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Old Zou memoirs foreign exchange road do not earn those who should not earn money">forexcashbackprofitcalculator cashback forex profit calculator lonely, even if it is the same brother, the most between the sparks, it is difficult to have completely consistent ideas I am here to record a sporadic thoughts, like friends do cashback forex have to praise, my underst cashbackforexpipcalculatoring is limited to their own experience, may not be suitable for you opposing friends annoying detour, arguments are the most boring waste, thank you 1.& nbsp nbsp; about the handicap stop loss is an essential component of trading, but many times stop loss is the handicap blindly open positions brought about by one of the most common mistakes made by friends is too anxious, in the face of jumping prices, the mood with jumping sometimes quietly, to confirm the principle, immediately find out where the problem lies relative to how to open positions, clear and can do not open positions is often more important do not be your heartbeat The operation of the heartbeat, but wait for the market to come out on its own, the hands of the cheap should not be executed is the biggest secret to profit!  2 About breakthrough breakthrough, is not divided into true and false true often becomes false, false often will achieve true instead of trying to crack the market, not like trying to understand, perceive the market if you feel overwhelmed, the best way is to go ashore to rest and keep learning 3  About obsession obsession, is the big taboo to do trading, many people Detached from the plate, want to apply all the transactions through a set formula, so as not to be affected by fear, do not know and fall into the dilemma of obsession!  Trading, no matter what method you use, all behavior is to comply with the market trend as a guideline, the market has changed (for example, from unilateral to oscillating), then your trading strategy should also be adjusted accordingly? The companys main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.  4  On the risk control risk control, the vast majority of people consider the stop loss and profit, position adjustment, in fact, more should be concerned about which is the forbidden area of trading and the bottom line! The most unreliable thing in this world is human nature, especially trading in the face of changes in the accounts funds! Wrong trading system is for how to plan the market services, the correct trading system is for the restraint of human nature, for the individual obey the market to do the rules!  5  About the profitability of the expectations of profitability, is a trader towards the maturity of the important consideration criteria technical analysis only makes it possible to profit, in addition to more important is the trading strategy, risk control, and capital management, and these are often ignored by traders!  6  The most important book to read and ponder about trading log trading --- Your own trading log to do trading, is to take a certain amount of chips in your pocket, to test the possibility of a relatively large profit, the key is, with how large a position, at what time, with what subject matter, this must be completely prepared in advance! This is my own organized trading log, you can refer to the smaller the amount of money, the more it is worth traders to cherish, to love! Because, just a few losses may get you out of the game completely, thus failing to wait for the arrival of the market opportunity that really belongs to you! Many mature trading systems are often faced with the dilemma of failure! Imagine, the speed of dissemination of information and hardware equipment to the degree of perfection, and then good trading methods, may be popularized in a very short period of time, and eventually we are standing on the same starting point, up, together with the buy, down, and together with the sell, the counterparty does not exist, profit has become an illusion! It is said that to do transactions to learn to think in reverse, and reverse is not simply the opposite of doing, it is in the correct trading concept (i.e., with the trend) based on the way of alternative disposal! Understanding the inner logic of price movement and following the way of price changes is something that trend traders need to think about all the time! In the long run, the only trading action that will make you profitable comes only from your grasp of the trading market that is truly your own! Never forget that you yourself are just an ordinary mortal!