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How to analyze the general trend of the foreign exchange market when operating as a novice

In foreign cashback forex trading trend cashback forex profit calculator of the core content cashbackforexpipcalculator to identify the cashbackforexprofitcalculator trend, that is, to identify the general direction of market operation (tend) forexcashbackprofitcalculator the strength of the dominant direction (potential) investors know that the exchange rate is the most central issue in foreign exchange trading, but for foreign exchange investors, can use the information already in hand on the exchange rate for accurate predictions, is the key to making money in the currency market with the trend of the prosperous, counter-trends die. This thing in the changing foreign exchange market to show the best and not to mention the international market known as the Hunt Brothers counter-trend manipulation of silver and bankruptcy, not to mention the original Wanguo Securities counter-trend position in Treasury futures and collapse, the systemic risk of the foreign exchange market alone makes many large institutions shaky…… the following solution to the thousand worries to analyze the factors of foreign exchange rate trends For the foreign exchange market, the two main analysis methods are fundamental analysis and technical analysis Fundamental analysis focuses on financial and economic theory and political development, so as to determine the supply and demand factors Technical analysis observes price and volume data, so as to determine the future trend of these data Fundamental analysis and technical analysis is the most obvious point of difference is that fundamental analysis studies the movement of the market The most obvious difference between fundamental analysis and technical analysis is that fundamental analysis studies the causes of market movement, while technical analysis studies the effects of market movement when valuing a currency in another country, fundamental analysis includes the study of macroeconomic indicators, asset markets and political factors macroeconomic indicators include economic growth rates and other figures, calculated by the gross domestic product, interest rates, inflation rates, unemployment rates, money supply, foreign exchange reserves and productivity and other factors. The government will sometimes intervene in the currency market to prevent the currency from deviating significantly from the desired level. Factors are very complex, therefore, whether it is fundamental analysis or technical analysis, is not a panacea for some studies show that in the foreign exchange market, fundamental analysis is more effective in predicting long-term trends (more than 1 year), while technical analysis is more suitable for a shorter time span (0 to 90 days) experts suggest that a combination of the two methods will be most suitable for the 3 months to 1 year time period to invest in the foreign exchange market Friends want to get the desired return from it, it is necessary to learn some of the necessary analysis methods, not only fundamental analysis, but also a certain amount of technical analysis knowledge to improve their own level, is the magic weapon for profitable investment in the currency market