is precisely because we often do not have enough fixed wisdom power, so we need to hold the precept (be convinced that your system is scientific and can be stable and profitable)