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Listen to SiriusXM on Your Mobile Device

You can listen to SiriusXM on your mobile device using the SiriusXM app. There is also a SiriusXM streaming service for your home or business. Streaming is free when you subscribe to one of their car subscription plans. However, if you don"t own a smartphone or tablet, you"re out of luck. The app is compatible with Android and iOS, as well as many other mobile devices.

Although you"re not required to do so, it"s smart to take advantage of SiriusXM"s promotional offers. For example, you can get up to five hours of rewinding on a single subscription. Similarly, if you find you"re not getting the volume you prefer, you can customize your volume settings and have the SiriusXM app do the work for you. To get started, you"ll need a smartphone, an Internet connection, and the requisite apps. Alternatively, you can use the SiriusXM app to stream your favorite shows and albums to your Kindle or Apple TV.

It"s no secret that the SiriusXM app is a hit among consumers. Indeed, the company reports that there are more than a million downloads per month, making it the number one music provider in the U.S. Whether you"re a diehard music lover or you just like listening to new music, you"ll be spoiled for choice with the SiriusXM app. One drawback is that the app only supports one log-in per subscription. As such, you can"t do everything in one go. In order to avoid having to fumble for your remote at the worst possible moment, you may want to try to schedule your own sessions. Luckily, the company has an excellent customer service team to help you out, albeit on a limited scale.

The best part is that you don"t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to experience all the benefits of SiriusXM. While you"re at it, you might as well take advantage of the plethora of other services offered by the company, such as the aforementioned mobile apps, or the company"s mobile service (which you"ll probably be happy to hear is available even when you"re offline). With the SiriusXM app, you"ll have access to your favorite channels from anywhere. This is a great way to ensure you never miss a song or a headliner. If you"re in the market for a new car, you"ll be happy to know that your SiriusXM subscription includes a free XM radio with SiriusXM"s new All Access package.