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How to correctly understand the speculative foreign exchange stop loss

market uncerta cashback forexty and price volatility determines the stop cashback forex profit calculator will often cashbackforexpipcalculator wrong In fact, in each transaction, we are confused whether the stop loss, if the stop loss cashbackforexprofitcalculator right may be pleased, the stop loss is wrong, it will not only have the pain of reduced funds, more will have a kind of pain of being fooled, the soul of the blow is the most difficult pain for investors to bear Therefore, understanding the stop loss Essentially how to correctly understand the wrong stop loss wrong stop loss we should also be open to accept, for example, a simple example, if in the transaction your stop loss are correct, it means that each of your transactions are correct, and your transactions if they are correct, then why stop loss it? Therefore, the stop loss is a cost, is the cost of finding profit opportunities, is the price that must be paid for trading profit, this price is only the size of the difference, it is difficult to have the right or wrong, you want to profit, you must pay the price, including the price caused by the wrong stop loss frankly face the wrong stop loss, do not avoid, not to mention fear, only in this way, in order to trade normally, and ultimately profitable, this is the authors understanding of the stop loss This is the authors understanding of the stop loss, including the understanding of the wrong stop loss forexcashbackprofitcalculatoreculation in foreign exchange stop loss should pay attention to the problem One, everything in advance is established, not in advance is invalid, all the stop loss must be set before entering the field to do foreign exchange investment, must develop a good habit is to set a good stop loss when opening a position, and in the loss occurs then consider the use of what the standard is often too late Second, the stop loss should be combined with the trend trend has three kinds: up, down and consolidation in the consolidation phase, the price in a range of stop-loss probability of error to be large, therefore, the implementation of the stop loss to be combined with the trend in practice, I think consolidation can be regarded as unreadable trend, investors can take a break Third, the choice of trading tools to grasp the stop-loss point which varies from person to person, can be averages, trend lines, patterns and other tools, but must be suitable for their own, do not because Others use a good you blindly use trading tools to determine the very important, and the ability to use trading tools will lead to completely different trading results In short, forex trading focus on sound trading strategies, of which capital management can be seen as its core, and stop loss can be seen as the soul of capital management but good capital management, strict stop-loss, in order to be a long flow of water, to become the foreign exchange markets winning general