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Intraday short term I only use the 20 and 60 SMA to do with the trend is so simple!

Trading cashback cashback forexex profit calculator cashbackforexprofitcalculatorhing but four words: follow the trend forexcashbackprofitcalculator wait for the time! The foreign exchange cashbackforexpipcalculator circle of people are strange, foreign exchange trading system is also varied, there is no shortage of good systems and high level of traders we are in pursuit of systems and win rates at the same time, often overlooked a very important thing: the integrity of the transaction to do transactions, simply put, to do a single, the most important thing is what? --The direction of the direction is right, just take can be profitable, the direction of the wrong, and then good technology is useless, the direction of what? The direction is the trend whether you do short term, medium term, and long term, the trend is the first so your system if you can not respond to the trend, then the fancy is useless, if you can reflect the trend, even if the simple can also be stable profits In fact, the response to the trend of the method is very simple - averages to do with the trend is so simple, intraday short term I Only use the 20 and 60 SMA, and then wait for the trading active time period, open a position into the daily 2-3 waves of short term opportunities can completely guarantee the profitability of the day The problem is that such a simple transaction why many people but how can not do well? This involves the integrity of the transaction, the first key to trading is: with the trend but with the trend is only part of the transaction, when you a single was stopped out, are you waiting for the next trend confirmation? Or a reckless counter-trend entry? When you encounter a one-sided market, is it a homeopathic retracement operation? Or counter-trend repeatedly bottom and towards the top? The most difficult part of the transaction is not the homeopathic operation, anyone in a period of time, have had homeopathic trading, have also had a profitable experience but can not stabilize the reason for profit: is not patiently waiting for the confirmation of the trend homeopathic and to be the combination of two points is the complete transaction homeopathic trading may seem very simple, but to do homeopathic trading, you must first do to be the time! Wait for the confirmation of the trend, and then follow the trend to do a single like fishing action is very simple, the net spread down, and then close the net on the line but the premise is that you have to wait for the arrival of the fish, spread down the net and pay the effort to have a return repeatedly practice the action of spreading the net and skills, and do not wait for the arrival of the fish is not any meaningful market 80% of people lose money, 20% of people profit, in fact, the proportion of profit is even lower reason What is the reason? Waiting for the right time in trading is much more important than all kinds of fancy skills and methods waiting for the right time, waiting for the confirmation of the trend, and then trading with the trend, is the core of trading and not some magical method and fancy psychology trading is the fundamental trend and waiting for the right time, the purpose of waiting for the right time, is also to wait for the confirmation of the trend trading of all actions are based on the trend operation, waiting for the right time is the premise of homeopathic operation. There is no patience to wait for the confirmation of the trend, it is impossible to have stable profits for most friends, have good trading conditions, just need to remind themselves that the homeopathic operation is very simple, waiting for the confirmation of the trend, and then the homeopathic operation is the most difficult this point is more important than any trading system and trading methods, there will certainly be in the field of investment to do a good job, when the time will understand what I said these self-confidence, self-discipline, and Follow the trend, wait for the time! It seems necessary to talk about homeopathic trading, homeopathy can not understand, how to wait for the time? First of all, what is homeopathy? Simply put, trading is like a lot of gold in the middle of the road, counter-trend trading, that is, you see a car driving quickly towards you, but also have the luck to pick up the gold, the consequences are either killed or bruised right approach, life we all know, wait for the car to drive past, or wait for the oncoming car to stop or turn around, and then to pick up and trading compared to car accidents seem to be a very low risk thing, and also very game Because of this, the road of trading, although full of gold, but also corpses all over the place because of the reason for not obeying the rules of the road negative examples will not say much, seemingly alive, but in the market is just dead bodies So, trading with the trend is very important, although you can not guarantee that you are safe and sound every time, but can definitely let you less injury, more gold because each time you strike is waiting for the car to stop or turn around before to the road to give you a safe period of time to take the profits you should take although I core speak is to be the importance of time, but some friends of homeopathy can not be a good understanding and grasp, to be the time is also meaningless to speak to be the time, you must first speak homeopathy below on homeopathy trading to do detailed explanation, I believe that after saying, we can do homeopathy trading reason why the front has not been talking about technology, because technology is too simple The character and behavior of the transaction is the key to successful trading is also to tell you what the core of the real deal is not a complex technology, nor is it a metaphysical heart just an action - to wait for the time, and then homeopathic operation   forex loss goods what is the biggest flaw in them? Up a small jump, lack of composure and patience can do a good job trading people, is definitely the face of the plate and trend, extremely calm people, which is also the commonality of my side of the investment friends do not meet the conditions of the market, even if how to go again is not moved like now you are a weekly trader, the weekly did not give the mean golden cross, you should go on vacation, and then enter after giving the golden cross but how many investors then plunge, grab the bounce? Strictly speaking, much to say that people are not suitable for trading, but the market needs more people to participate, because this is a game of capital, the market needs a constant flow of capital, but also the premise of the existence of the market and the premise of our profitability Fortunately, the market is not consistent trading actions like I have talked about the core of trading here, in fact, does not affect a few traders more traders, or emotional trading, counter-trend Trading the majority of us have heard a famous saying, who said I will not say hurt its ten fingers is better than breaking its one finger concentrated superiority to destroy can destroy the enemy fight so, trading is also so foreign exchange circle to do greed is not much, but fear is very much the reason why fear, because it has not done stable profit, greed is stable profit after the ambition to overcome fear the only way is to profit, profit comes in position, position comes In pending rather spend two days waiting for a good opportunity to open 10 hands, rather than waste time in an uncertain opportunity to open 1 hand these truths many people will not understand, I said this has been said a little too much, after we feel it themselves I can less than 1 month to 2,000 households to 50,000, we can also do 2,000 to 20,000 trading is really nothing to say, a variety of problems have been a simple thing to make a little Why is it complicated? People have no confidence in simple things, no confidence in themselves look at some people in the road of trading farther and farther, kindly call out and then finally verbose sentence, which is also I said the most times a: profit is not from space, do not want to take a large space the most stable maximum profit from stable opportunities and medium positions & nbsp; SMA is also not used to take the trend to take the swing, SMA is used to do cross & nbsp nbsp;20 and 60 SMA crossover, 15 minutes chart above the cycle, including 15 minutes, see for yourself, which crossover after no profit space? Short-term I have 36 consecutive single profit, you have the patience to wait for the crossover, high win rate naturally follow you short term win rate will never be less than 85%, the basic 90% or so the reason why I more than 70% win rate is because the swing of the single stop loss pulled down the swing opportunity to a few single to hit, kill a rabbit a gun can be, kill an elephant will have to open a few more shots not to ramble on, say so much, trading time short friends may Not quite understand, do a long time by the fear of the market enveloped, seriously think about changing can do a good job of self-righteousness, even I do not understand what I said on the head, do not reply for newcomers to say more, 15 minutes on the quality of the heart requirements of some high, you can start from 1 hour chart 20 and 60 SMA, gold fork more dead fork empty, a crossover to do only a single, profit after waiting for the new crossover up to 2 months account funds Double, win rate of 90% or more when you do not care about the market space and direction, but pay attention to the stability of the opportunity, congratulations, to the second step of the transaction, stable profit stage, as long as with a medium position can be the lure of the market lies in the trend and space, when you see through the surface, pay attention to the stability of the opportunity and position, proposed not only stable profit, and is easy and simple, although some boring The trading is so