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Investors should comply with the principles of speculation

forexcashbackprofitcalculator foreign cashbackforexprofitcalculator trading investors want to make money, it cashback forex profit calculator necessary to master certain speculation skills but only mastering speculation skills is cashback forex enough, investors also need to learn how to foreign exchange analysis, how to build their own operating system and so on In fact, speculation in foreign exchange is not as simple and easy as we think, but also not as difficult as we think, the key is to see whether the investor In the serious speculation in foreign exchange but in the process of speculation in foreign exchange investors must comply with the principles of speculation, otherwise no matter how skillful you are, how accurate the analysis, the last are useless then the following we will look at investors should comply with the principles of speculation in foreign exchange 1, do not blindly pursue the integer point foreign exchange investors in setting their own goals usually set integer level, sometimes investors can close the money, but because the target is integer level, sometimes investors can close the money. But because the target is integer, excessive pursuit of integer points, the results in the waiting missed the best price, sitting lost opportunities 2, lose money when you can not add code investors in buying or selling a currency, such as a sudden encounter with the market in the opposite direction of the rush, some people will choose to add code to do again, this situation is quite dangerous if the exchange rate always does not turn back, then the result is undoubtedly a vicious loss 3, the principle of pyramid plus code When the currency exchange rate continues to rise, should follow the principle that each time the number of codes are less than the last, because the higher the price, the greater the possibility of approaching the top of the rise, the greater the danger 4, buy up not buy down, sell down not sell up in the trend up, the possibility of error only once, is exactly buy at the highest price in the trend down, only buy at the lowest point is correct, but perhaps your funds have been in front 5, hear the cashbackforexpipcalculator buy (sell), the news is confirmed when selling (buy) do not pursue the news of the true or false, but should follow the news triggered by the direction of fluctuations in decisive operation, good news buy, bad news throw once the news is clear, regardless of whether it is true news or false news, all reverse operation, profit closing never because the confirmation is true news and can not be closed, because the news was When the news is confirmed, is the market reversal of the time investors if you can well comply with the above principles of speculation, you can survive in the foreign exchange trading market