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How to analyze foreign exchange K-line chart

K-line, also known as yin forexcashbackprofitcalculator yang candles, originated in Japan rice market trading records each K-line are recorded in the four information cashback forex cashback forex profit calculator, the highest price, the lowest price and cashbackforexprofitcalculator price, the opening price and closing price as a rectangular graph, and red to indicate that the opening price cashbackforexpipcalculator lower than the closing price of the situation, known as the closing red, it shows that the buyers push up stronger to black rectangular graph indicates that the opening price is higher than the closing price of the situation, known as the closing black. The line below the entity is the lowest price from the opening/closing price, which is the lowest price in the market. It is called the lower shadow line because the lower shadow line is the trace of the buyer pushing the price up from the low (the price is not closed at the lowest, which means the buyer is stronger than the seller). Similarly, the line above the entity showing the highest price in the session is called the upper shadow, which implies the presence of sellers power. The opening, highest, lowest and closing prices used here are not limited to the daily price, and the time size can be chosen arbitrarily, with the highest/lowest price being the highest/lowest price that occurred during the period, and the opening price being the opening price on the first day of the period, and the closing price being the closing price on the last day of the period  A more reliable combination: Twilight Star The sun is setting, but its almost dusk!  The twilight star consists of 3 time units of candlesticks (yin and yang candles), the first unit, the market trend continues upward, a large positive candle with a long body appears the second unit, the fluctuations are reduced, usually star-shaped, such as the doji, etc., and the third unit, a negative candle appears and falls to or beyond the area of the first candle After dusk, the sun goes down, the appearance of the twilight star means that the market may top out and fall back Dawn The star of dawn is the opposite of the star of dusk, also composed of three units: the first unit, the market trend continues to fall, there is a long body of large negative candles second unit, the fluctuations are reduced, forming part of the star, the third unit, there is a large positive candle, and rose to or beyond the first candle area The appearance of the star of dawn, represents a bright future