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How to find the right technical indicators for your own forex

Forex cashback forexvestment cashback forex profit calculator most dependent on a variety of technical indicators, which is actually a kind of helplessness below to talk to you about how to find the right technical indicators for their own forex?  First of all, we must talk about the golden mean, which was discovered by ancient Greek mathematicians in the 4th century B.C. The magical phenomenon of the Fibonacci sequence forexcashbackprofitcalculator the Fibonacci sequence is a wonderful fit and the amazing consistency of many things in reality, making it a mysterious veil in the practice of many foreign cashbackforexpipcalculator investors, but also fully feel its relatively long period of time in the market, for the early judgment of the position of support and resistance has The golden mean usually refers to 0.618, of course, the derivatives of 0.382, 0.236, 0.191 and other figures also have important significance Generally speaking, the golden mean is mainly used in one-sided market, whether one-sided bull or one-sided bear, as long as you can find a definite stage of the market high and low, without changing the assumption of the trend, 61.8% of the retracement position Generally can become the ultimate retracement level of the turnaround market using the golden mean has two important considerations: one is to choose the right band, once the choice of band is too short or too long, will lead to distortion of the forecast data; the second is the choice of the starting and ending exchange rate, whether you choose the lowest and highest level, or choose a positive opening and closing exchange rate is no problem, the key is to achieve matching, otherwise the same Another technical indicator that is very suitable for the foreign exchange market is the RSI The reason why it is suitable is that this indicator is an indicator that does not involve the volume, is purely a reflection of the strength of buying and selling popularity, this is in line with the characteristics of the foreign exchange market is more critical in the authors practice feel that its sensitivity is significantly higher than the MACD has a similar role, the leading indicator role is quite obvious. Although the effectiveness will be slightly inferior RSI Chinese name for the relative strength indicator, to 50 as the threshold to reflect market popularity, above 70 often represents overbought, below 30 is oversold However, simply look at the numbers may not have much meaning, the use of this indicator can start from another two aspects: one, combined with the exchange rate level for the top and bottom divergence judgment is very high, foreign exchange training; the same to the dollar The index reached a high on September 11, for example, 14-day RSI are less than the two former highs on August 15 and September 8, and the exchange rate level showed a significant top divergence state, followed by the dollar index more than 200 points retracement therefore also in the effective prediction range of the indicator Second, different parameter values, such as 14-day RSI and 21-day RSI indicator combination than the effectiveness of a single data higher RSI The use of the combination often needs to pay attention to the gap between different days parameter value indicators, foreign exchange, especially in the two tangent with the use of other indicators will have good results Finally there is a more general indicator SAR, often referred to as the stop-loss turn operating point indicator Generally speaking, the SAR indicator has four operating principles: a. When the exchange rate from the SAR curve below the beginning of the upward breakthrough SAR curve, for the buy Second, when the exchange rate continues to move upward after breaking through the SAR curve and the SAR curve also moves upward, indicating that the upward trend of the exchange rate has been formed, the SAR curve constitutes a strong support for the exchange rate, investors should be determined to hold a long single or to increase the code of the third and fourth is basically the reverse of the first two operations, the same is better understood General SAR indicator in the watchdog software have preset and in the turning point Usually there will be a color change, so it is a relatively foolish operating guidelines, but not with too much brain power