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How to use RSI indicator divergence to determine the top

Relative Strength Indicator ( cashback forex) forexcashbackprofitcalculator one of the technical indicators, the theory of strength cashback forex profit calculator weakness indicators that any big rise or fall in cashbackforexpipcalculator cashbackforexprofitcalculators, are fluctuations between 0-100 according to the normal analysis, the RSI value between 30-70 changes are considered normal, at 80-90, is considered that the market has reached an overbought state, the market price is naturally facing a fall adjustment; and at 10-20, is considered that the market has reached an oversold state, the market price is naturally facing a fall adjustment. At 80-90, the market is considered to be overbought, and the market price will naturally face downward adjustment; while at 10-20, the market is considered to be oversold, and the market price will naturally face stabilization and rebound. Therefore, we should look for other rules to make judgments. Generally speaking, technical indicators have top divergence, and RSI indicator is no exception. But if the stock price rises again, and beyond the previous high, and RSI, although the stock price continues to rise, but did not exceed the previous high, which forms the RSI top divergence RSI top divergence, the stock price is more likely to see the top The RSI top divergence is a sign of the top of the stock price, mainly because when the dealer pulling high shipping, in order to ship This characteristic determines the dealer to pull up the stock price again and again, but because the RSI indicator is mainly an indicator reflecting the strength of the market, and this strong trend will undoubtedly prompt the RSI to fall back to the trend, so once the dealer shipments appear, the RSI usually falls back to a greater extent, thus The formation of top divergence trend this phenomenon in the KDJ and other indicators may also appear, and volume and share price divergence phenomenon, is also one of the signs of the top of the stock price up volume tends to reduce, indicating that the market trading activity gradually weakened, the next stock price is likely to face a downward trend found indicators appear top divergence trend, investors should be combined with the prevailing market atmosphere and the plate situation for a comprehensive Judgment if the market is still in a relatively bearish stage, the stock price will continue to rise more likely, but the magnitude and strength will be significantly weaker than the previous, mainly because this rise, is in the market popularity stimulated by the rising trend, and not the volume of the material drive, and therefore the rise can not last long