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Margin foreign exchange

What cashbackforexpipcalculator cashback forex cashbackforexprofitcalculator forexcashbackprofitcalculator Margin foreign exchange is one of the financial derivatives it is a certain percentage of the funds in the foreign exchange market to buy cashback forex profit calculator sell a variety of currencies as the object, the direction of exchange rate fluctuations, to expand a hundred times to hundreds of times the value of the transaction of financial derivatives, also known as "leveraged foreign exchange" in order to prevent losses in the transaction And can not be settled, then a certain percentage of the funds to do for the margin general initial margin rate for the current exchange rate of 5%-10% of the price because the margin rate is very low, so there is a high degree of leverage so margin foreign exchange is the most attractive financial products in the derivatives a successful transaction will allow investors in a relatively short period of time to get a good return at the same time if the operation is not appropriate will also lead to huge Margin foreign exchange has the characteristics of futures, arose in the 1970s margin foreign exchange trading since 1972 in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange International Monetary Market (IMM) was the first to be launched after the rapid development of listed varieties are: pound against the dollar, euro against the dollar, Australian dollar against the dollar and the dollar against the yen, the dollar against the Swiss franc and other major five varieties; other cross-currency plate. The euro against the yen, the euro against the pound, the euro against the Swiss franc and so on margin foreign exchange characteristics 1, the longest trading time 24 hours a day by the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and North America, three regions, the various time segments trading together so that the foreign exchange market has eliminated national boundaries and geographical limitations, the realization of global integration is an invisible market 2, flexible, convenient, fast T + 0 instant transaction 3. Risk control. The risk is completely controlled by the operator himself system with stop-loss, take-profit tools relative to the stock which is the biggest advantage can be set in advance risk instructions to avoid human weaknesses (fluke, greed, fear, etc.) caused by unnecessary losses 4, two-way profit whether up or down, can be profitable bull and bear are suitable 5, vulnerable to national exchange rate policies and political factors and other major events 6, the margin system to 5% -10% of the capital, can be used for the full amount of the market. -7, there are spreads different currencies have different spreads that is the difference between the buying price and the selling price and different trading platforms have different differences and the spread is the traders profit or traders fees generally 3-4 points