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How to determine the position in day trading

one of the key points of day t cashback forexading lies in the position selection position forexcashbackprofitcalculator also a kind of leverage, heavy operation can magnify profits, but also magnify cashbackforexprofitcalculatores, is a double-edged sword calculate your cashback forex profit calculator position selection before, first determine your risk in general, it is recommended to use the 1% risk factor rule, control the total assets 1% for the risk assets for example, total assets 10,000 U.S. dollars, this operation to control the maximum loss of 100 U.S. dollars as shown in the chart below, know this point, underst cashbackforexpipcalculatoring the back is not difficult  After opening a position, you need to find the stop-gain price and the stop-loss price after the market is contrary to expectations way more than one, no longer repeated commonly used is the key support and resistance lines, but also such as price trends, pivots, Fibo levels and so on you choose What kind of way, depending on your opening price - stop loss price   spread and position   determine the position of the last step is the point almost spread is your actual profit or loss position expansion, spread up; position shrinkage, spread down then exactly how big should the position be?  First, the risk factor control for 1%, and then decompose the value calculated from your risk value to the spread between the stop loss level then you face the risk of these spreads The following chart, assuming you have a $10,000 account, the risk value of $100, 10 spreads stop loss, it means that your risk is $10 a point   Risk Management Indicator APP FFX is currently launching a risk management indicator APP that can be added to the market trend chart as shown below, so that for us, various risk factors and various points such as stop loss and profit can be seen at a glance The following chart shows the EUR/USD, position 1 lot ($100,000) when trading  Risk Management The indicator will calculate the appropriate trade size and stop loss level based on the traders risk parameters. These trade details will be displayed directly on the chart and traders can then use this information to build positions that are relevant to their risk appetite