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How to analyze the trend of the euro from a fundamental perspective

foreign cashback forex market, exclud cashbackforexprofitcalculatorg the dollar as the main currency, occupying the first position, the influence of the cashback forex profit calculator should not be underestimated in this issue, I lead you to know how to analyze the euro trend from a fundamental perspective?1. Monetary policy has two main bases, one is the outlook on price direction forexcashbackprofitcalculator price stability risks, and the second is to control the money supply of money growth ECB held a committee every two weeks on Thursday to develop new interest cashbackforexpipcalculator indicators after the first meeting of each month, the ECB will issue a briefing, from the overall announcement of monetary policy and economic conditions outlook from monetary policy to influence the development of the euro, so do the euro Therefore, investors who trade the euro must pay attention to the latest developments of the ECB 2. understand the general interest rate, which is used by the central bank to regulate money market liquidity and "borrow new debt to repay old debt" in the main short-term exchange rate The spread between this rate and the U.S. federal funds rate is one of the factors determining the EUR/USD exchange rate 3. The most important economic data comes from Germany, the largest economy in the Eurozone. The main data include: GDP, inflation data (CPI or HCPI), industrial production and unemployment rate, which, if viewed separately from Germany, also includes the IFO survey (a widely used business confidence survey index) and the fiscal deficit of each member state. Cross-exchange rates and political factors, as with the U.S. dollar exchange rate, the cross-plate will also affect the euro exchange rate EUR/USD is most vulnerable to political factors, such as France, Germany or Italys domestic factors in the former Soviet Union countries political and financial instability will also affect the euro, as a significant portion of German investors invest in Russia above is how to analyze the euro trend from a fundamental perspective, I believe that after understanding this knowledge, investors have a clearer understanding of the euro trend when we invest in euro-related products, can be more accurately positioned to the specific impact factors, so as to easily do a good job in foreign exchange transactions