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Overcome the psychology of impulsive manipulation

Three pieces of advice that will cashback forexnefit you for life when manipulat cashback forex profit calculatorg impulsively: First, never take shortcuts, the easy cashbackforexpipcalculator unfamiliar path could kill you Second, never be curious about what could be bad, or it could also kill you Third, never make decisions in times of hate and pain, or you will surely regret them later Three important speculative traits: Discipline, discipline, and Discipline Three sets of tactics when pulling back to about 50% of the previous upward leg: (1) There is a risk present in opening a significant breakout gap to establish a position or add to the operation, although there is potential value for aggressive traders to use only when the opening jump will form a major forexcashbackprofitcalculator (2) Only when there is a significant breakout in a wide sideways true consolidation, establishing a primary trend reversal, or moving out of the sideways consolidation zone and continuing a previously (3) Only operate on the opening jump when the continuing trend (3) If the opening jump is clearly opposite to the main trend in progress, you must be very careful when buying or selling 2. All operations start to turn bad, be sure to run out of the cashbackforexprofitcalculator quickly!  3. Knowing when not to operate and waiting patiently on the sidelines until the right time to leap in is one of the toughest challenges a trader faces (1) Keeping Livermores golden words close by: Money is earned by sitting, not by operating (2) Distracting myself from thinking about unnecessary operations (3) When I really cant stand it, I have to leave for a while and take a walk outside  4. completely miss a certain fluctuation, to wait for the next back to enter again pay attention to the trend, in a small trend reversal re-entry 5. simple truth: successful traders are always disciplined, outside the field to maintain an objective attitude, until he can enter in the direction of the main trend to proceed even at that time, you still have to be careful not to be among the unruly market, because some Even if you are operating in the direction of the trend, during the inevitable price correction, you have to be disciplined and exercise patience. 6. Futures trading has always caused a very sad fate for most speculators mainly because of the lack of discipline, which inevitably leads to a lack of confidence. 7. After the breakout, have been waiting to pull back about 50% of the previous rise did not wait, do not enter again 8. make an objective analysis of the market, and must be strictly disciplined to comply with the operating strategy of the trend 9. do not operate such a variety: the trend always seems unreliable, susceptible to distortions, fluctuations are too intense 10. in the unilateral trend, there are profits in the position to hold firm, the occurrence of losses to close the position 11. Speculators always sell on a bounce in an uptrending market, and buy on a dip in a downtrend, regardless of the fact that this practice has repeatedly caused them losses 12. Planted into the fast-moving trend, the reason is that he was too early to close the position with the trend, and now off the market to see the market is still continuing the original trend, upset, want to make some money back from the reverse operation, to find their own steps 13. in the initial position has a good profit before, absolutely not to increase the size of the operation if the market conditions turn bad, absolutely will not stay in the market for too long if it proves to be a mistake, then I will close the position  14. The big no-no: find the head or bottom of a counter-trend in a trending market with full momentum 15. I will always write the stop loss on the single, in this way, I know when Im out of the market and when Im out of the market, I will look at the market with another point of view, make another decision, decide whether to go back or stay out of it 18. No matter what you choose to operate, or what way you choose to operate, these experienced sales brokers recommend that you must have a plan in which there must be an emergency escape point so that your losses can be under control and, very importantly, you must be disciplined and follow your plan