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K-line patterns and foreign exchange investment techniques the use of the head and shoulders bottom points

in speculation in foreign exchange often meet the reversal of the trend, cashback forex profit calculator the forexcashbackprofitcalculator and cashbackforexpipcalculator bottom cashback forex one of the very common pattern, then the head and shoulders bottom is how to form? What are the main points of use? Let me take a look at 1, the formation of the head and shoulders bottom analysis first of all, the exchange rate fell, while promoting the traders selling operation, at this time the volume gradually increased, followed by a short period of small recovery, and then fell again, and the lowest price breakthrough before a valley level, the volume again gradually increased, which is the formation of the head, the exchange rate from the lowest point began to rise, the volume increased again, Back to the previous highest level, there is a fall, but with the traders enthusiasm declined, the volume at this time is less than the previous two, the right shoulder formed. Finally, the exchange rate broke back to the highest point, so the exchange rate is steadily growing, the volume also began to increase 2 market meaning head and shoulders top and head and shoulders bottom in the market in addition to the opposite form, its meaning is basically the same head and shoulders bottom through the fall after fall, accompanied by increasing volume, during this period of different forces driving each other, there is a tug-of-war between the forces of the air and hair once in the trend to determine the head and shoulders bottom Once the head-and-shoulders pattern is identified in the trend, we can use it as a tool for market forecasting to help us find more trading opportunities.3 The key points of using the head-and-shoulders bottom (1) head-and-shoulders top and head-and-shoulders bottom only correspond in the form listed, almost, the main difference is the volume (2) the neckline of the head-and-shoulders bottom is an important support point, the exchange rate break through this support point, the exchange rate can show an obvious uptrend, for This is a very good buying point for traders, which greatly helps traders analysis and operation (3) the duration of the head and shoulders bottom pattern is relatively into, need more time to form (4) the head and shoulders bottom breakthrough neckline also need to pay attention to a period of time, if the fall back shows that this is a failure of the head and shoulders top breakthrough (5) the head and shoulders bottom is an important market forecasting tool, if the market can be in the market If you can confirm the formation of the head and shoulders pattern, you can basically help investors determine the direction of investment