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How to invest in foreign exchange

speculation in forexcashbackprofitcalculator cashback forex profit calculator cashbackforexpipcalculator divided into bank speculation cashbackforexprofitcalculator margin speculation in mainland China most banks can open the former is the actual currency exchange, only currency appreciation to make money, and less profit; the latter many financial groups are qualified as dealers, but mostly Hong Kong, Taiwan and foreign companies, because mainland China has not been clearly liberalized on foreign exchange transactions, so to choose a qualified dealer, the same is also required to open an account The margin speculation foreign exchange trading method is similar to futures, there is a leverage ratio, and can be operated on both sides, because there are different percentages of amplification, the profit is also considerable, of course, the risk is also increased compared to the former individual speculation, participation in the international foreign exchange cashback forex investment must have what conditions? According to bank professionals, foreign exchange investment must pay attention to the following aspects of the problem A, to have a legitimate source of foreign exchange personal foreign exchange trading is based on the original foreign exchange in the hands of residents At present, the main channels for our residents to obtain foreign exchange are: overseas remittances, foreign exchange brought by returning workers, foreign exchange carried by foreign business students, foreign companies, foreign exchange salary income of employees, foreign exchange black market transactions, etc. Among them, the foreign exchange black market Trading is illegal to comply with the relevant national laws and regulations on foreign exchange management Second, to pay attention to the risk of personal foreign exchange trading business quotes, is a reference to the international financial market, the immediate exchange rate, plus a certain margin of difference between the purchase and sale to determine the offer, so the offer also fluctuates with the fluctuations of the international financial market, which has a certain risk of foreign exchange market Third, to continuously enrich the knowledge of speculative foreign exchange speculation to have basic financial knowledge, the The basic situation of the global foreign exchange market should be understood, such as the formation of foreign exchange, the motivation of participants, the formation of exchange rate quotes, etc. To understand the basic factors affecting the movement of exchange prices, such as basic economic factors, political and media factors, central bank policy factors, psychological and market forecasting factors, unexpected factors, etc. Successful foreign exchange users are global Fourth, to have a good psychological quality, win is not proud, loss is not discouraged only keep in mind Risk, scientific stop loss, timely profit taking, in order to become a successful foreign exchange speculator