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How to speculate in foreign exchange_How to speculate in foreign exchange

How to speculate in fo cashback forex profit calculatoreign exchange: 1. make good use of the financial budget, do cashback forex remember to use the necessary funds for capital speculation how to make money experts free guidance bank gold forexcashbackprofitcalculator silver TD opening guide bank gold and silver simulation cashbackforexprofitcalculator software set gold number desktop line intelligence tools want to become a successful foreign exchange trader, the first thing to have sufficient investment capital, such as losses do not affect your life, remember not to Use your life funds for trading capital, capital pressure will be too much m cashbackforexpipcalculatorleading your investment strategy, increasing the risk of trading, and lead to greater error 2. In the learning process of demo trading, your main goal is to develop a personal operating strategy and style, when your profitability is increasing, the monthly profit amount is gradually rising, that you can open a real trading account for forex trading 3. If you lose $2,000 in 5 trades and gain $3,000 in another, although your account total is increasing, dont think you are just lucky or you are taking a risk to win with the maximum number of trades, you should be careful and adjust your strategy when appropriate. Create profitable results is not enough, understand the reasons for profit and develop your own profitable operation is equally important trading intuition is important, but only rely on intuition to do trading is unacceptable 5. When the amount of loss has reached your tolerance limit, do not look for excuses to try to wait for the market to turn back, you should immediately close your position, even if the market really turns back after 5 minutes, do not be polite, because you have removed the market continues to turn bad, the risk of infinite expansion of losses you need to develop a trading strategy, remember that you control the transaction, rather than let the transaction control you, and hurt yourself should be based on If you have less than $3,000 in your account, 1 trade is appropriate; if you have between $3,000 and $5,000 in your account, you should not trade more than 2 trades unless you are sure that the current trend is in your favor; if you have $10,000 in your account, you should not trade more than 3 trades based on this rule, you can effectively control your risk and trade at once. Learn to execute your trading strategy thoroughly and do not make excuses to overturn your original decision. The most deadly and devastating mistake in trading is when you (after your losses have expanded to $2,000 for a position) start making excuses not to close your position, thinking that the market might turn around in a second? When you continue to have this thought, you will not have the heart to close the position that continues to grow in loss, but will just lose your head and wait for the market to turn back. The market changes relentlessly and will not turn back because of anyones obsession to wait. The reason for this mistake is simple - a greedy loss of $200 will not deprive you of the opportunity to recover your losses and possibly make more profit on your next trade, but a loss of $2,000-$3,000 on one or two trades will completely ruin your chances of making more money, a loss that will be difficult to recover. In order to avoid this fatal mistake, it is necessary to remember one simple rule - do not let the risk exceed the original set tolerable range, and once the loss has reached the original set limit, do not hesitate to close the position immediately!  The smaller the account size, the greater the risk of trading, so avoid having a trading account with only $1,000 level, $1,000 account size is not allowed to make a mistake, but even experienced forex traders have mistakes in judgment sometimes. The sooner you learn to accept losses and learn from them, the sooner the day of profit will come. In addition, learn to control your emotions, dont jump for joy when you make $800, and dont want to hit the wall when you lose $200. Understand that traders do not learn from profits, but grow from losses. When you understand the reason for each loss, it means you are one step closer to profit, because you have found the right direction. Decide not to trade simply because you havent traded for a long time or because you are bored. There is no standard rule about how much you have to trade in a certain period of time. If it is a profitable trade, your analysis is correct, and when similar or the same factors appear again, your trading record will help you to make the right trading decision quickly; of course, the record of losing trades will help you to avoid making the same mistakes again. You cant keep all your trading experience in your head, so this record will help you improve your trading skills and find out where your mistakes are. However, if the results of the analysis is really too different, and you begin to doubt their own analysis, it is best not to carry out real trading at this time, only to demo accounts to carry out if you are very confident in their own decisions, do not hesitate to do is, your multiple predictions will have the right one, if your predictions are wrong, to find out where the error 12. Another important rule is not to let losses occur on the original profitable parts, in the face of a sudden market reversal, rather than closing positions in the absence of a profitable situation, do not let the original profitable positions into a loss situation 13. Only if you think the original forecast and decision is completely wrong, you can close the losing position as soon as possible and open a new position with the opposite side. Dont play guessing games with market changes, it is better to miss trading opportunities than to incur losses. It is pointless to learn forex trading in a pay-per-trade demo contest, because in a demo contest, you may try to trade in a risky way because you want to win the prize, and even if you do win, it does not mean that you can be confident to trade in this risky way in real trading, because May lose real money no longer simulated money lack of careful? slang mens milk? The more quickly you get into the swing of things, the faster you can develop the proper skills that can be applied to real trading. Simulation operations try to avoid the frequent and unpredictable changes in the exchange rate of the time period for beginners to carry out simulation trading should avoid the frequent changes in the exchange rate of the time period, such as New York time Sunday night, because this is the Asian time zone Monday morning, when the exchange rate is more no pulse to follow, difficult to predict; another is the New York time Friday time, especially the morning time, when more people in the market want to deal with this weeks positions If you trade in this kind of time at the beginning of the simulation, it will only affect your trading confidence. 17. Because each currency has different changes at different times of the day, it is difficult to understand the changes at first, it is easier to find out the trend characteristics of a particular currency at the beginning and end of the daily trading, you should read the market news and watch the currency chart to help make the right trading strategy. You can select the new news on the home page of this website and read the relevant news, and you can click the currency chart you need on the trading platform, try to analyze and predict the trend 18. There is a close relationship between various currencies, cross rates and other currency combinations containing the U.S. dollar. 19.