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He was the first generation of Chinese traders foreign exchange trading profits of hundreds of millions of dollars but unfortunately died young!

He was one of the first Ch forexcashbackprofitcalculatorese futures trader, who won the championship of the Forex Live Competition in 2007 cashback forex the CMCMakets Forex Live Competition in China in 2008. Unfortunately, God cashback forex profit calculator jealous of talent, Mr. Bow Wei died at the age of 43 on August 25, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. after his illness failed to work. It is said that Ge Weidong called himself Xiao Ge when he saw him from the 1990s, Bow Wei began to invest in the Chinese stock cashbackforexpipcalculator, and later moved to the domestic futures market, where he was famous for his artificial high-frequency cashbackforexprofitcalculator in the green bean contract and rubber contract; in 2008, he moved to Chicago and New York alone, working for a famous overseas hedge fund company, engaged in foreign exchange trading, making hundreds of millions of dollars in profits and shocking overseas exchanges; in 2014, through the China Merchants He believes that the success or failure of trading depends on the degree of proficiency in the use of tools and the type of tools, the degree of proficiency is the trading skills and ability, the type of tools is the variety of trading and the degree of capital allocation should be grasped in trading, he will not simply follow a capital allocation model. He will not simply follow a capital allocation model, if there is a greater certainty of the opportunity, he will take a heavy position, and a strict limit on the duration of the position for general trading opportunities, Bow Wei will reduce the leverage ratio for some macro data, many people will judge the data out on the market impact will be, Mr. Bow Wei believes that the judgment can not be judged, there is no need to judge, because no one has ever guessed the right forecast can only make traders The market itself is uncertain, sure to earn this money, uncertain do not care, do not need to care about all the things on the market trading in the temptation of many, too many plausible opportunities, which require traders to make a choice, do not be greedy, to choose more certain, sure of the transaction, to avoid surprises a point of profit, full of food, ten percent of the profit, starving people this is the childhood In fact, there are many investors who enter the futures market hoping to get rich overnight, but eventually leave the market full of opportunities with empty hands because in trading, human greed will swell up, and Bowie quoted Wang Shi, president of Vanke, who said: "If the profit is more than 30%, Vanke will not do it. Vanke does not make profits because the average profit level of its international peers is also so Vanke knows how to give up unrealistic profit expectations and grow bigger and stronger in the market through long-term operation Bow Wei cited the example of Vanke to tell investors that profits from trading also come from long-term steady accumulation, do not have unrealistic profit expectations He advised investors to enter the market in a bear market, which in turn is good, only after experiencing a tough The market will only allow investors to have a reasonable expectation of this market He believes that there is no trading system that can help traders profit in the long run, the best way to trade must be to change About the risk of trading, Bowie believes that it mainly comes from two aspects: the leverage ratio and position time, which are two factors, they are multipliers of the relationship Many times, the judgment we make is accurate under certain conditions, but because The existence of uncertainty, with the extension of the position time, more and more new factors will be inserted to interfere with the results of our judgment, so in Bow Weis strategy, he will consciously shorten the position time to circumvent the impact of uncertainty on him In addition, he follows the principle of something to do something, not every possible trading opportunity will let me not let go, give up sometimes means more opportunities to choose Bow Wei In order to become a qualified trader, we must comply with three principles, first, we must know how to respect the market, learn to exchange information with the market, rather than impose their own ideas on the market This is the first and necessary; second, adequate preparation, as our teacher told me when we were students, a test exceeded the test, often we are very well prepared for the course of the examination has been done This is also applicable in trading, the changing market, if traders are aware of the various situations that may arise, it is natural to achieve impressive results, I like trading because it gives me the opportunity to continue to learn; third, the correct understanding of the trade-offs whether trading opportunities or analytical methods, for trading, their selection is very important Bowie believes Not to choose is more choice know how to respect the market, can be fully prepared, the correct view of the relationship between trade-offs, can be seen as a qualified trader successful trading must remember these 10 1. either lack of heart, or dead eyes, both of which are easy to succeed 2. subjective, objective, inevitable, the vast majority of people want to take care of all of these before making decisions, so the vast majority of decisions have failed in the market 3. analysts have been analyzing, that is, no action, so no success so, analysts to become traders is difficult 4. for some people, the opposite of a black swan, is a huge profit 5. some let people succeed, simple and obvious, but many people even if you hear, see, just can not do so many peoples success, let people feel very mysterious; many peoples frustration, in the eyes of outsiders, very ridiculous 6. the past is not available, the future is not available now, depending on how long your definition so, live in the present 7. many times, traders think, say and do, a million miles apart 8. when a persons life is difficult, can only go to low-grade food market to buy food, the quality can not be guaranteed; life is good, will go to high-end supermarkets to buy food, the probability of falling for it will be very low so, the poor always make the wrong Investment decisions 9. human emotions are in a state of constant joy, if hit by a pain point, it will instantly collapse so it is very dangerous after making a lot of money in a short period of time 10. recognize the real beneficiaries behind a market or a species