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How to go about choosing the operating cycle

Spot gold investment, the cashbackforexpipcalculator cashback forex profit calculator forexcashbackprofitcalculator very important, because talking about the direction of the trend, the first thing to say which cashback forex cycle live trading, also depends on the time cycle So in practice, how do investors go about finding the right operating cycle for themselves? Is it possible to choose a random cycle? Is it possible to try to trade all time cycles? With these questions, lets enter todays spot gold technical analysis classroom 1. different time cycle of the cashbackforexprofitcalculator has a difference first of all, different time cycle of the market is very different, specifically in the size of the market: large cycle, the market is large; small cycle, the market is small randomness: large cycle, randomness is small, once the formation of the trend, the trend of the extension of good, volatility small cycle of the randomness is stronger, not easy to grasp, the technical, operational aspects of the operation. The amount of money through the above analysis of the characteristics of different cycles of the market, I think we should have a number in mind, small capital can generally only In addition to their own personalities, there is the investors personal character, some investors are impatient, suitable for the short cycle, that is, 1 hour or less cycle some character calm, perseverance, you can try to do a large cycle of the market, that is, more than 4 hours of cycle 4 investment experience of course, the above views Just usually, everyones situation is very different, the size of the operating cycle is also relative, the investors experience is also very important general white customers are keen to do frequent short term, while the more experienced veterans are slowly zooming in on their own operating cycle last point, you in a comprehensive consideration, choose a suitable operating cycle, I hope you can solidify the operating cycle, rather than randomly to change This is the secret of success, so that your mode of operation to replicate the complex things simple, simple things repeated, is the secret of success o